This letter was written to a person having difficulty relating to the Divine Mother aspect of the Infinite.

Dear _________

It seems self-evident that different aspects of God fulfill different people. Consider the numerous manifestations of both male and female gods and goddesses in Hindu temples, each one representing certain combinations of divine qualities, enlivened by the stories that accompany each one.

In your case, it is better to think of Krishna, or Master, etc., and to concentrate on their lives as a means of inspiration until the magnetism of your positive devotion to the male aspect displaces all negative, rejecting confusions about Divine Mother. When you have become single-pointedly positive in your search to know God, you will automatically begin to see the female aspect of God in a clearer light, and realize that, far from denoting frailty, it expresses enormous strength in love and self-giving.

In my lessons I go into great detail about the spiritual basis of masculinity and femininity, and the nature of duality. We must become the best of both, integrating deep compassion with indomitable will power. But let it come at its own speed, and for now concentrate on deepening your devotion to the Father.

In divine friendship,

Swami Kriyananda

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