What do you do to think of God, remember Him, or feel Him with you during your daily activities?

Please add your experience in the comments below — or reply to the suggestions of others!

Joy to you,
Brahmachari Nabha for Ananda Sangha Worldwide

Inspirational Article on Practicing God’s Presence


  1. When I see acts of kindness I feel God’s presence.
    When I feel the wind on my skin I feel God’s presence.
    When I am awed by beauty I feel God’s presence.
    It is not so much that I think of God first, I feel God and then I think of how grateful and thankful I am to be alive and to be blessed by God.

  2. I try to remember to think with my heart. On the bus (or any crowded situation) I always close my eyes and feel the reality that everyone is a child or light of God Consciousness.

  3. I feel GOD smile through people. I have heard the saying, “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of
    larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” My mind is expanded to him, can it ever shrink???

  4. I invite God to join me in whatever I am doing. When I feel joy in an activity, I share the experience with my constant companion. By directing the feelings of my heart to the spiritual eye, I offer as a gift the joy that has arises within me. This is particularly nice to do when I feel the love for those who have touched me deeply in my life. My friends and family at Ananda in particular. I hold those feelings up to God and say “Here is the love that I have for my friends, this is the joy that it brings me. With my love, I do give it to you, the Source of all this. Share in the experience with me O Lord the love I feel for my friends. You are that love coming to me in all these ways. Feel what I feel, show me how to love as you do. Thank you.”

  5. I have gotten to the point where I rarely forget God’s presence anymore, but over the years I have had various methods – besides meditation, of course, which will eventually train the mind towards God.
    When I was first training myself to be in God’s presence at all times, I made a Book of Hours for myself with the prayers that had the most meaning for me, so that I would say a prayer every two hours. It was very small so I carried it with me everywhere.
    Also, I trained myself to say a short prayer whenever I found myself judging a person for any reason- for instance, driving by a drunk bum and thinking any sort of negative thought. Instead, I would pray for his upliftment.

  6. In our Raja Yoga class currently we are each taking an affirmation and memorizing it and making it part of our moment-by-moment reality. To think of God throughout the day, i’ve been mentally repeating the prayer-poem from Whispers from Eternity, “God, God, God.” You could sing the words as well, since the poem has been put to song !!! :)

  7. I left the corporate world to teach 2nd grade. I keep my heart open during the day. There is nothing like a child’s smile, laugh, and tears. My favorite part of the day is during recess. I love to sit on the swings and watch the children play, run, and laugh. It keeps me very close to God. I embrace the world and surrender to the present.

  8. Great timing for this question for me. I find it hard to meditate so a few days ago I decided that I will remember God 50 times a day and try to keep the awareness as long as possible each time. But even this is quite difficult to do because the mind seems to love distractions. But at least I remember god more often now. I probably can do this one out of every three days, but this is better than before (I keep telling myself).

  9. One thing I do to bring myself to God awareness more often, is putting items around that remind me to think of God. For instance, I have cut the spiritual eye out of the larger picture, and it is on my dashboard. Similar reminders are around the house, none of which overtly mean anything to others, but remind me to think of God. I also set an ‘app’ on my touch called (unfortunately) ‘nag’. I set it for meditating every 3 hours. Even if I can’t actually sit and meditate at length, I am reminded. Over time I have found that I enjoy ‘lines’ and red lights-my mind turns naturally to lines of a song, or to chanting AUM. It is ever more pleasant this way!

  10. I have done many things to remember God, and many things have reminded me…but lately a new reminder is that throughout the day i notice that every person I see it is as if I am looking at God. I see their features, body type, etc., but see in the eyes the flame of something there, something beautiful, eternal, the thing we are always seeking but have within us all the time.

  11. I am writing a journal to God. In so doing, I have struck up a conversation with Him (please refer to the article at the head of the page).
    A practice which is helping me enormously to live in God’s presence right now is to make God the end of every thought and action. Each thought taken to Him, each action ending in Him. I find that I can do everything in His presence. Think, eat, sleep for Him alone. No outward influence can take this communion away when the habit becomes firmly established, and that is all that is required, to form this good habit.
    The first thought is the all important one, for this will set the pattern of the rest.
    When I am strong in my habit, I walk in His bliss, know His love, and see Him in all things. More importantly, I give Him away.

    God bless all who are seeking His presence. He knows!


  12. blank

    I try to find some catch to bring me back to practicing God’s presence when I find myself distracted – the pull of maya can be strong, and to come back to that connection I will remind myself to continually offer everything that I can at the moment up to Him.

    I really appreciate mundane tasks like washing dishes that gives me an opportunity to more fully concentrate on God – much more challenging when teaching a music class to 16 lively children!

    Writing posts for this website is one of the most God reminding activities there is! Thank you all for providing this outlet!

  13. Every morning I get up to meditate, praying to God that hopefully it won’t be a dry one and also trying to dedicate it to Him as much as possible. I think of God throughout the day, and also talk to my Guru each and every thing I ponder upon. When I see a beautiful sight, it always reminds me of God and Yogananda. I always try to open my heart to Him :)

  14. Having pictures of Master everywhere is extremely helpful. I find it easier to practice the presence of God when things are either going incredibly well with loads of inspiration flowing around me, or when things become challenging and the inevitable dualities of maya are “flexing their muscles”. But those times when habitual activities take the drivers seat in life is when I tend to be forgetful.
    A noontime meditation has become an essential part of my day. Often times it is the best meditation of the day. It can lift a morning full of challenges into an afternoon of grateful rememberance.
    Here in the Expanding Light kitchen, we ding a little bell every half hour and focus on our chosen quality of God for the day whenever we hear it. We stop whatever we’re doing (unless that is dangerous), take a few deep breaths, and reclaim our intention. That has proven to be an incredibly effective way to remember God’s ever-flowing blessings.

  15. I have had the karma in the past to be around the music industry, and like the movie industry, it was rather an intoxicating environment, where self centeredness and greed and were easily stirred up in my nature. It was a painful time. When I had a chance, I escaped and then it was equally hard to come to grips with the lowered state of being a “nobody” now, and the feeling of having failed. My question is interesting, in that I’m wondering about the residual karma of that period in my life. With my whole life’s focus now being on Master and the spiritual journey, and my mentors and teachers being there at Ananda, I am watching from afar, this event of movie making you all are undertaking. My reaction is “whew”… that I am lucky to be far from it all, living as I do in another state and being a householder. Am I fooling myself? If I had been a member of Ananda and had to be pitched into that haystack of activity that stroked the ego if you were involved, and reduced you to envy if you weren’t.. well, would it have speeded up my karma to have been subjugated to that environment? To finally face the disillusionment that took a big bite out of me in the past and try to rectify my faulty attitudes? Or perhaps it is better after all that I ended up living on the outskirts and avoiding it all together? It all makes me wonder..Do you think in abstinence there could finally be a better way to expediate such left over karma.. without having to dive again into such things, now that I have improved my level of conciousness somewhat?

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