Many signs have indicated to me that this planet wants a war. It wants an explosion. Sri Yukteswar explained that we’re in the beginning of a new age, Dwapara Yuga, and it always happens that when you get a new kind of consciousness that there’s going to be an opposition between the new and the old.

Kali Yuga, which represented a freezing of energy in matter and a defining of it in dogmas and rigid rules, began in 700 BC. It reached its lowest point at 500 AD and ended in 1700 AD. Dwapara Yoga started in 1900, after a 200-year transition period.

That’s a long period of history as we know it. What we see in all that period is the tendency of mankind to try to do everything purely by rational ways, without love, and to see reality in terms of form, rigid institutions, laws for the institutions, systems, and dogmas.

Materialism vs. an intuitive flow

The light that is now coming into the planet with the start of Dwapara Yuga is being battled by darkness. This battle is epitomized by the conflict between the forces that have made a virtual religion of materialism and the forces that have embraced the new understanding that consciousness is the basis of matter. This battle is happening all over the world, and it will continue until we leave behind an old way of thinking.

The real challenge of our times is the introduction of a more flowing, intuitive kind of consciousness and the disintegration of the old form-bound consciousness. We are also at a time of a greater awakening of Spirit, not just a more intuitive flow in our work and various dealings, but a greater awareness of ourselves in terms of energy and consciousness.

A time of heightened energy

That awakening of Spirit is not going to happen automatically. What’s coming to us through the rays brought by Dwapara Yuga is not so much spirituality but a heightened energy, which it is our responsibility to turn toward the good. Some people are taking that energy and using it in evil ways.

People of higher consciousness have to bring that light out into the world. This is why we were born. We’ve been attracted here not only for ourselves but also to help bring that Light out into the world.

Yogananda pointed out the Bible passage where God promised to protect Sodom and Gomorrah if ten righteous people could be found—righteous in the eyes God, not self-righteous. Where there is Light there is protection.

So the greatest thing that we can do is to take seriously the responsibility that God and the masters have given us to bring this message out. It is a time for spreading that Light into the world. That’s our war.

Excerpted from a talk given by Swami Kriyananda at the start of the 1991 Gulf War.

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