My Dear Ones,

Our Guru seldom praised me for my labor. But he did, sometimes, praise me for my devotion. For he was more anxious that we work to develop and perfect ourselves in this heavenly quality than that we do tremendous outward labor, but in forgetfulness of God. The chief purpose of his mission was to teach us, and all people, an inner, divine productivity.

I knew Master three and a half years. And if there is one point that stands out in my throng of sweet memories, it is the fact that what pleased him always, above everything else, was devotion, and a constant inward remembrance of God. Good work without devotion might have impressed him, but it never thrilled his heart.

How many weep for the Divine Mother as Master wept when he was a boy? Our greatest work in life should be to express that divine yearning, that love. When we can reflect it, we shall be able to work ten times as hard, and a hundred times as effectively, as we do when we draw only on our own scanty powers. When we think of the Lord first, our hearts sing for joy and all our work goes easily.

We must discipline the mind! Divine Mother has given us a project more urgent than the printing of any book, and that is to learn to live constantly in the consciousness of Her. Her deadline of death is more important, and less alterable, than any publishing date.

Our work should be a conscious, loving service to the Lord. It should be a devotional offering to Him.

*Excerpted from Letters to Truth Seekers, copyrighted 1973 (Currently out-of-print).


  1. This is a great article with so much wisdom and Truth. As most of us do, I have a very busy life at the moment and this has been a great reminder what is the most important! Thank you.

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