Divine Mother, I lay all the flowers of my love at Thy feet of eternity.

Divine Mother, open wide the bud of my devotion and release Thy fragrance, that it may spread from my soul to the souls of others, ever-whispering of Thee.

I pray that I may behold my love in others, and in the light of that greater love, may I behold Thine unveiled face of peace.

May I behold myself in others, and may I ever perceive Thee enthroned in our united hearts.

In the heart of my whispers, I feel the stir of Thy whispers. In the light of my burning love for Thee, I behold Thy sacred face of silence at last.

O Divine Mother, unite our hearts as one heart, that on the sacred altar of united hearts, we may find Thine Omnipresence enthroned forever.

Whispers from Eternity 1949 edition (excerpts)<

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