A devotee wrote Swami Kriyananda about Paramhansa Yogananda’s predictions (quoted in his book, The Road Ahead) that there would be a third world war in the 1970s, with Communists subduing much of the free world. Yogananda predicted also that there would be another world war toward the end of the twentieth century, and that America would stand alone against the rest of the world, but emerge victorious. He described this final war as a “purging by fire.” The old world would be nearly destroyed and the world, finally sick of warfare, would know peace for hundreds of years.

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Paramhansa Yogananda did say what I quoted on the world wars. At the same time, I remember him saying that the Cold War was, in its own way, a third world war. So who knows? Maybe my interpretation was inaccurate. I did quote his words, however.

I’ve found that, in the matter of timing, the prophecies even of masters seem to be qualified in their accuracy. On the other hand, we’ve no way of knowing from what depth of intuitive perception they are speaking. From an absolute level, one assumes they are infallible.

There are other levels, however. I would think that, normally speaking, they are addressing directions of karmic flow more than the timing involved in the working out of the karmic law. Certainly there are also predictions that involve karma that can be corrected by other karmic acts.

The probability of war, for example, can be nullified if there is sufficient activity directed towards harmony and love. Selfless love, and strict adherence to the principles of dharma (the path of righteousness), can change the destinies of nations.

No prophecy should be accepted in a spirit of helpless acquiescence. It is in this spirit that we should consider Yogananda’s predictions.

In divine friendship

Swami Kriyananda

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