Swami Kriyananda

May 19 is Swami Kriyananda’s 84th birthday. We invite you to post your greetings and birthday wishes for him here.

Thank you,

Ananda Sangha Worldwide.


  1. Swamiji,
    Happy Birthday to you!! May Master continually bless you, and may you feel the gratitude of our hearts, whom you have helped spiritually and in such a wealth of ways.
    with birthday wishes,
    Mary Franklin

  2. Dearest Swami ji,
    Today more than ever before my deepest love and devotion and thoughts go to you.. kindly accept my love and joyous wishes on your birthday.. what you are doing and have done for us all is a priceless gift of a lifetime. I dont know how we could ever pay you back for this divine gift but by loving you and by loving God in you and everyone else and ourselves. I love you very much swami ji ! you have guided me through very tough times in my life.. may God bless you with divine joy and peace! My Heartiest Birthday wishes to you :)

  3. Over 20 years ago I visited Ananda and felt intimidated. At that time I was studying the Self Realization lessons. Today I am studying How to Meditate through the online course and I am deeply grateful for what I am learning. Happy Birthday and thank you. Namaste. Linda

  4. Happy birthday Swamiji, Your life on this planet has changed many peoples lives including mine and that is just a begining of conciousness switching. You managed to attune completely in Master’s guidance and it can be felt through all ananda devotees and ministers all the time in their selfless service. Words can’t express mine gratitude for showing me finally the path and real purpose of life, and finally i can be joyfull all the time and make others joyfull as well as me. I feel You swamaji and send you a God’s blessings through and in the name of all the people.
    Be well and joyfull for many more years dear brother


  5. Revered Swamiji,
    Wish you many happy returns of the day! May the lord give you many fruitful years ahead.
    I thank you for placing before us such a glowing example of discipleship.

  6. Dear Sir,

    Your birthday brings much joy to me. To gaze at your photo brings Darshan to this poor Yogi. May Kriyananda and Ananda continue Masters work with sucess and love.

    My heart bows to you great sir,

    Tony Giorgianni

  7. blank

    Swamiji, you helped change my life for the better and made it possible for me to see my path in service to Master. I am forever grateful and know I’ve been blessed time and again by the great work and service you’ve rendered to God & Guru. Master blesses you and we rejoice! Happy Birthday & Love Always, Premdas Ghirla

  8. Happy Birthday, Sir

    Reading and listening to your words has changed my life and given me direction. I appreciate all you have done for those you haven’t met.

  9. Swamiji,thank you for your example of love and devotion to Master.I feel blessed to be a part of this extended family.Have a most wonderful Happy Birthday.In friendship,Jerry Champagne.

  10. Dear Swamiji,
    I can’t begin to tell you how much you have changed my life in your service to Master. Someone said above, that you are a perfect example of a disciple to Master. I see that to be true. Your love, of him, and all of us, and the dedication of your life to the work is wonderful and inspiring. You are a great spiritual teacher, and I love you very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I know you day will be wonderful. Much love and many blessings to you. Nancy

  11. Revered Swami Ji
    It has been one year since I first arrived at ananda at Gurgaon temple. Before that a friend gave me Autobiography of a Yogi and in course of reading the book I yearned to learn Kriya Yoga mentioned several times in the book. Within few days I was at anada and now I am a kriyaban. It has been immensely beneficial year for me. I thank you from the core of my heart. I wish you many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday.

  12. Wishing you a very happy birthday from everyone in South Africa. May Master shower you with blessings!

  13. Dear Swamiji,
    Thank you and a very happy birthday to you.


  14. Happy Birthday Swamiji,

    It is indeed our good fortune to have you in a physical body, guiding us towards light. Please do not underestimate the need of many more souls who still require you in your dynamic physicality. Kindly keep shining as a light house guiding wayward souls to their destination. We need you more now, than we ever did before.

  15. As Adano Ley used to tell us . . .”Happy 84th revolution”. Swamiji – You are truly a blessing to us all, your love and joy is wonderfully contagious.

  16. wish swamiji a very very happy birthday. i start all my important ventures with the thought his blessings are with me.

  17. Respected Swamiji,

    My heartfelt wishes on your Birthday. May God and Guru continue to bless you, Swamiji, for being a daily part of my life, in the form of your wonderful inspirational words of wisdom, which have helped immensely to keep me focused on the Spiritual path/journey for several years now.

    I pray that I may have the good fortune to personally touch your blessed feet in this life time and thank you from my heart and soul for all that you stand for and are.

    Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Swamiji.

  18. Many happy returns of the day, Swamiji. Your birthday is a blessed day for all of us. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to Master and to God. The day I learned about Ananda was really a turning point for me; my life found a new direction and meaning.

    Thank you even more for being such a perfect example of discipleship and selfless service, Swamiji. I bow in reverence to you and pray for the grace that I too may live in a way that reflects the light of God in some way.

  19. Happy Birthday, Swamiji.
    We thank you for your discipleship’s example end for all you have done to bring Master’s teachings around the world. May Divine Mother bless you forever.
    In Master’s love.
    Medhavati, Dayalan end all Ananda Roma People

  20. Dear Respected Swamiji,

    I feel lot of happiness on your Birthday! Please accept my heart-felt wishes on your birthday.

    I just keep on wondering on your multifaceted personality and your humble services on Yoganadaji’s teachings. I always make it a point to listen to one of your discourses before going to sleep. It gives me a lot of insight into the life. I would like to meet you when I visit India in Jan or Feb of the 2011. Right now I am working in Seychelles.

    I humbly salute you for your untiring works and your ambition to spread Kriya Yoga in India, the homeland of Yoganandaji.

    Best Wishes Sir,

    I remain,

    Ravichandrran Iyer

    Om Jai Guru

  21. blank

    Happy Birthday and many blessings to you. Thank you for your devoted service to God and guru, enriching the lives of countless others through your blessed work. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Aum, Peace Amen.

  22. We are so blessed that you have graced us with your presence for 84 years and hopefully more to come.
    I love your work and you have done Master proud.
    One of my greatest prayer is to have your darshan and be present at your Satsangh. One of my endeavour is to do seva for Ananda Sangha.
    Bless you Nayaswamiji and happy birthday
    With Much Love

  23. blank

    Dearest Swamiji,
    Thank you for all your guidance through the years. You example of discipleship and spiritual friendship. You are our guiding star, bringing us home to our home in God.
    Blessings and Happy Birthday,

  24. Many many happy returns of the day Swamiji. Your life has been an example for the rest of us but it is a tough act to follow. God bless you for having shared our beloved Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings to the world. As I write this, I feel tremendous love for you as I love Yoganandaji. By the way, my birthday is on 18thMay and I feel happy to know that I am also a taurean like you. Please pray for me that I can atleast achieve 10 pct of what you have.

  25. Your birth brought happiness to many lives.
    Happy birthday Swami.
    In divine friendship,

  26. Happy Birthday Dear SwamiJi!!!!!!!!
    May you live as long as your disciples want(ha ha ha that will be thousands and thousands of years) and spread the message of BABAJI and GURUDEVA…….

  27. I have never met you my Dear Friend and yet the Light that you transmit via Master has clearly made it’s way to me through the many lives you have touched. Happy birthday! May 19th is a significant date for me as well; it’s the first time I’ve made the connection. May the Masters always shine their light through you.

  28. Swami Kriyanandaji,

    Your dedication, determination, and demonstrative devotion is a blessing to all, the blind and the wise. What beauty continues to flow the East via the the Kriya lineage- from Babaji, to Yoganandaji, sprinkling seeds of splendor that is blossoming saintly men and women like yourself. East and West is gradually merging, in Divine joy, thanks in part to Ananda and your efforts that invokes gratitious inspiration.

    Happy Birthday, friend.

    Joy to you

  29. Swamiji,
    I am a new member of Ananda, as Dharmadevi introduced me earlier this year. Although I haven’t had the honor of personally meeting you, I do feel you, Master, & Ananda in my heart very deeply. You have certainly changed my life for the better in the last few months with your teachings! I am continually blessed that Ananda now flows through my life, as my only way of life! I wish you a very Happy Birthday this day and many more to come. May God bless you always.
    Love to you,
    Lakshmi, La Vonda Young~

  30. Happy Birthday Swamiji……
    Thank you for the gft of Ananda….

    Many, many blessings…


  31. My Dear and beloved Swamiji
    My always loved Western Yogi
    I’m blessed to have found you
    Swamiji May you’ve many more
    beautiful birthdays. May this
    earth be blessed with your presence
    May we under your shadow be blessed
    Dear Swamiji I pray that you’ve
    fantastic health. I also hope we
    would be blessed by your visit to

    In Divine Service
    Love Raja Ram


  33. Pranam. Happy birthday toyou Swamiji. May god bless you for long and healthy life and strngth to spread the teachings of Gurudev Shri Paramhans Yogananda to more and more spiritual seekars.

  34. Dearest Swami Kriyananda,
    Your life is a great inspiration and blessing to me and so many others. Great joy and love to you on your birthday and always!

  35. Swamiji,

    Your life has been a shining example of how to live as a disciple of a great Master. Thank you for showing us all the way. Happy Birthday.

    Jordan Wolfe

  36. Happy Birthday Swamiji!

    Thanks for wearing the mantle of spiritual leadership so beautifully.

    With love,


  37. every soul of Ananda family including us is very thankful to Dear God and Great Masters for sending you to help the souls who are in need of real Joy.

  38. OM, OM, OM My Dear Friend Swamiji –

    Your Lifelong Love of Master has created new Light in this world that has illuminated the Path towards Self Realization for us all to follow. Your many gifts of sacred music resonates in the hearts of countless worldwide and has contributed to the ever-conscious raising of one’s astral energy through the heart and to the Christ Center. And you tireless writings bring many Souls to an understanding of the simple tools & techniques that can unfold their own direct experience that Infinite Joy truly lies Within.

    May Master’s Love shine forever in the sanctuary of your devotion.

    In Divine Friendship,


  39. Dear Swamiji,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts to inspire, uplift and tune in deeply to the calmness and connection within.
    Love to you and Happy Birthday!
    Brenda Gustin (Sacramento Sangha)

  40. To my spiritual father,

    Please accept my sincere love, devotion and best wishes for your continued well-being on the Path.
    Your autograph is a treasure and a fountain of divine vibration. Thank you; His bliss be yours now and forever and unto ages of ages.

    In Master’s service,


  41. Swamiji, I feel I’ve been karmically guided to find you and Ananda. I live in Michigan and have only been in California three times, but one of those times was July 4, 1969, when you signed the papers to purchase the Ananda property. I was 13 and still have my Disneyland 4th of July flag pin from that day. Our paths may cross again, but in the meantime, I thank you for the Ananda website and helping me find my true home with master…and may you continue to guide lost souls home!

  42. Respected Swamiji,

    I cherish the memory of our meeting last summer and
    look forward to meeting you again – if all this is
    in Divine order. Any other wish would be in the realm
    of the mundane & beyond my prerogative.!!
    WITH ALL MY LOVE, I remain.

  43. Happy Birthday, Swami
    May your day be filled with joy and blessings of our Master.
    Mary Jo Cleaveland, for Denver Meditation Group

  44. I have enjoyed your books on CD daily since last fall. The Earth is a better place for your incarnation. Thank you for your service and Divine Love – have a blessed birthday. I look forward to meeting you in August.

  45. Bless you, Swamiji, and Happy Birthday! Your writings have been incredibly beneficial to my spirit. I am so grateful for your work and for Ananda. May God hold you in the palms of His hands.

    Denise Chicoine

  46. Thank you for a life dedicated to the uplifting of souls everywhere

  47. Happy Birthday!
    I wish that you be with the great bliss always !
    Thank you , thank you for everything !

  48. Dearest Swamiji,

    Because of your dedication and attunement with Master, so many are blessed to be part of Ananda and to learn the many techniques that Yogananda brought to America. It is with heartfelt Love, deep Gratitude and endless Appreciation that the devotees in Dallas, TX wish you a wonderful birthday. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to serve Master’s work through the Ananda Center of Dallas.

  49. Happy Birthday Swamiji!! Thank you so much for your Beautiful Ray of Masters Light. It has shined on so many of our souls. I love Ananda and all you have done to help people all over the world. Thank you, have a wonderful birthday.


  51. May the bliss you feel expand without limits this special Birthday Swamiji. I am eternally grateful and rejoice in being blessed by your sacred life, Kristy

  52. Thank you Swamiji; thank you for your service, for Ananda, and for Master’s presence in our lives.

    Many, many blessings!
    Aum, Aum, Aum

  53. Dear Swamiji,

    All of us at Ananda Tucson give thanks for your birth and your life. Whether studying your books, meditating with Ananda folks, deeply chanting, or participating in the Festival of Light our lives have been changed and we feel uplifted by those experiences. We live in joy.
    May God and Gurus grant you many more birthdays and great blessings.

  54. Happy Birthday, Swamiji! Wishing you a very blessed and fun day today. Looking forward to seeing you this summer at the village. In Master’s joy, Lajjana

  55. Thank You Swamiji.
    Your life and work have informed and inspired. Your generosity of spirit resonates through those of us who are blessed by it, and on it goes as we endeavor share your gifts with others.
    Wishing you health, happiness and clarity of mind.

  56. blank

    My Dearest Swamiji, Have the most Blessed Birthday ever. We will be celebrating your birthday, here in Henderson, Las Vegas!!
    Love, Joy, and Bliss, may they be your Gifts this Day and always!!
    In our Divine Beloved,

  57. Dearest Swamiji,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
    I thankyou for all the books you have written especially the Ananda Self-Realization courses.
    I feel blessed to have chosen to study these lessons which are backed by a wonder group of people from the Ananda community.
    May the year to come for you be filled with joy and Divine Mothers love.

    Love from Rose

  58. Happy, Happy Birthday! You are such an inspiration Swamiji. Many Blessings to you! Namaste

  59. On the anniversary of your birth, may Divine Mother continue to bless and inspire you as you continue your Great Work on behalf of so many souls. Your birth has given birth to countless spiritual births and opportunities for others. Swamiji, happiest of birthdays ever.
    In Master’s endless love and joy,

  60. Swamiji,

    Master’s Blessings to you on your Birthday. Your Bliss and Joy is our gift from you.

    Love to You,

  61. Dear Swamiji,

    Through your blessings, your clarity on the teachings of yoga that Yogananda gave you and the music God wrote through you a highway to the infinite has been manifested. We are filled with joy to be on that highway! Happy birthday Swamiji! We love you so much more every day.

    Aumkara & Andrea

  62. Beloved Swami
    Thank you so much for the awesome example and truth you live and ispire in others! May this year be your best yet – ever!
    Divine Blessings and JOY and even deeper bliss, through God and Guru!

  63. Dear Swamij,
    Many many Blessings and Joy to You on your birthday and always!!!
    In gratitude,

  64. Dear Swami,
    Isn’t this a clever way to send Birthday Greetings? I hope you like it…however, if I could send roses, I’d be sending you dozens & dozens of them too!! At the top of our comment box it says not to send you any HTML; so, I hope I’m not sending you any of those…whatever they are!!

    Most of all I want to send you my deepest appreciation for all that you’ve given. More and more I’m realizing who you are, and more and more I hope to deepen my attunement and dedication to you and Master. Jai Guru, victoria

  65. Swamiji:
    I thank His grace for sending you to my life, for sustaining you and for your joyful light. Blessings to you, friend on your birthday.

  66. Dear Swamiji,

    Sending you all our love (and cwafee) from Ananda Portland. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    In Master’s Joy,
    Daiva and Gangamata for your family here.

  67. Dear Swami Ji,
    May God and Gurus bless you with a wonderful health.Joy to you on your Birthday!
    Thankyou for bringing Divine blessings into our lives through “Ananda”.
    In gratitude,

  68. Happy Birthday Swamiji

    Bless you, Joy to you, Bliss to you

    Thank you for all you do for so many.

    your friend always,
    William H Kilpatrick, Victoria, Texas

  69. Dear Swamiji,

    On your birthday, we feel as if it is our birthday because through your birth and through your works, we have been born again. So what I would like to say:


    Thank you for giving us the second birth Swamiji!

  70. Swamiji…on your birthday

    Thank you for all you have given us
    words can not express the depth of our gratitude.

    In devine friendship

    Jim, Sacramento Sangha

  71. Dear Swami

    Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for being such an inspirstion to us all. May God bless you always.

  72. Dearest Swamiji,

    Wishing you a very very joyful & blissful birthday today. Thank you so much for your selfless service to the humankind and helping us tread the path that leads to God. No words can ever expalin the feelings and love that we all ( Your Ananda Family) have for you. You are God for us!

    May Guruji embrace you in His joy today and always!!

    In blessings and prayers,
    Your Child in God,
    Manoo (Ananda India, Gurgaon).

  73. Dear Swamiji,
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday and God’s blessings always and in you all ways.
    Lots of Love and Joy.
    Jojo Augustine.Japan Ananda Meditation Group.

  74. Poojya Swamiji,
    My most humble greetings on this auspicious day.
    We pray that you remain with us forever and ever, guiding and leading us towards God-consciousness.

    When I read The Path, most mornings, I open a page at random, and find that something therein applies to my current situation and it invariably offers a solution.

    I wish I could meet you, God willing, I will.

    I am a humble follower and a devotee of Sri Devadas Rao, my Guruji, Shree Shakti Darshan Ashram, Kinnigoli, Karnataka State.

  75. Dear swamiji,
    iam new to your fold of kriyayoga.i came to know you through your work “Revelations of christ” book,which is given to me by my friend Mr.Geet about three weeks back.I am going through the book. However,though it is bit difficult for a lay man like me to understand the purpose of the creation (MAYA) before,now & in future, the word SANAATANA DHARMA is making me more inquisitive. I wish let SANAATANA DHARMA prevail and souls,who are striving steadfastly for it live long.

  76. I wish you a very Happy Birthday day through which Yogananda is carrying out his work.


  77. Today, Swamiji, on your birthday, we pray that all your life purposes will be fulfilled, that all your seva will have the lasting results that Divine Mother intends, that your inner freedom will be confirmed, that Master will “make permanent your gains.”

    Thank you for being the channel of divine blessings and opportunities to serve that make our lives worthwhile.

    richard, vani and william

  78. blessings to you kriyanandaji, We all love you so much, and may the bliss of all creation be yours,Peace to you great soul

  79. Swamiji-
    Happy Birthday!
    Thank you hardly seems a big enough word to express all that I feel for you and the gift you have given to me. My life was changed the first time I heard your message, and I am forever grateful to you.
    May God and Guru continue to bless your path.
    With great love and thanks,

  80. sWAMI JI,





  81. Dearest Swamiji,

    Many blessings to you. Happy Birthday! Ashleigh and I can’t wait to see you when you come to the US.
    In deepest gratitude,

  82. Dearest Swamiji,

    Blessed and Happy Birthday!

    Thank you deeply for inspiring thousands of people and devotees, and for being a channel to Master’s ray of Light.

    Always grateful,
    Otavio Pascarelli

  83. Dearest Swamiji,

    All our love flows to your feet as we cherish and honor your life in God.

    In eternal love,
    Jyotish and Devi

  84. blank

    Dear Swamiji,
    Happy birthday in God and Guru. There are no words in any language to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you do for this world, and for each one of us as your spiritual family. I pray for your health and strength.
    With deep love,

  85. Thank you Swamiji for all the help you have given to mankind through your selfless service. I am so grateful to know you and Ananda community.Happy Birthday Swamiji!!

    Manoj Kumar

  86. Happy Birthday dearest Swamiji!

    Thank you for the countless ways that you have helped me and thousands of others to uplift our lives. Your life of dedication, devotion and expansive vision is a shining light to all the world.

    We are so blessed to receive Master’s ray through you.

    In deep love and gratitude,

  87. Happy Birthday, Swamiji!

    “There are times when a human being, though perhaps not remarkable in himself, encounters some extraordinary person or event that infuses his life with great meaning.” –The New Path

    This is how we feel about you, Swamiji. Our lives have been infused with such deep meaning through your service to Master. Words cannot describe our gratitude but yours above do a pretty good job!

    Narayan & Dharmadevi

  88. Dear Swamiji – my life would be empty without all that you’ve brought us.
    Our deepest gratitude and heartfelt prayers for continued strength in serving god, David, Madhavi, and Caitlin

  89. Happy Birthday, Swamiji!

    Thank you for the beautifully devotional example of how to live life that you given to me and so many others. May you be eternally blessed with Satchitananda.

    With deep love and gratitude,

  90. Thank you for your love Swamiji. May you walk hand in hand with our beloved Guru and Friend today.
    Love Leighton.

  91. Dear Swamiji,
    Truly in my life, the path to God through Master and Kriya has been my greatest blessing. It was Ananda that brought me such a gift, it was your devotion and love that created Ananda. May you be richly blessed on this wonderday day, your birthday! I am ever grateful to you. Phylis

  92. Hi Swamiji! Happy Birthday to you! I have a card for you that I tried to give to Jayashree for you. . . it will come. Thank you for the truest friendship I have known, and for being the inspiration that keeps me moving forward. I so look forward to your visit.
    In Joy and deepest gratitude,

  93. Dear Swamiji,
    We are so grateful for the Gift of God that we have received through you. For me, you are the perfect disciple of Master and your incarnation is to show us how to be the same.
    Thank you Swamiji for all that we have received through you. Have a wonderful, joyous and blissful birthday.

  94. Sorry, my previous post got posted before I could finish typing.

  95. God Bless you Swamiji and Happy Birthday. May it be one filled with deep joy and bliss in God.

    All our Love.

    Aaron, Eliane, Eleanor(6), Jyotish(3) and Elijah(5 Months)

  96. blank

    God bless you, Swamiji, for all you give and your selfless example of how to be a disciple. Truly, you show us the way. We pray that Master and all the gurus will bless you deeply on this day and always.

    Gyandev & Diksha

  97. blank

    Dear Swamiji,

    Best wishes on your birthday. May God and Gurus bless you always!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joy & blessings,

  98. Dear Swami,

    Happy Birthday!

    May you feel Divine Mother and Master’s presence now, always, and especially throughout your travel as you give and receive so many blessings in Europe. And may you be especially blessed with health and spiritual depth.

    In Master’s Love,

  99. Dearest Swamiji,
    Happy, Blessed Birthday!!! The most blessed day of my life was the day I met you. I so deeply appreciate all that you have given us. You have shown us the way to Self-Realization, the gift of a true friend. Thank you for being our role model, for showing us how it can be done.
    Blessings and joy on your birthday and always.
    Judy Hollywood

  100. Dearest Swamiji,

    Happy Birthday and Masters Blessings to you!

    Gratitude and joy from the deepest part of my soul goes to you for being the founding Father of Ananda and being part of this great spiritual family. My heart is filled with joy, gladness and so much bliss, just with the mere thought of Ananda and all the wonderful souls that make up this amazing community~ and your devotion to Master and his vision.

    In kindness, friendship and love,

  101. Dearest Swamiji,
    Happy Birthday! We are so grateful for your love and friendship! Thank you for being such a powerful channel of Master and Divine Mother in our lives. We are sending our love and blessings to you this day and always! With the deepest gratitude and love,
    Melody and Vic

  102. Swamiji,

    Your birthday is an opportunity to express my gratitude for your many freely-given spiritual gifts. Thank you for being such a clear example of discipleship and for sharing Master’s inspiration and light with so many.

    May God bless you today and always.


  103. Happy birthday beloved Swami Ji
    Buon compleanno amato Swami Ji
    Sretan rodjendan voljeni Swami Ji

    Thanks for the lessons, Divine Love, Peace, Light and Joy
    With devotion Gordana Milanko

  104. Dear Swamiji,

    Does one send birthday wishes “of many more” to a great yogi? Well, in any case, we love you, and wish you an eternity–starting soon!–of bliss and freedom. Yours, -Jack

  105. Birthday blessings, Swamiji. May the year be filled with ever greater joy!
    Thank you for the countless ways you have blessed my life.
    In divine friendship,

  106. Happy Birthday Swamiji,
    We are grateful for what you have accomplished and for the work that you have done in spreading master’s teachings to the farthest reaches of the planet. Many blessings and much bliss to you in the coming year.
    With much love from Linda, Laurel, and the Ananda Calgary Meditation Group

  107. Dearest Swamiji,
    Thank you for all the love and joy you have shared with us over the years. May Master continue to bless you with good health and growing ever closer to him!
    Love from Sitabai, Balarama, Kashi, Keshava, Jaya

  108. blank

    Happy birthday Swamiji,
    We are so looking forward to your visit. May this be a bountiful year for you; full of love, creativity and the blessings of the Master!
    In divine friendship and love,

  109. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Swamiji! Your Birth Day and your life are true gifts for all of us and for the world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing Master’s Light with us all. Wishing you ever more Bliss and Joy! Can not wait to read your new children’s book with my children, a very special Thank You for that gift! Very warmly, Luba Grenader and family from the East Coast.

  110. Dear Swamiji,

    Birthday Blessings!

    Thank you for your love and devotion to Master and the example you have given us in finding our path to God.
    You are in my prayers always in thankful appreciation for all you have done for me, and for your good health and energy to continue to serve Master.

    In diving love and friendship,

  111. Dear Swamiji,

    Wishing you too much bliss on your birthday. May the divine light bathe you in radiant joy.
    I am so grateful for your presence and timeless teachings.

    with love in Master,

  112. Dear Swamiji,

    Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of this Day. May you continue to know the wondrous Blessings of God and Guru and to be surrounded by Light. With eternal heartfelt gratitude for your guidance on the Path.

    Jai Guru,

  113. Happy Birthday Swami!
    Thank you for being the light in our lives.

  114. Happy birthday dear Swamiji!!!!

    Blessed we are that God and Guru placed you among us!

    In divine friendhip



  115. Happy birthday and every day! Master knew the moment he met you all that you were capable of, he probably for saw it all. What a wonderful way to spend a great part of your life. I would Love to continue in your footsteps, God-willing. I live in New Jersey, I have two children that are 6 and 4 yrs old.(awesome gifts) So I can’t leave, but if I can do anything in New Jersey please allow me the honor and pleasure of serving. God Bless you and all that you are working selflessly for. Namaste

  116. Wishing you a blessed,happy birthday, Swamiji!

    Thank you for all you have done for each one of us, and for the example you continue to be. I shutter to think what my life might have been had you not put out the energy to start Ananda. Master has done a great work through you. I, for one, am eternally grateful.

    In Master’s love –

  117. Master’s Boundless Blessings Swamiji for a joyous birthday.

    You are such an inspiration, my heart is full of love and gratitude for all that you do and all that you are to so many of us.

    In Divine Friendship

  118. Dear Swamiji: I can’t believe you are 84! You are sweetly on my mind and in my heart today. I am eternally grateful for your precious influence, which has and will continue to richly guide me throughout my lifetime. Judy Fox

  119. Dearest Swami Kriyananda,

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything you have done- through you I have received such joy and peace! I listen to your Treasures along the path talks on my MP3 player EVERY day. I find it difficult to find words that can even begin to express the thankfulness I feel towards you. I pray we meet.

    With Love,

  120. Dear Swamiji,
    Many birthday blessings. Your birth on this planet in this incarnation has truly blessed thousands of lives including ours. We are grateful for your example of discipleship and your tremendous enthusiasm and energy for sharing with us and guiding us in the search for God. It has been a great honor to know you and learn from you.
    Aum Aum Aum

  121. blank

    Dear Swamiji,

    It is late in the day, but I wanted to post my birthday wishes and greeting. Thank you for all you have done for all of us, and also for our family. Such a sweet and blessed incarnation you have given all of us by inspiring us to live for the highest, in the presence of God, Christ, Guru. May the blessings of Master be ever with you, and always flow through you. May all your sacred dreams come true.
    Love in Him,
    (With love from all of the family, too!)

  122. Happy Birthday, dear Swamiji. You too, are The Way Shower, for us.
    In deepest gratitude for your life,

    Nayaswami Maria.

  123. Celebrating your life is for me a call to deepen my attunement and commitment to knowing God in this lifetime and to serve as His channel of blessing that you model daily. I am so deeply grateful for the gift of your life Swamiji. May freedom be yours NOW. Love, Jyoti

  124. Dearest Swamiji,
    My life has been profoundly changed by your friendship and guidance. It is truly not possible to express thanks for what you have given to me and to so many others. May you experience God’s presence ever more completely in this coming year and may God bless you with the health and strength you need to complete what you have been given to do in this life. Gdo bless you.

  125. Dear Swami Kriyananda,

    Thank you for the many gifts and blessings you bring to this planet! I had the honor of meeting you in LA last summer and hope to do so again this summer at Ananda Village. You are truly a channel of God. I wish you the happiest of days!

    In love and gratitude,


  126. Dear Swami,
    Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Happy Birthday and we all look forward to seeing you soon in America! In Divine Friendship, David Kessler

  127. Dear Samiji,
    Many thanks for all that you,through Master,have given us. My life has been so changed by Master’s teachings and,in turn,your guidance.
    Have a blessed birthday. I am so looking forward to your visit this summer,
    In divine friendship,
    Judi Coup

  128. Dearest Swamiji,

    May you have a divinely blessed birthday!

    All our love and gratitude,

    Bhagavati and Ramesha

  129. Happy Bday Swamiji, No words enough to thank you for your help in bringing me closer to mother’s teachings.

    God Bless you

  130. Dear Swamaji,

    We are eternally grateful for your service and your deep attunement to God, Christ, and Guru. Thank you for selflessly sharing your journey in so many ways, inspiring us and countless others to seek God alone.

    All of us at Ananda Boston celebrate your birth (thank you God!) today and everyday.

    With divine joy, Ananda Boston

  131. Dear Swamiji,
    Thankyou for responding to Master’s call in 1948,
    and for continuing to live your life answering
    His call. Love and Joy, Sheila

  132. Happy and Blessed Birthday Swamiji!
    Master must be very, very pleased with the gift of your life, in service to him.
    joy, joy, joy,

  133. Swamiji,
    Through your life, expressed to us so clearly, I feel the aspiration of every life, and my own. You reveal our true selves to us – our true nature, our true purpose. It is our greatest gift and blessing.
    We had a celebration in honor of your birthday tonight at Ananda Village and I am so moved and inspired to follow your example and to contribute to the great mission you have been fulfilling for God and Master.
    I am so grateful for ALL the selfless gifts of your love.
    In His Love, Light, & Joy May You Be Free!
    Happy Birthday

  134. Dearest Swamiji,

    Your presence in my life has changed me in so many ways. Your writings and music continuously uplift me. Your steadfastness on this path and unwavering commitment your whole life to Master, brings me such joy and inspiration. For all the love you have showered on all of us, may you now feel our love and joy and blessings. You will always be with me, here in my heart.
    in divine friendship,
    Sharmila Hoffman

  135. Dear Swamiji,
    Michael & I are so grateful to be able to spend this life living in the closest place to an astral heaven as can be found on this earth. Thank you for all the energy you have given to make Ananda happen. Many blessings to you on your birthday & always. We will be praying for you especially at this time as you travel.
    Joy to you, Laura & Michael

  136. blank

    Birthday Blessings to you, dear Swamiji! Words can never express my gratitude to you for being such an extraordinary divine friend, for your example of discipleship that inspires me to ever deeper attunement with God and Gurus. May this coming year bring you ever greater Bliss and freedom in Divine Light! Love always, Mangala

  137. Dear Swamiji,
    Your life lived for God Alone has given me a pathway to follow to my own Self-Realization. From my deepest devotion and from the center of my soul, I lay prostrate at your feet, I give you my life. What joy it brings to celebrate your birthday! Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you are and all that your life brings. Again and again I feel your blessings, they have changed me and have made me more and better. My heart opens and smiles, what more can I give to Thee? A thousand blessings from God and Guru on you! Happy Birthday!
    your chela in God~
    “Could it be that in that little one Spirit’s universal love did shine? If it’s true, he lives in you and me Whom men call the son of Mary.” ~ The Christmas Mystery

  138. May the Masters and Divine Mother continue to bless you and keep you in their Divine Light and Joy. We have been so blessed by your presence in our lives. We send you deep love and gratitude for inspiring us and sharing the joy and love of God with us. May your birthday and every day be filled with the sweetness of the divine presence.

    In Joy and Gratitude, Always…
    Marlene Marron

  139. Dear Swamiji,

    The Path has changed the way I related to God and Guru. Thank you for providing us with your vivid example on how to be a great disciple. My heart is full of gratitude for your divine friendship and for the many blessings I have received in my life through this divine path.

    Happy Birthday Dear Swamiji!
    May this year brings you closer to God and Guru.

  140. Dear Swamiji,

    Many blessings to you on your birthday. Thank you for your shining example of discipleship and service to our Beloved Master and his mission. Your life, example and teachings are an inspiration.

    In Master,

  141. Dear Swamiji,

    Many years ago I had a dream in which a man was reading a letter dictated for me by Guruji. It instructed me to explore your work and Ananda as both would help me to deepen my attunement with Yoganandaji and get me past a rather dry spell I was having in my spiritual life.

    I was quite new on the path back then and remember being very rigid and resisting the idea – “Who is this Donald Walters fellow?!” I remember thinking as I bought your audio recording of Autobiography of a Yogi.

    That was ten years ago and I am very greatful to that dream, to Ananda and of course to your good self for the years of inspiration, sound advice and joy which have flowed to me through your many books and recordings.

    My life has been all the richer for your words of wisdom and just knowing you are there, somewhere in the world, always makes me smile.

    God bless you and may you enjoy a Very Happy Birthday!

  142. Happy Birthday Swami ji. I am greatful Master lead my life to you and the Ananda community. Blessings and Joy to you.

  143. blank

    We can never offer our gratitude enough, but it’s fun to try to anyway. What would life be with out our Swamiji? We are your spiritual children and VERY grateful for that honor. Happy Birthday!

    In Master’s love,

    Savitri and Sudarshan

  144. Wishing you all the best, may God’s will manifest in your life and in the lives of all that come in contact with you!
    Happy birthday!

  145. Dearest Swami,
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and the depth of a devotees wish to be heard; “God, Alone: God Alone! Thank you in gratitude, Swami. We are looking foward to your visit to Ananda Village again this summer.
    In Masters love,
    The Hollimans,
    Chandi and Joel

  146. Precious Swami ji,
    Happy Birthday to You.
    At Your feet

  147. Dearest Swamiji,

    Of course I have to wish you Happy Belated Birthday. I just found out it was your birthday. You do not know me yet (in this life anyway), but I’m pretty sure that by me listening to your audiobooks for countless hours this year, your faith and teachings of your great guru has saved my life! I truly believe that from the bottom of my heart! Your energy is incredible!!! I can’t wait to finally meet you this Summer…it would be such an honor. I hope you had a happy and peaceful birthday. I am blessed just by you being in this world the same time as me. May God continue to bless you for all eternity.

  148. Oh, Swamiji, thank you so much for incarnating, staying around this long, and helping us so much! Thanks for sharing so much Divine love, and awakening that in our hearts. May God and Master bless you with Bliss overflowing. In joy, Tyagi Dambara

  149. Happy Birthday dearest friend. Thy Light Within Us Shining, Has Shown Where Freedom Lies. Namaste.

  150. Happy Birthday beloved Swamaji!
    Thank you for the spiritual abundance you have brought to my life!
    Your dedication to our Guru’s teachings is awe inspiring as are your writings and talks. Thank you for your love, wisdom and shining light!

  151. Swamiji,

    Belatedly, Byasa and I, also, wish to send our blessings and love for your new year. You are always in our prayers and often in our thoughts. Your willingness to do this lifetime has saved many a life (including mine) and raised many a soul out of the darkness. Thank you!

    You are a light unto the world!

    In deep appreciation,
    nayaswamis, janakidevi and byasa

  152. Belated birthday wishes to you Swamiji !!!

    I am so glad and thankful to God that He lead me to master and you..

    Your talks and articles are deeply inspiring and enlightening..thank you for everything that you have given us for our spiritual enlightenment..

    May God bless you and give you more and more years ahead!!

    In Master’s love,
    Aditi :)

  153. Happy Birthday Swamiji!
    We give thanks for you every day. God Bless you Swamiji. Our love is forever with you.
    In Divine Friendship
    God Bless
    Amber and Patrick

  154. Happy Birthday Swamaji,
    Although these words are coming after your birthday, it is only because i didn’t know of this website before. I give thanks for your teachings every day and just want to send you all good wishes of love and peace and joy. You have helped me in so many ways. I can’t thank you enough. Blessings and good wishes to you, Dianne

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