A few weeks ago we were talking with a guest at The Expanding Light who had recently suffered severe losses in the Stock Market.

He went on to tell about his first meeting with Swami Kriyananda twenty years ago. At a pool party at Crystal Hermitage, Swamiji sat down next to him, and without any preamble, said, “The real treasures in life are true friends.”

We live in a time of financial uncertainty on a global scale, and many are faced with losing their jobs or their life savings. Certainly the era of living beyond one’s means is over, and it’s time to heed Sri Yukteswar’s advice to “live comfortably within your means.”

But there are keys to living in prosperity despite outer circumstances, and we’d like to share four of these with you.

First, our security doesn’t come from possessions, but from living with the consciousness of abundance. In his wonderful little book, Money Magnetism, Swami Kriyananda writes, “If one is wealthy in his mind or spirit, he may require very few material possessions to be perfectly satisfied with life.”

In 1976 when Ananda Village was burned to the ground by a forest fire, our home and all our possessions were destroyed. Even though we had no insurance to cover the loss, by God’s grace we were able to cling to the thought that our true wealth was inner peace.

A few days after the fire, members of the Red Cross knocked on the door of Swami Kriyananda’s home, where we were temporarily staying, and said, “We’re here to provide support for the disaster victims.”

We calmly replied, “Well, I guess that would be us.”

“No, no,” they said in disbelief. “We mean the people who lost everything in the fire.”

Finally we convinced them that though we didn’t seem like “victims” or in dire need, our home had burned down. They wrote us a check in compensation for our losses. “Poverty consciousness” is a state of mind.

Second, energy, determined and unflagging,  is a key to living in prosperity. During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, Paramhansa Yogananda said, “If I didn’t have a job, I would churn the ether with my energy until I drew one.”

During the time when Ananda was seemingly being crushed by the financial burden of an unjust lawsuit, there were several times when we thought we’d be forced to sell off the land. A small group of us was discussing what to do if faced with this eventuality.

Someone voiced the opinion that we all shared, “They can take everything from us, but they can’t take away our energy or enthusiasm to serve our Guru. We’ll just start another community somewhere else.” Fortunately, we were never forced to take this step.

Third, living in prosperity comes from including others’ welfare in your own. No matter how “impoverished” you may feel, try to find some way to share with others. When you realize that you do indeed have something, however small, to give, you begin to understand that true wealth is a flow of energy that you can tap into, not a fixed quantity that can be lost.

Finally, we need to live in the thought that we are part of a greater reality, of God, and everything we have comes from Him. Once a supercilious visitor to Mt. Washington asked Yogananda, “What are the assets of this organization?”

“None,” Master replied in a booming voice. “God is our only asset.”

Living with a sense of abundance and appreciation for what we have, having high focused energy to achieve our goals, sharing with others, and developing deep faith in God – all these will give us the ability to weather whatever financial storms may lie ahead.

May you be an example to others of how to live in true prosperity with the understanding that “the kingdom of God is within you”.

In divine friendship,
Jyotish and Devi


  1. What an amazing note!! It is in times of trial that our true values come out. It is an article like this one that brings us back to being in tune with Master and Swamiji and reinforces the message to understand that the true treasure in in true friends (which must mean satsang, since true friends only encourage us to get closer to God)

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    I just read your letter, sitting here in the office. I was very moved by the story about Swamiji talking to the man by the pool. God works in mysterious ways, indeed. These thoughts are all very helpful now when so many people are asking for healing prayers regarding their livelihood in these shaky times.
    Mary K.

  3. Thank you Jyotish and Devi
    for this inspiring newsletter and for the wonderful video by Swami Kriyananda about “how to attract money”. It powerfully reinforces what is the balanced attitude to money. Also it deeply explains about the importance of awareness and magnetism to attract what is necessary in life and at the same time how to go beyond just the material reality of money and understand what IS real wealth.

    With deep gratefulness,


  4. I was just notified I was turned down for a hoped for job when I clicked on this newsletter. How timely! Heartened, I reflected on all the blessings in my life and how I can deepen my efforts to both share with other and to deepen my faith in God.

  5. Hi,

    I was truly moved to read your April Newsletter. I have been trying to secure a job for almost 6 months now. I recently found a job, however, was unable to keep it because of the high demands of the job.

    I have been fighting with anxiety and panic attacks and I need to find work which will be less demanding until I fully recover.

    Thank you for writing the newsletter, it has given me new hope. May God & Gurus bless you all.

  6. Lovely. I was just visiting Mt. Washington 2 weeks ago. Yogananda’s response to the visitor there was a real zinger! Thanks for reminding us about what true wealth is.

  7. Aloha,
    Thank you Jylish and Devi, my father passed away earlier this year and I went on retreat, Praying ,,and meditating in nature and thinking how my father, had prepared his taxes and completed everything,My mother had ben 45 years so blessed that Dad, had taken care of all essentials for them both, God does that everyday, we see him in the Sunrises, and what the Oneness, of nature can bring, We are Abundantly taken care of, I am now here in QLD Australia where my daughter is
    having a baby, another blessing, daily say I am blessed to see how all is magically taken care of just having faith, as God said to me last year on the Big Island of Hawaii, My footprints where there behind you and they have always been there. Count your blessings ten fold and they will multiply, Pray for those in need Smile when you do your morning walks and Say Good Morning even if you dont get a reply, be the Light in someone elses Life.
    I shall be in Mt Shasta in May and will see about visiting Ananda Community as we are in the process of Building such a community called “Etheron”, here in Australia. Thank you Swami, for the Miracles you have shown us, God, has blessed me in so many ways, I am thankful for Love he has shown me,and my family,Miracles Happen. Maloa nui Auntie Mareva

  8. MANOHAR says:


  9. Thank you very much for the wise words on prosperity and the reminder that for today and everyday, God is the true source of all abundance in my life and for that, I have deep gratitude.

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    Dearest Jyotish and Devi,
    Blessings to you both!! I remember the fire at Ananda, people were moving out and me and my new family to be were moving to Ananda. Never have I gone hungry or been without a roof over my head. I have been out of work for the past 10 months myself, and am on unemployment, but I have chosen to enrich my Life with Diveing into the Path and my inner Self. This time without work has afforded me the time to re-evaluate, what I am here for….it is to find God, the rest comes of itself.
    Jyotish and Devi, I want you to know that what was awesome about your letter was that you did not ask for anything, you gave support and understanding as well as some widom to go with.
    Master Loves you!!
    Namasti, Brindey

  11. Waves of panic, and then faith weave back and forth, always I return to what I know supports me , that is GOD. I know he gave me purpose and as long as I focus on that I’m ok. Its when I entertain those fear thoughts , give them energy, I panic. So fear is evil I think or a sin if you will ~ niyama. When I am in that frozen place on non-action, then I am in trouble, so taking action according to God’s will for makes life simple and purposeful, opening my heart to connect to my mind to my body is all I can do while listening to marching orders.

  12. blank

    Thank you so much for this inspiring message at this special time. Words don’t easily capture a flow of energy, but yours succeed. We’re in a time of purification which will make us stronger and help us focus more on inner realities. And even outwardly, at Ananda Village, we are building perhaps the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen; and it’s dedicated to the visual arts! What a wonderful affirmation of moving forward with positive energy in these “interesting times!”

  13. Dear Devi and Joytish,

    Reading your article reminded me of why I love Ananda!
    Through the years, I have been educated and inspired by Crystal Clarity, the Prayer Circle Newsletter, Swami’s books, sayings and articles, and above all, always by the wisdom and truth of Paramahansa Yogananda’s words. This article gave me a sense of well-being in these troubled times when the present is difficult and the future impossible to guess, and I am infinitely thankful for the lift!

    Recently my best friend and I were reunited after an abscence of five years. We celebrated the occasion by visiting Yogananda’s lovely home and meditation gardens in Encinitas. The sense of pure holiness that was present there, resides still in my heart.

    Thank you for continuing this wonderful work in the same spirit in which it was begun!

    Much Love,


  14. Thanks for sharing your experience and providing light to us ..in this age of uncertainity.

    Om Shree

  15. Dear Blessed Ones:

    Very true and timely indeed. Always always count your blessings. Life itself is a cycle and one should always be content and to share….everything will come around.

    As they say when the going gets tough the tough get going. We have had it relatively easy so nature has to correct the anomolies for us to have a new start.

    Bless You ALL

  16. Dear loved ones,
    I’m sitting in my office and reading the letter so encouraging. With my limited amount what assets would be made but Guruji’s words “God is our only asset” inspires me to move on towards spirituality.

    with regards,
    Rupini (YSS member)

  17. hello every one,

    I really do not know what to comment…All i can say that i like to be at this space of love and GOD…I had one spiritual experience few years back and bringing me some natural changes where by i feel comfortable listening & reading stuff like this…But i am poor…can not use my intelligence in so called PRACTICAL MANNER…Any how thanks for bring i inward look at this moment…


  18. I loved this article – thanks so much for the reminder to hold our heads up high and look towards the Light, no matter what!

  19. I have gotten the news today that my brother is at the end of the financial rope . I was able to send him a quick aid whitch will provide him and his family for a month .
    I was inspired by this and other Ananda letters .
    Please, pray with me for him to be able to find a job .
    God Bless All

  20. This note and video were both eye openers. Swami Kriyananda has spelt out the Law of Attraction mentioned in ‘The Secret’ in very clear terms without any jargon. He is a living example of these principles in action.

  21. Dear Jyotish and Devi,

    Thank you all so much for the lovely message with such a deeply ingrained message. Having handled disaster situations, I have seen both faces of humanity coexist. One out to plunder and the other providing the milk of human kindness. Finally it is the milk of human kindness that prevails and takes our beautifull world forward even with no or lesser material possessions.

    Thank you and god bless

    Warm Regards

  22. Your article was “Awesome”. Also the prayer by lord yogananda paramhansa was breath taking where every breath was filled with awe.

  23. thankyou jyotish and devi, this message seems to be comming from the gurus as i was very much in need of a reminder. after reading this message i have my hopes and positivity going high once again.i truely see a reason to smile even when i am surrounded with doubts and dissipated energies. i now know how the masters are watching upon our lives and are conveying clear messages to enable us to get back to the path of faith and love. thanku

  24. Thank you for your always inspiring and uplifting messages.

  25. keep it simple! God is the only true subsance. May we walk in His Light and stay pushin forward! God Power to all my Luv Ones! Full court press!

  26. God comes walking thru your door daily as a representation of many situations in many people, we all must show compashion in whatever is needed to help our world family, sometimes just listening is all that is required to charge a positive forward step, in these times as representatives of god and guru may all of us see the path of direction as a blessed opportunity to inspire a more simple and spiritual lifestyle. Aum Hari Sundara, guide us in peace.

  27. Thanks for this article. We shoud always remember GURUJI’s Words- “GOD IS OUR ONLY ASSET” and KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN US.

  28. I read your article with great interest and inspiration. I also have read comments to your article and am unhappy to see so many people in financial trouble.

    I would like to comment in the hope that someone would gain by it. I grew up in a very average family and we lived a very modest lifestyle. Mr mother’s motto was that “our lives should be the same on the 1st of the month and the 30th of the month”. We never went hungry or in want for anything essentual.

    Inspite of having acheieved a higher social level than my parents and the rewards of this position (more money and status), the lessons as thought by my mother has stayed in tact. I have lived a simple lifestyle and indulged only when necessary. I beleive that my simplicity has in many ways kept me from going astray and has kept me from falling prey to temptation. Please do not think that I have lived the life of a hermit – I have travelled, had holidays, educated my two children BUT all within strict limitation. Trust in the lord and a simple life allows you to put aside moneys that is in excess to your needs. This will see you through hard times (all of us will face difficulties as this is part of life) and in old age, gives you peace of mind to concentrate on your spiritual requirements.

    Most people feel that there is always insufficient money for their requirement – we should learn to live within our means. When our income increases, our expenditure should not keep phase with it. If our lifestyle remains the same, there will always be excess money. UNfortunately, man always finds reasons to spend and this leads to unnessary expenditure. Learn to live a simple life and you will find less stress, greater peace of mind and a closer relationship with the lord.

  29. jai gurudev,thank you for such inspiring and how to bring prosperity in our life message.I’m very much inspired from the message “to stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”and love god and put your trust in him,you will find that He solves your problem for you,through you.

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