This letter was written to a devotee at Ananda Village who was nearing death during Swami Kriyananda’s visit, June 2006.

Dear _________,

I’m sorry I’ve been unable to stop by to see you in person. This body can no longer get around as I wish it could.

I understand that the time for your passing may be very near. I wanted you to know that though I’m not with you in body, I’m very much there by your side in spirit, and in consciousness.

Don’t be afraid of what’s to come. As you’ll soon see for yourself, death is nothing to fear. Illness has its challenges (as well you know). At the moment of death itself, though, there’s no pain at all. Rather, what you’ll experience is a great release from all the pain and worries you’ve been dragging along.

These next days are a wonderful opportunity for you. Enjoy them! Leave those burdens behind you: Relax away from all of them. Absorb yourself in thoughts of the freedom and light that will soon be yours. You’re very blessed to have lived the life you did. Those who have meditated and lived for God go to higher, beautiful realms when they depart this earth.

I know that many friends have been coming to be with you. There will be many more angels waiting to receive you and bless you on the other side. We’re a spiritual family who’ve been doing this together for many lifetimes!

I’m praying for you, sending you my love, my blessings, my best wishes, and my support in the new adventure that’s soon to begin for you. I pray especially for your realization in God. Please pray for us, too. We’ll miss you. But we’ll also be together again soon.

God bless you.

In divine friendship

Swami Kriyananda

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