What an incredible week we had! Here are some recordings from our concert last Monday night:

Salute The Great Paper Flag (Swami’s one political song!)salute-the-great-paper-flag.mp3concert3.jpg

Here is a beautiful instrumental, Love Is the Aspiration Toward Perfection played by Craig Roberts, Bhagavati, myself, Todd Billingsley, and Mukti Deranja.

And another, Friendship Is Acting In Freedom, featuring Dharmini Iyer and Bhagavati on flute, Cindy Gottfried on guitar.


Another highlight of the evening was the performance of the Life Is the Quest for Joy Suite, with solos by Paean Lee and Ben Skillman. Here is an excerpt of the last 5 minutes:
And finally, a beautiful performance of Life Is a Dream, featuring Ramesha Nani and Parkle Lee:06-life-is-a-dream.mp3concert-151.jpg

My heartfelt thanks to all the musicians and singers who made this wonderful evening possible, and of course, to dear Swamiji, without whom none of this would have been possible!

CDs of the concert are available upon request – music@ananda.org


  1. Wonderfull!!!
    Thanks so much for share with all of us that is so longer objectivity(Brazil).
    With gratitude,

  2. What beautiful music, and a wonderful concert. It looks like all had a great time. I love Swamiji’s song, “The Great Paper Flag” He’s so wonderful!! Love and Light to all, Nancy

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Countless thanks especially for posting the ‘Om’ song; it is very very uplifting.

    With deepest gratitude

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