“God sleeps in the minerals, dreams and cries in the plants, begins to stir in the animals, and is capable of fully awakening in humanity.” So speak the East Indian rishis, or “living textbooks” of scriptural truths throughout time. This statement provides the foundation for Flower Essences for Animals, a treasure trove of practical tools for enhancing the quality of life for the pets we love.

Lila Devi writes convincingly of pets as feeling creatures, capable of love, anger, grief, and sadness and, like humans, part of an expansive, cosmic reality. For the dog who barks incessantly, for the cat who soils and sprays, for the pet tortoise who is confused by a weather shift while preparing for hibernation, Flower Essences for Animals presents loving, sensitive solutions.

Animals are free from mental blocks

The Master’s Flower Essences profiled in this book are the second oldest essence line in the world today. Developed in 1977 by the author, these herbal tinctures are a safe, nontoxic, gentle yet powerful holistic therapy. Through numerous examples, Lila demonstrates that these essences are especially effective when administered to animals. She explains that animals are free from the mental blocks of doubt, skepticism, and subconscious resistance that plague many people. As a result, they respond to flower essences more quickly, and often, dramatically.

In eight chapters, the reader finds not only remedies for addressing animal behaviors and crises, but also an index of emotional states and behaviors of pets and their owners. Other topics include new definitions of pets and owners, new ways to understand your pets, how to communicate with animals, and supportive measures for when a pet dies.

A compassionate glimpse

In the book’s concluding chapter, the author writes: “Those who share with me their flower essence stories about their pets do so with animation, excitement, and enthusiasm. It is never “just a cat” or “only a dog” whose story they are recounting. It is a beloved, respected life companion.

Flower Essences for Animals is not a book to convince you that animals deserve better care. Its purpose is to give you, a loving pet owner, the very tools with which to do it. Lila Devi’s compassionate glimpse into the animal kingdom is a reminder that pets can bring us many years of happiness, and that we, through our loving service, can return the favor.

Flower essence—“Pear.”
A livestock ranch’s yearly roundup creates a climate of general chaos and disorientation. The calves are separated from their mothers for cattle branding and dehorning. Last spring, a woman visiting the ranch during roundup time “just happened” to be carrying a bottle of the flower essence, “Pear,” in her pocket. She poured the remedy into the calves’ watering troughs and in less than an hour she observed that the calves had all settled down. She said this was very unusual. Normally, the calves would have remained restless and inconsolable until the procedure was completed.

Lila Devi, lives at Ananda Village and has lectured extensively both nationally and abroad. She is also the author of The Essential Flower Essences Handbook.

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