Building the Moksha Mandir is a wonderful opportunity for Ananda members from around the globe to come together in joyful service to our friend and guide, Swami Kriyananda. Many blessings will surely come from this special project.

To begin, colony leaders from all of the Ananda communities gathered together with Jyotish and Devi during Spiritual Renewal Week (August 2013) to discuss the concept for the mandir. This first gathering was filled with enthusiasm and from it came a vision for honoring Swami’s life that will surely inspire many souls. Together, colony leaders are now helping to channel resources and energy towards this project from far and wide.

As the vision has taken shape, Jyotish and Devi gathered a team of dedicated souls to bring the Moksha Mandir into physical reality here at Ananda Village in Nevada City. With an eye towards balancing the astral design with the realities of the physical project, a steering committee has emerged that includes key perspectives like finance, construction, design and fundraising. 

Among the Moksha Mandir steering committee, Nakula Cryer has taken on the role of Construction Manager and is leading the charge to bring the art of astral design into the physical plane! Panduranga Heater, has taken the role of architect and has begun sketching concepts for the mandir that uplift us all!

We look forward to sharing the inspiration and joy of creating this Moksha Mandir in honor of Swami Kriyananda. Please keep this project in your prayers!
Gita Matlock (joyful fundraising volunteer)

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