Recently, I watched a fascinating documentary film about the Chauvet cave in France, where the oldest known cave paintings have been found. The best scientific dating techniques we have in this modern age of energy estimate the paintings to be over 30,000 years old. The film shows the beautiful cave art in living color – vivid and rich, many with flowing lines and movement that are almost 3 dimensional. It’s mind boggling to try and grasp that the lines that appear so fresh and alive were drawn by human hands 30,000 years ago.

It’s a fascinating film and you can look up “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” if you are interested in ancient history, cave art or archeology. As I watched, I felt an inexplicable connection to those humans of the past and I was caught up in the powerful spiritual symbolism of the discovery.

The find is so unusual and valuable because the caves have not been disturbed or seen at all since a violent landslide suddenly and completely closed the only entrance to the cave, sealing it in total darkness and silence. Thirty thousand years of darkness and silence while the ages rolled on.  The rise and fall of civilizations, the tragedies and triumphs of countless souls, and the blessed lives of all the saints, masters and spiritual teachers we know of, as well as the writing of all the scriptures we are aware of today – all came and went while the cave waited in black, empty, silent, darkness.

Three explorers, eager for discovery, dug through some rubble in the French hillside known to be riddled with caves. They brought their instruments of exploration and when they found an opening behind the rubble and walked in with flashlights shining, the darkness vanished.

The darkness had thirty thousand years to seep into every rock, every pebble, and every crack and crevice of that cave. Thirty thousand years of absolute, unchallenged dominion.

The deepest, blackest, most complete darkness imaginable – gone in an instant.

Look through the Ananda websites, read the books, sing the songs and participate in any activity, and you will notice that we talk about light a lot. Light is the greatest weapon we have against darkness.

Open your curtains – open your heart – let the power of light banish the darkness.

In God’s infinite light and love,




  1. What a great image. Thanks, Lorna. I love reading your posts.

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