Tulips sprouting at Crystal Hermitage.
If you read my last post you knew I would be writing to you next from India. However, shortly before we were to leave we got one of those phone calls nobody likes to get. A beloved family member passed away.
I went over to one of my favorite places: Crystal Hermitage and found solace in the springlike weather and vibrant greenery. I was completely alone and completely immersed in the stillness of the gardens.
The tulip sprouts were reaching for the sun and all kinds of birds were singing and hopping from tree to tree. The soil was rich and nurturing. I walked up to the Shrine and spent time listening to the wind chimes that seemed to want to remind me to pause and go deep in the sounds and the silence. I offered prayers for people who have written to Ananda for prayers and for friends I knew that were also dealing with loss and trying times. I felt connected to a calm joy. Even the Bhuddha statue seemed to radiate prayers and peace.

Here is a teeny little video (58 seconds) of a few of the sights and sounds in the garden. I hope that it conveys some of the peace I felt. Om Guru. And blessings to you all. Barbara

Crystal Hermitage Windchimes from Joyful Photography on Vimeo.

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