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This past summer, Swami Kriyananda videotaped the answers to hundred’s of spiritual questions. One question asked was, “how can I have more faith in God?” Swami gave a beautiful answer that I have paraphrased below:

“Strive towards this attitude: whether I’m poor or in the lap of abundance and prosperity, I am irrevocably Yours, God. If you have that attitude He will take care of you. Don’t worry about the future. Faith in God will help to surround you like a protective umbrella. The more you have faith in God, the more you will find He will take care of you.

“Faith comes from testing your beliefs. If you believe in God then try to live for Him. Try for 24 hours to keep your mind entirely on God. You’ll be amazed at what happens. A peace will come into you. Talk to God. You can do it, bit by bit. Right now habits might prevent you. Share every thought with him. “What shall I eat?” “It tastes
good doesn’t it?”

“He tastes through you, He’s seeing through you. Take a quiet walk and just feel you are sharing your walk with God. Feel His energy working through your legs. Feel His thoughts thinking through your brain. Whatever you experience feel that may be God has something to say to you. Sometimes God will talk to you through very unexpected channels. Listen. He is always there. His consciousness is in everything. And the more conscious we are of Him, the more He talks consciously to us.

“Try it as an experiment. Just say, for the first hour each day, I will share my thoughts with God. Everything you do, do with Him. Eventually you’ll come to the point where there is always something you can share with Him. Don’t say I don’t know whether I have faith in God. Test it and see if He’s there or not. He will answer you. You will find that the more you share your life with God, the more He will share Himself with you. At this point, it’s very hard not to have faith when you KNOW He’s there.”

I encourage you to go to and view this six-minute video clip. There is much more conveyed when you hear and see Swami answering these questions. The video’s are available at now at:

Experiment with tithing. Through tithing our faith increases to the point that we KNOW God is there with us when finances get tough. As Swami Kriyananda stated in his answer: “You will find that the more you share your life with God, the more He will share Himself with you.”

Joy to you!

Dave Bingham

“Thank You, God”

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