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Here are some thoughts on prosperity from Paramhansa Yogananda:

A man’s success depends not only upon his intelligence and efficiency, but upon the nature of his past actions or karma. However, there is a way to overcome the unfavorable results of past actions. They must be destroyed and a new cause set in motion.

God’s Will and Your Will
Broadcast your message, “My Father and I are One”, until you feel this overpowering, all-solacing Bliss of God. When this happens, you have made the contact. Then demand your celestial right by affirming: “Father, I am Thy child, guide me to my right prosperity”, or “Father, I will reason, I will will, I will act, but guide Thou my reason, will, and activity to the right thing that I should do in order to acquire health, wealth, peace, and wisdom.”

Do not will and act first, but contact God first and thus harness your will and activity to the right goal. As you cannot broadcast through a broken microphone, so must you remember that you cannot broadcast your prayer through a mental microphone that is disordered by restlessness. By deep calmness, repair your mind microphone. Then again, as you cannot get an answer by just calling some one through a microphone and then running away, so also, you must not just pray once and then turn your attention away, but you must continuously broadcast your prayer to God through your calm mental microphone until you hear His voice. Most people pray in restlessness, and do not pray with the determination to receive a response.

God—The Real Source of Prosperity
God is the secret of all mental power, peace, and prosperity. Then why use the limited impossible human method of gaining prosperity? By visualizing prosperity, or by affirmation, you may strengthen your subconscious mind, which may in turn encourage your conscious mind, but that is all that visualization alone can do. The conscious mind still has to achieve the success, and is hindered by the law of cause and effect. The conscious mind cannot initiate a new cause that will bring positive success in any direction, but when the human mind can contact God, then the superconscious mind can be sure of success, due to the unlimited power of God, and due to creating a new cause of success.

Material Success Affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda

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For Ananda’s Thank You, God Tithing

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