Dear Friend,

When the Temple of Light was completed back in June, many hundreds of our Ananda family from around the world came together to dedicate it, and to celebrate the first fifty years of Ananda’s worldwide community. In response to the many hands who make the miracle of Ananda possible, Paramhansa Yogananda had sent us conduits both gracious and generous to bless us with the financial abundance and energy it took to create that temple.

On November 8, we launched the winter fundraising campaign in support of Ananda’s outreach ministries. Our goal for November and December was to raise $251,000. We were anticipating a shortfall, however, due to the unusually generous summer contributions directed to finishing the Temple of Light.

A Christmas miracle arrived a few days ago, in the form of a magnanimous gift just in time for the first World Brotherhood Day Celebration in the new temple. The donation—as unexpected as it was welcome—has so moved us that we wanted to share the joyful news with all of you.

We received a single contribution of $225,000 from Jairam. Yes, you read that correctly! Thank you, Jairam and everyone who gave.

Does this gift mean that we have met our goal for the Outreach Ministries? Yes, it does. Does it mean, then, that we’re ending our fundraising campaign now, a few weeks early? You’ve been part of this family long enough by now to know the answer to that question! We have a long list of creative ideas for eagerly serving “more and better,” that wait only for funding to make them possible. If you feel inspired to make a gift in these closing weeks of the year, know that it will be gratefully received, and serve as a channel of further blessings to others.

May this Christmas miracle bring you fresh inspiration in your divine quest. And may you deeply feel in this holy season the blessings of Paramhansa Yogananda, of Swami Kriyananda and of the Light that your generosity brings to you and to the lives of so many others.

In joyful service,
Mai Lee & the Ananda Development Team

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