If there is a single quality that society needs today, it is integrity. The worlds of business, of entertainment, of our culture in general, are crippled by a lack of morality. But, a culture is only a collection of individuals and the struggle for virtue must be personal. It begins with you. Don’t sacrifice your integrity for a temporary advantage. Ultimately how you work will help define who you will become.

Never, but never, lie or cheat or intentionally hurt others. You shrink with every dishonorable act.  Be loyal to your business, for treachery is one of the greatest of all failings, but be more loyal to honesty itself. Men and women of absolute integrity develop an almost mystical power. It’s as if the universe itself moves aside to let them pass. Think of great examples from history—Jesus, Buddha, or more recently, Lincoln. The shining example of their integrity lights the way for countless millions.


No man is an island and no individual, however talented, can achieve as much as a team of people, all focused on the same goal and able to work together effectively. Cooperation is the glue that binds a group together.

Teamwork creates harmony and helps neutralize the power games that so often ruin a work environment. Cooperation doesn’t mean suppressing your talents, but rather weaving them into the fabric of a group with each person adding their special part. A truly aware person will be able to use the energy field of a group and see how to draw out the best in each person.

Be a force of friendship and cooperation. Treat everyone with respect and appreciation and they’ll gladly do their best. Relate to them with disrespect and condescension and they will silently undercut you. Cooperation is like oil in an engine—be sure to add it on a regular basis, and you’ll avoid a meltdown.

Inner Strength

Many people float through life like jellyfish, waiting for circumstances to bring them what they want. In the workplace, a passive strategy typically leads to failure. Develop inner strength and you will acquire great powers of accomplishment.

When you deeply believe in a project or a goal, let nothing keep you from accomplishing whatever you set out to do. Yet, even the strongest person has limits. True inner strength comes from aligning yourself with the laws of the universe. Mahatma Gandhi transformed the entire nation of India by becoming a living example of the principle of non-violence. You, too, can accomplish great deeds if you get yourself out of the way. Inner strength increases when you forget yourself and focus entirely on what needs to be accomplished.


Gratitude opens us to the rays of positive energy. How much energy we waste by grumbling about what life brings us. The habit of complaining shuts off the flow of energy and creativity and leaves us feeling bitter and exhausted. Gratitude is the antidote to this pernicious pattern. Be thankful for everything and you will find that even difficulties help you develop strength and determination.

Gratitude will make the world come alive. George Washington Carver, the great botanist, said, “Anything in nature will speak to you if you love it enough.” He was talking about plants, but it is even truer in dealing with people. People perk up when they sense they are in the presence of a grateful and open heart. Ask this simple question: Do you prefer to spend time with someone who is constantly complaining or with someone who is happy and grateful to be with you? Be grateful and you will be magnetic.

Excerpted from 30-day Essentials for Career by Jyotish Novak. Crystal Clarity Publishers. Available Spring 2003. To order call 800 424-1055. Jyotish and Devi Novak are Spiritual Directors of Ananda Sangha Worldwide.

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