The whole world is my home, and the human race, my family.  With God’s kindess I embrace all men.

Affirmations for Self-Healing by Swami Kriyananda

Kindness is love in action. Paramhansa Yogananda counseled, “Be calmly active and actively calm.” To be consistently kind we need to consciously direct our thoughts and emotions by operating from our inner center with poise and grace. Through the practice of regular meditation we calm our restless thoughts, thus enabling us to respond with kindness, rather than just reacting to people and circumstances.

When we consciously choose to be kind, we experience an intrinsic feeling of love and joy. When we practice kindness we are focusing on the needs of others, thus also practicing self-forgetfulness. God can then use us as channels for divine grace, which in turn increases our capacity to manifest kindness.

“The willingness to face the truth about oneself softens the heart and fills it eventually with kindness toward all.”

Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Heartfelt kindness is liberating. When you experience deep kindness in your heart, you are at peace inwardly and see everything as part of God. You accept all things without judgment, and look with kindness and sympathy on everyone, no matter how wrong. Always be kind to others so that you may learn the art of being kind to yourself.”

Divine Mother, help me to see that by kindness to others I attract not only theirs in return, but Thy kindness as well. May I be kind to others always. May my kindness act as a channel of Thy unselfish love.

Kindness: Foundation of the Spiritual Life

Author: Paramhansa Yogananda

Each human being is a medium through which God’s magnetism flows. Do not obstruct that power through unkindness. To grow closer to God, you must be kind and loving to all. Those who fill their hearts with unkindness can never learn to love God. Love of God is drowned out when unkindness vibrates in the body temple.

Unkind words, spoken in a fit of emotion, are like a conflagration spreading over the forest of friendship, burning up all the green plants of courteous dealings and sympathetic thoughts.  Banish unkind words forever, and protect your life from the invasion of trouble and sudden partings. Read more

The Secret of Living Fearlessly Is Offering Kindness to Others

“You must stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds!” Paramhansa Yogananda, the great modern mystic and author of *Autobiography of a Yogi* issued this soul-stirring exhortation. How do we follow his great example and become Warriors for the Light?

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