December 31, 2010

This new postlude was just added by Swami Kriyananda to his recent book, Rescuing Yogananda, which has since been discontinued.

I had a dream last night in which a saint, not from our line of gurus, said to me in reference to this book, “It is not your place to judge.” He didn’t need to tell me to what he was referring. I knew it was to this book.

I replied, “But it says important things, things that need to be brought out.”

He replied, “All right, I agree. But now, drop it. Your job is not to judge anyone, but to see God everywhere, and in everyone. Let this book be a one-time-only statement. You be a child of God. Judgement is of the ego; divine acceptance is of the soul. So forget the book now, and think only of Him.”

He was severe, but also very sweet. I was deeply grateful to him. And I agree with him completely. My feeling from this dream was one of deep bliss. From now on I drop the subject altogether. It is no longer something about which I care to initiate any further discussion.

Swami Kriyananda


January 14, 2011

When I first had this dream, I thought the saint had approved of my getting out one edition of the second, improved version. But a nagging thought wouldn’t leave me: “Why even publish this edition? I’ve already presented my key thoughts. Whatever good they might do has been done. Enough said.” Finally I decided it was my conscience talking to me! So I wrote our publishing house and asked them to stop the print run. It has meant some loss of money, but better that than an offense to my conscience.

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