Think not of what you can get, but what you can give.

Serve, not people, but God through people.

God is happiest not in our efficiency, but in our increasingly humble attitude.

Get yourself out of the way—don’t think of yourself, but of Him.

Serve joyfully, even in obscurity. Don’t look to others for endorsement. Be content to seek the Lord’s smile in your heart.

Be centered in the inner self.  Don’t let circumstances or people pull you down. Let Christ’s light fill you when you work with others.

Be an open window through which the Lord’s sunlight can flow to all.

God will support you the more you live in Him.

Let God radiate in your heart, and live by His inner inspiration. Work more listening to God inwardly.

Ask only, “Lord are you pleased? How can I please you more?” And again, “Dear God, tell me what you want. Help me to do what you want.”

You are God’s child. There is nothing that is not yours.

Be a radiant spirit—large, not small.

Greater dignity and greater strength add nicely to your childlikeness. Be joyfully courageous, majestically confident.

Be filled with the confidence that the Holy Spirit will use you. The power of the Infinite is in you.

Live more and more in that center where God dwells. Radiate this to others, and their lives, and your own, will be changed.

From a talk by Swami Kriyananda, January 4, 1989.


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