Dear Friends,

Hello from Ananda Village, where 9,000 brilliantly colored tulips at the Crystal Hermitage gardens are dancing against a backdrop of mists playing on distant hillsides. The Village is increasingly becoming like the radiant astral world, not only because of its loveliness on the physical plane but, more importantly, because of the beauty of a community of high-minded souls.

Swami Kriyananda repeatedly addressed the themes of community and magnetism during his last few weeks in Los Angeles, almost as if he were giving his final advice to the people who live there. Magnetism, he said, is the key to everything.

Electromagnetism, one of the fundamental forces in the universe, levitates trains, smashes atoms and makes our modern world possible, but magnetism surges even more powerfully through consciousness. Our thoughts and feelings, when directed by willpower, create a magnetic aura that attracts all life’s experiences. To attract success, or happiness, or God, increase and direct your will (think enthusiasm), and the law of magnetism will take care of the rest.

In the early days of his mission, Paramhansa Yogananda had only three months to find the funds to buy Mount Washington. One follower, probably thinking he was giving a needed “reality check,” told him it would take 20 years to get that much money.

Master responded, “Twenty years to those who think 20 years. Twenty months to those who think 20 months. And three months to those who think three months!” In three months, literally as the final seconds ticked down, the money arrived, and he had the property.

Focused magnetism generates its own reality, and when a group works together miracles can happen. That is the secret story of Ananda. And that is why both Swami Kriyananda and Paramhansa Yogananda so strongly emphasized spiritual communities as a solution to both individual and global problems. Spiritual communities help direct and magnify positive magnetism. They also form an aura of protection from the hard times that so many saints have been predicting just as an umbrella keeps you dry during a downpour.

We were surprised by the strong sense of loneliness and isolation we saw amongst the crowds in LA. And yet most people felt that it was simply not possible for them to move to a community. If you, too, have been feeling isolated in your search there are some simple but effective things that you can do right where you live.

  • We’ve recently developed an Ananda Virtual Community as a way of bringing community to your home. Members from around the world get classes, webinars, group meditations, kirtans and other events. For many, their favorite part is the forums where they get to interact with other spiritual friends. To join, go to Ananda Virtual Community.
  • Strengthen your sense of community where you are living now: Attend group meditations and make friends with other devotees.
  • Make a serious effort to practice the presence of God. Talk to Him. Share with Him. Make Him your constant companion.

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Ananda, now is the time to do something about it. Swami Kriyananda will be in residence only until the last week of May at which time he heads off for Europe and then in September to India.

We would love to have you come and join us to see our community filled with beautiful tulips and shining souls.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Jyotish & Nayaswami Devi


  1. Thank you Jyotish and Devi!

    Your writing has a simplicity that rings with trueness and depth and offers much needed insight into the subtleties of the path.

    In His Joy,

  2. Dear friends, thank you so much for this reminder of what is most important in our lives. I’ve visited Ananda many, many times through the years always with the thought of someday moving to this home away from home. Perhaps, one day soon. In friendship, Jerry Champagne.

  3. I am seeking a spiritual community!

    Is there anything associated in the New York City that is supported by Ananda?

    The “Brooklyn” center doesn’t seem to respond!

    Peace and Blessings!

  4. I want to thank Ananda and all the community members for their
    inspiring and powerful presence. My thoughts often go to Expanding Light and my gratitude is endless for the experiences I have had there. Many times I long to move your community, but the time has not been right for me, as yet.
    Blessings, Jen-Ann

  5. What a wonderful reminder of the magnetic power of both individual focus and a group focusing together to bring positive results into the world. Thank you for reminding us.

    The tulips look beautiful.

  6. Beautiful letter! thank you so much. it’s exactly what we’re working on down in LA and we feel the truth of what you say most definitely!
    in joy, durga

  7. I live out in the middle of West Texas – far from the spiritual communities I am accustomed to enjoying after years in California. Sometimes I feel so disconnected.

    But last evening after taking the online Ananda course “Deeper with the Chakras,” I am amazed how CONNECTED I feel!

  8. thank you so much for your timely words of inspiration!

  9. Thank you, dear souls, for this encouraging message about the power of magnetism and the importance of spiritual community. For those of us not presently living in an Ananda community, we do have the many blessings offered by Ananda’s Virtual Community. We are blessed also by the opportunity of being part of Ananda groups in our local areas. Thank you for reminding us, too, of the power of practicing the presence of God and Guru, no matter where we are. We do have so many blessings available to us on our path, when we remember to tune in and open our hearts to receive the blessings of the Masters in every moment of our lives.

  10. How lovely to be pictorially reminded of God’s ever new joy during a time of my humanly perceived sadness.

    Joy to all,

  11. Dear Ones Jyotish and Devi,

    This is a beautiful idea to contact other devotees. I will send this mail to the entire Dutch Ananda mailinglist.
    Next year some devotees will move to a already existing spiritual centre ( ) to establish there an small Ananda Community.
    In the future we we will move to our own building when more devotees will join us.
    I wish all of us a lot of success.

    Love in Master,

    Dakshini Schoneveld, The Netherlands

  12. Thanks so much for the beautiful message. I too have felt somewhat alone on my spiritual journey in the aspect of community, but having joined Ananda online has been a great gift for me.

    I would love to visit Ananda this May before Swami Kriyananda departs for oversees. I live in the Palm Springs area (La Quinta), but would probably fly vs. driving (i think its 12 + hours). Perhaps there is someone I can talk to to plan a visit there..??

    I have been studying SRF lessons since 2007, and Ananda shortly thereafter. I am consistently reading, meditating, doing yoga etc. . I would like to do Kriya, but have not done the Energization, Hong Sau & Aum techniques for the 6 mo. daily. (Though I do them often & frequently). so don’t know if that actually qualifies.

    Have not found a spiritual community here locally ( although one group is Study Course of Miracles) But I have found that it best to stay on course with Ananda.and do communicate via virtual .

    Possibly someone could give me advice on above topics?


  13. I have been thinking of moving to Ananda. Can you please inform me of your policies in this regard. Thank you.

  14. Devi and Jyotish,

    Thank you for sharing these practical tools that anyone can use to change their lives for the better. It’s especially inspiring to remember that through our own enthusiasm, we can generate a new reality.


  15. Hello– I have been thinking about staying and possibly moving to Ananda for a long time now. I visited there briefly about 3 years ago, and have had a strong desire to return since. I am at a crossroads in my life, just turned 57. Feel I still have a lot to offer and so much I want to learn. I am compelled to find a strong spiritual path for myself. Want fellowship and community, as I have become such a singular person of late. (Child moved, long term relationship ended, mother passed away). I am truly in need of ‘connecting’ with some new friends, experiences, and serenity. I did not intend in writing all of this, but when you mentioned the lonliness and isolation you observed in L.A., it struck a chord. So my question to you would be:
    1. Can anyone move to the villiage? At any time? Do you have to buy a house? Can you rent?
    2. What would you recommend to someone like me for somewhat of a long term stay — but on a fixed budget?

    I wanted to mabey participate in the ‘resident work program’ (don’t recall the exact name), but would not do well staying in a room with other people and walking a ways to the bathroom.

    any suggestions and info you could give me would be appreciated. And please, answer my questions above. Thankyou.

  16. @Fateha: You’ll want to visit the Becoming a Member page on the Ananda Village website. I think that will help. If or when you have questions, just use the Contact Us link on the top-right of every page.

    @Kat, that’s great. The above link should help you as well, but I’ll make sure someone gets in touch with you personally. It might take a few days — our Village staff have been very busy preparing for a community-wide workday tomorrow called “Rajarshi Day.”

    @Janice, I’ll let Devarshi know about your question regarding Kriya. He is the head of our Kriya ministry in the Americas. As for finding a place to stay, I’d suggest contacting our retreat, The Expanding Light. You can call 1-800-346-5350.

    I’ll also send emails to each of you in case you don’t check the comments.

    Joy to you,

    (Website administrator)

  17. Besides everything else, Tulip gardens are enchanting. Feeling like flying to Ananda Village. I have seen tulip gardens in Netherlands, but this is wonderful so colorful. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Namaskar
    thank you for this inspiring piece. We are in the process of building a Temple in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and in dire need of funds to complete this project.

    Thank you again for reminding me that nothing is impossible if there is belief, positiveness and a will to match…
    I will inform you as soon as we have attained our objective…

    God Bless and Kind Regards
    Govi moodley

  19. It was indeed a great mmoment to read about the magnetism theory , You are doing the miracles in this world where people are fighting for their bread & butter and some uxury needs . I as a practioner of kriya yoga , love the path of love to meet God . I wish to meet all community people when the time permits .
    My wishes to your mission


  20. gosh, i found Swamiji’s May 22 talk “The Best Way to Worship” so great, i felt i just had to find a place to comment. Jyotish was in a dream of mine the other night, where i and a friend; a new devotee, were gleaning instruction from you at an alter Jyotish. This friend has been very troubled, but is so deep and open and so very dear to me. I have a burning desire to help him get closer to Master and Swamiji. Thus, when i saw this talk, i emailed him the link with this message:
    wow, this is swamiji again.
    it is however, very very profound.
    gems here that you would, could never percieve this early in your understanding..
    unless you are able to attune to him and absorb what he is expounding here.
    it is rare you will hear these things in this way,
    but he literally puts his vibration in the teaching so you can be a part of the intuition of it.
    He rarely goes into these things so openly, so pay attention.
    like jesus said..for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  21. Very Beautiful. Thank YOU Swamis. *Richie, there are a few Ashrams in upstate NY. I lived in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram for 6 weeks, & was very impressed. There is also a Manhattan S. Y. V. Center with satsung, meditation, and asana classes. Sri Dharma Mittra also has 2 studios in NY (sorry, can’t remember where). **Community is so important! Where I live no one does Classical Yoga, and after 3 years here I have not met anyone to do yoga, martial arts, energy work, etc… with. Now, after many years of serious practice, I find the lack of support to be affecting my life choices negitively. Thank You Ananda for being there, wishing us All the best, even if from afar

  22. Dear Jyotish and Devi:

    I always love reading what you both share from your heart. I would have loved being at Ananda when Swamiji was there and the tulips vibrantly smiling upon all who were blessed to see their magnificence. And perhaps another time – I will be able to catch that beautiful sight. Thanks to the lovely photos you have sent with your article, we get a glimpse of what you are speaking of. I am a Kriyaban and was trained by Devarshi (Dave) and Maria almost two years ago.

    I am very excited to be coming to Ananda In August for two weeks of Karma Yoga and I will be there during Renewal week. I am looking forward to being with all of the other devotees. I do look forward to meeting the two of you, if that is possible. I feel very attracted to living at Ananda. I have been there a few times for just a couple of days, so this time I will be able to be in the resonance of the spirit of Ananda and Master.

    Thank you for your inspirational thoughts. You do make a difference out in the world, in ways you know not of.

    Many blessings and much love, Barb Walley

  23. I`m sure ananda must be a heaven on earth with all the beautiful tulips.As Yogananda said ,”Flowers are given to us for a purpose.They talk to us more about God than anything else.They tell us every day that God is right here.The flower that is talking of God to us all the time loves to serve all with its beauty.” Thankyou.

  24. Why are there no Ananda communities in the east coast? I have been visiting ananda website for a long time now and have been listening to speeches of Swamiji and others and would like to explore the possibility of joining a community but then i can’t as there is none near the east coast.

  25. Thanks for the question about why there are no Ananda communities on the East Coast. I, too, have wondered about it. For many years we had a small community in Rhode Island and have many meditation groups on the East Coast, but there just hasn’t seemed to be the critical mass of potential residents to sustain a full-blown community. The old saw used by real-estate salesmen, “Location, location, location,” doesn’t apply to communities. A community is always about people. I’m sure that sometime in the future there will be enough interest for us to sustain a community in the East. For more information about meditation groups you could write to:

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