Yoga, as many people have experienced, can be much more than just a physical practice. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to tune into Spirit, particularly in the aspect of Divine Mother when preparing for motherhood.

Divine Mother is a universal consciousness or presence within each person and in all creation. It isn’t necessary to follow a particular spiritual path or belief system in order to feel a connection with Her Spirit as unconditional love, wisdom, and compassion for others. We can think of Divine Mother as the One who has blessed every mother with the ability to love. In some traditions, the word AUM is known to be a sacred sound that represents Divine Mother’s energy that is awake in all living things.

Try this exercise to draw upon Divine Mother’s love to flow through you to your baby:

1) Sit in any comfortable position and rub the palms of your hands together vigorously until you feel warmth and energy generated. Then pause with your hands slightly apart and notice if you feel warmth or magnetism in between your palms as you draw your hands towards and away from each other. Feel this as energy or life-force that has been awakened.

2) Now place your warm palms onto your bare belly. Close your eyes and take several deep diaphragmatic breaths: expanding the belly on the inhalation, and relaxing the belly in on the exhalation. On your next breath, inhale, and as you exhale mentally or out loud chant AUM (Om). Repeat this twice more and feel the vibration of the word resonating within you.

3) Inwardly feel a connection with your baby, as though he or she knows you’re taking the time to link. Both of you are present together. Now mentally send rays of light, warmth, and loving energy to your baby. Imagine him or her surrounded by this glowing light, cradled and embraced by a motherly divine being. Imagine your baby smiling (even if he or she hasn’t formed lips yet) as he or she receives this beautiful blessing.

4) End with your palms connected in front of your heart. Inwardly bow to the light within your baby, within yourself, and to the Divine Mother who is in everyone.

If you would like to experience this visualization and more uplifting pre-natal exercises in person and with other like-minded mother’s to be, or learn to teach these techniques in a supportive environment.

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