To all my dear Ananda Friends,

I know how much all of you must be grieving for your beloved Master but if its any consolation to you I just wanted you all to know that he passed away at a most auspicious time.

  1. The year is in Uttarayanam – the northward journey of the sun which is the auspicious time for which Bhishma the grandsire of the Kurus waited for before leaving his body.
  2. The month is Chaitra. the second month of spring and the month in which both Sri Rama and Hanuman were born.
  3. The lunar fortnight was in shukla paksha or the waxing phase of the moon
  4. The day was ekadasi, 11th day of the lunar fortnight which is considered to be a most auspicious day to leave this body.
  5. I’m not sure what the time was but considering all the above factors I feel sure it must also have been very good.

I have no doubt that he will continue to guide you all from the higher realms.

I feel blessed to have met him in Feb. in Pune. In a way I was drawn to go and visit him there especially since Sahaja was also there and he was kind enough to invite me for lunch. It was a memorable occasion and I am so grateful to god for giving me this opportunity.

love and blessings,
Vanamali Mataji

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