Often we remember GOD and GURU when are in trouble and many of us must have experienced during that tough time divine help as well as protection and guidance. But when I cultivated a habit of not forgetting master in everything I do he became like a living legend for me. Now I can talk with him, I can laugh with him and I also cry in front of him when I am in pain. He responded to me in all such situations in the appropriate manner, depending upon its merits.

On 5th January 2011 this year I got up in the morning wishing to celebrate Master’s birthday but, I wondered, how? I wished a Happy Master’s Birthday to the gurubhai who introduced master in my life a year back. We promised each other to have an excellent meditative year ahead because that’s the way master will be happy on his birthday. For me it is like commitment from the disciple to his master. But, I want celebration too. So I sing a birthday song with deep love for him in front of his photo frame I have kept in my office. Then, as I mentioned earlier I talk with him… I told him, “Now you have to give me sweets, Master!” (In India when one is greeted he distributes sweet on such occasion, like most of us cut cake.) I know there is no merit to this foolish demand and I smile and start my routine office work. But Master took it seriously….

In my department there is one lady who is very arrogant and of doubting nature. People don’t mix with her much and I hardly communicate with her. Greetings and New Year’s wishes were well over by 5th of January 2011. Suddenly at 11 am on 5th Jan 2011 this lady came in my cabin and wished me “Happy New Year, sir” and offered sweets. This was very uncommon as we hardly talk and she didn’t wish anyone else a Happy New Year or offer sweets. As I looked at the sweet I thought it was strawberries and took one out of that box, but when I ate it I realized it was sweet made up of milk, cream, sugar, etc. but shaped and colored like strawberry with excellent taste.

All of you who have read Autobiography of Yogi know that master had strawberry crushed in cream as desert and thought it was delicious, but in past once he rejected it in Kashmir and Shri Yukteshwarji told him “one day you will like it when it will be served to you.”

It struck me immediately that Master sent this thought to that lady to offer that unique sweet, which I have never seen in my life, to only me, so that I can reconcile it with the above. Even this small wish of mine he dealt with appropriately; what a gift he gave. I love you Master from bottom of my heart. Please be with me always and bless me.


  1. Sweet indeed! How thoughtful of Master to also touch that lady with that bit of sweetness. Reminds me to never withhold sweetness from anyone. Very touching. Thanks!

  2. What a beautiful story!
    May God and Guruji continue to bless you, always…

  3. This is a very touching story… tears of joy and longing for god are coming as I type this….

  4. O! So beautiful. Glory be to Master and to Kriyanandji.
    Wish you the best always.

  5. A beautiful story. I wish a situation like that would happen to me too.

  6. Thank you for sharing this sweet and touching story, Bhushan.

    1. When i have seen on FB about the heart shapped object you noticed after your prayer a that time only i sent my viberations to you that read my this article on blog just to convey how i was also blessed by Guruji.I could have write about it to you on FB and tell you read the blog but i purposely didn’t.Anyway thanks for responding.

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