“…listen to my music.” We had a very deep evening of honoring Swami Kriyananda on his 84th birthday – I wish you all could have been there, for the vibration of the entire evening was very much in keeping with where Swami’s consciousness is right now – deep bliss. I hope you can take a few minutes to listen to these songs that we sang this evening, to feel a little of the spirit of who Swami Kriyananda is.

Blessed the Life
Blessed the Life
God’s Call WithinGod’s Call Within
Thy Will
Thy Will
Home Is a Green Hillhome-is-a-green-hill.mp3

It was a simple, but very deep evening, with a little chanting and these four songs before Jyotish and Devi gave very moving, inspiring talks. The evening ended with a half an hour of meditation, and we left with some Prasad, a sweet morsel offered to Master for his blessing.

Speaking personally, my life would be empty without the gift of Swamiji’s music. It has brought such meaning, purpose, direction, and bliss into my life. I simply don’t know how I could bear to live without it.

Thank you Swamiji, for ALL you have given to us, in every aspect of our lives, and for your continued example of living for God. I’ll end with a quote from God’s Call Within:

Leave to the weak his craven life!
To the coward leave his dreaming!
O my saint, wake up! Reclaim the light.
Seek the truth behind all seeming.

In joyful service, David

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