Periodically ask yourself the following questions:

Give to Life:
Say YES to life?
Give a proper diet to myself?:

Body: Eat good food, exercise, not too much or too little sleep?
Mind: Regularly read: spiritual literature, new ideas, humor, poetry?
Creativity: Try to do something in a new way every day?
Emotions: Stay even-minded and cheerful. Practice contentment?
Spirit: Make an effort to bring forth my soul qualities?

Expand my awareness of others’ realities?
Give to living things: pets, plants, wild birds, the environment?
Donate or tithe regularly to return a portion of what God has given me?
Consciously serve God in others?

Open My Heart:

Worship God in His creation?
Give thanks and appreciation for everything that comes to me?
Chant daily?
Practice japa?
Feel joy in meditation?


Establish good daily habits of meditation?
Practice daily the main techniques: Energization, Hong-Sau, Aum, and Kriya?
Try to advance my practice: Have my kriyas checked, do more, and deeper?
Deepen my practice with: A long weekly meditation, seclusion, pilgrimages?


Spend more time with spiritual friends and in spiritually uplifting ways?
Attend group meditations regularly?
Share deeply with one or two good friends?
Connect with the center or meditation group near me?
Visit The Expanding Light in order to recharge my spiritual batteries?

Attunement with my Guru (and my teachers):

Read his writings regularly?
Listen to tapes and try to absorb the magnetism from his voice?
Listen to/sing his music and try to feel the consciousness behind it?
Visualize his face, especially his eyes?
Pray to him?
Try to become more aware of his constant presence just behind my thoughts?

Nayaswami Jyotish, together with his wife Devi, is Spiritual Director of Ananda Worldwide. Other Clarity articles by Nayaswami Jyotish are listed under "Jyotish Novak."


  1. Dear Jyotish,
    It’s great to have a list like this to refer to if I’m ever feeling down in any way. These tools are fail proof to lift consciousness. In Joy, Sahaja

  2. Thanks for the wonderful list. It has now become my New Year’s Reselotions.

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