Dear Friends,

We send our love to all of you and want to share what’s been happening for the past few weeks, which seems like the grand finale of our time in India this year. We’ll begin by sharing about the pilgrimage to Babaji’s cave with Diya, Keshava, Dharmini, Dharmaraj, and 40 Indian pilgrims.

It was an extraordinary experience that perhaps the attached photos will convey better than words. On Friday Nov. 7 we traveled for 11 hours by train and bus from Delhi to the Rankine region and stayed in a lovely resort with a magnificent view of the holy and mighty Himalayas from every room. On Saturday we traveled in two large buses for 3 hours to reach an area near Drongiri Mountain, where we began the hour-long climb up to the cave itself.

The group was so harmonious, devoted, and inspired that everyone made the climb, which was steep for the last 30 minutes, quietly and joyfully. When we got to the cave itself, we divided into four groups, with each one meditating for about 40 minutes in the small cave. It was a profound experience for all of us—filled with the blessings of Babaji and Master. It is thrilling to see our lineage of Masters coming alive for our gurubhais in India.

The pilgrims left after breakfast on Sunday, but we stayed on for one more day for a time of quiet and meditation. The next day a driver picked us up, and we drove northeast for about six hours through the beautiful Himalayan foothills to a Retreat House, Guru Prem, used by Ananda members. It’s located at a place called Abbot Mount near Lohaghat. Later that day Dhyana and a wonderful devotee from Delhi, Pia, joined us.

Together we all enjoyed three inward days of meditation, walking in the mountains, spectacular panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks, especially Nanda Devi, and the blessings of the purity and stillness of that area. It really was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

On Thursday we returned to Delhi and Gurgaon for a busy few days. We had been invited to be the keynote speakers on Saturday at a New Age conference put on by The Speaking Tree. This is the spiritual column and weekend supplement for the largest newspaper here, The Times of India. The program went well with about 250 people attending the morning session which included five other speakers.

That evening we had a satsang at one of our centers in Delhi, Rajourie Garden, and one in the Delhi Ashram itself on Sunday morning. All of our centers are doing remarkably well, with deep, dedicated devotees coming in increasing numbers.

The next day, a group of about 12 of us had the blessing of screening the latest (and nearly final) version of The Answer, the film about Swamiji’s life and his time with Master. The film is deeply moving and inspiring, and we believe will make the guru-disciple relationship a vibrant reality for many souls, just as The New Path does.

This is most likely the last letter we’ll write from India this time, so we’ll touch lightly on what lies ahead. This Sunday evening, Nov. 23, we’ll have a public talk at a large auditorium in Delhi on the topic of “Meditation and Kriya in Every Aspect of Life.” Please send your prayers.

After that we’re into the home stretch: Thanksgiving celebrations, a two-day gathering in Delhi of all the Ananda leaders throughout India on Friday and Saturday, Kriya Initiations in Gurgaon on Sunday, and packing and departure for the US on Monday, Dec. 1.

Again, we want to thank you for all your prayers and loving thoughts. They have sustained us and kept us in good health through the many busy days and adventures. We’ll see you in the weeks ahead to share in person some of our experiences.

May you always dwell in the Grace of God and Guru.

With love in Master,

Jyotish and Devi

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