God has no favorites. God doesn’t give His grace to some and withhold it from others. It’s we who close ourselves off to Him. People doubt God and then, because of their doubt, they alienate themselves from Him even more.

A mirror of our own consciousness

Every state of consciousness is a vortex of energy, and each vortex draws to itself its own. Whatever state of consciousness you have, draws to itself those experiences that support it.

Thus, because you reject God, you think that God rejects you. Because you’re indifferent to Him, you assume He’s indifferent to you. Because you don’t like Him, you think He doesn’t like you.

You’ve made God a mirror of your own consciousness. We all do that, and it’s something we can’t even avoid because that’s the nature of consciousness itself.

God is always pleased

We need to understand that it’s never a matter of God being pleased or displeased. God is always pleased—His nature is Bliss. He doesn’t get angry when you do something wrong. You get angry with yourself.

You’re the one who suffers because you’ve gone against who you really are on the deepest level of your being. In your essence you are not the ego or personality but the soul, which is part of God—ever-conscious, ever-blissful, and always inwardly saying: “Change. Be one with me.”

God is your only reality. No matter how serious your mistake, if you are sincere with Him, He will never let you down.

First we must become trustworthy

If you want to trust God, then you first have to be trustworthy—you have to make yourself worthy of His trust. On one level, of course God trusts you because you’re His child. But does He trust your dedication?

I often think of the many millions of incarnations the Divine Mother has been seeking my love and I have turned away and thought, “No let me find my fulfillment in things, let me find it in people, let me find it in positions.” So why shouldn’t She take Her time about answering? Why should She rush like a beggar to my doorstep, just because I pay Her the supreme compliment of believing in Her for a change? We need to give Her time to be sure of us. It’s a two-way thing.

Once a woman came to me and said, “I’ve been on this path for six months and I’m not in samadhi yet.” It’s not that easy. We have a great deal to work out before we can enter into that kingdom.

Faith: the inner certitude of His presence

Gaining this kind of trust—or faith— takes a lot of effort and you have to be willing to give first. Blind trust can help but you need more than that. Experimenting is the only way to gain it.

Faith needs to be based on the inner certitude of God’s presence, that He is with you and will take care of you. To gain that consciousness and hold on to it, daily meditation is essential.

Each day, take your most pressing problems to Him in meditation. You don’t need to use long-winded aristocratic prayers. Approach Him as you would a friend who loves you and wants to help you.

Then, in your daily life, experiment with relying more on God to guide you. Whatever experience you have of God’s presence and grace in your life, experiment by relying on Him one step beyond that. Say to Him, “God, I rely on you in this; let’s see what happens.”

As you do that, you will find, bit-by-bit, that His blessings are there. When you have tried Him in little things, you can try Him in bigger things.

Once you really make that effort of will, you’ll discover bit-by-bit that you couldn’t have placed yourself in better hands. You’ll find that there isn’t any prayer, no matter how insignificant, that He won’t answer.

Too much blind faith is presumption

To take more than a step at a time is presumption, which is not a virtue but a fault. Too much blind faith is presumption.

I read a novel about a famous Jewish scholar who decided to give two years to God, and wandered around trying to find God. At the end of that time, he hadn’t found anything at all.

I thought, “That novelist hasn’t really tried it. He has no right to write about it.” But when you’ve tried it, you’ll see that it works.

Your attitude needs to be right

To be trustworthy you can’t have a carping or complaining attitude. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: “To you who are free of the carping spirit, I reveal these truths.”

Nor can you approach God like a merchant. You can’t be thinking, “Well God, I’ll give you all these hours if you give me so much in return.” But if your attitude is really pure, if you act out of love for Him and not for what He is going to do for you, you will find that He loves you infinitely more than you love Him.

Thinking of God as the Divine Mother, all accepting and never judging, helps us to love God more. How could God judge us? He created delusion. He can’t blame us for getting caught up in it.

Bring God into the picture

Another important thing is to bring God into the picture. One of the best ways to do this is by doing things with Him rather than for Him. He loves to be your partner even in the smallest, most insignificant things. Say to Him, “Lord, let’s do this together.”

Share your thoughts and feelings with Him more and more. All day long practice what in India they call japa, repeating the name of God or words like, “Reveal Thyself.”

The truth is, until you live for God you won’t be happy. So never be discouraged. In your heart, never believe that anything you’ve done wrong is who you really are.

You are part of God and there is no other reality. The more you turn to Him with trust, the more you’ll find that everything, somehow, goes well.

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  1. This is so true, yet so easy to forget in our daily lives. God is always with us. All we have to do is remember to give our problems to God when they arise. Most of us enjoy being competent problem solvers, but God is the ultimate solution.

  2. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this! Indeed! God wrote this for us through you…Very grateful!

    Just what I needed…the only prayer is that I am able to remember this truth each moment and act on it!

    Much gratitude and blessings that you continue to be this beautiful channel and expand more as a messenger of light!

    Best Regards,

  3. I didn’t realize it was written by Kriyananda ji! May we all have this clarity and dedication towards love for divine and fellow beings!

  4. I came back to this article after 4 months again..Perhaps I should read it daily!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you to the creator & the medium through whom it was written!!

    Thank you so much again!

    When I lose my way or walk confidently on the path
    Right or wrong, unaware
    You always walk beside me ready to hold my hand
    I realize not your presence
    Because I am too occupied & excited
    with the magic
    Yet, you smile tenderly in all patience
    And wait for me to realize!
    Dedicated to you
    All that’s you
    Help me remember you always walk beside
    May I always take you as my closest aide
    Without fear & without pride!!

  5. Whoever lands on this article by the grace and glory of all kind Lord – Your problems will vanish and your faith and bond with the all-mighty will be strengthened & your efforts towards dear Mother will be renewed! This is my prayer which will manifest by the grace of God!

    Thank you God for these words & everything!

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