Dear Friend,

“Whatever you have strongly in your mind, you can attract,” stated Swami Kriyananda in a recent talk. “You can attract wealth or poverty. I remember a man who had all the money he needed, but he didn’t have as much as he wanted. He kept saying, ‘I’m poor.’ Well, he had more money than I had, and I wasn’t grieving. The point is—don’t worry. When you worry about the future or the past it becomes a burden on your mind.”

Excessive worry or fear will actually push away opportunities. These emotions cannot be reasoned away. The only way to overcome them is to change your level of consciousness. This can be accomplished through our spiritual practices. Offer any worry or fear up to the spiritual eye, and ask God to burn it up in His light. Keep your heart open and try to see everything as God’s light and love.

“I started tithing also because I didn’t know how I was going to afford a new home and get married. God has given me plenty of money to do these things. Oh, he has tested me—like waited until the last minute to see if I would crumble. But I stayed faithful and the money came just in time when I needed it. A very cool thing about tithing is you actually write the check out to ‘Thank You, God.’ It makes you feel so good. Money is just energy, and if you give energy towards God, He will bring energy towards you.” – T.H.

The woman in the preceding testimonial has the faith, through her own experience, that things would work out. Her positive attitude attracted the money she needed.

The more you face little fears and give back to God anyway, the less power these fears have over you. During this process your faith strengthens. Then more of God’s grace can flow through you and help you in the myriad of ways only He can. Whole-heartedly love and serve Him in all that you do. This process will allow us, bit by bit, to know that our lives are always in His loving hands.

Joy to you!

Dave Bingham
“Thank You, God”

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