I am inspired to write this blog by the example of one of Ananda Sangha’s dearest spiritual sisters. In her humility, I know that she would prefer not to be named.

Our sister has reached the point in this life when God is calling her Home. She lies in her bed at home, close to physical death. She is an ocean of calm, in full acceptance that all is perfection. She has chosen to end her days in seclusion, contemplation and meditation on the Goal she was created to attain.

Her stoic and honorable example of her faith in God as the only reality is a sure indication of her spiritual maturity. I am touched by the maturity of all the long-serving Ananda members that I have had the good grace to meet. It is a heartening confirmation of Master’s promise to us all. That if we encorporate his teachings diligently and religiously into our daily life, never giving up, then we are bound for higher Glory. He loved to say that a saint is a sinner who never gave up. Our dear sister has not given up. Rather she has stepped up her already remarkable devotions.

In our vow to the Guru, given at the Discipleship Ceremony, we promise to join our energies to our gurubhais, our spiritual family on earth. We vow to cooperate with them, and especially to the living representatives and guides of our divine line of gurus. I am reminded how blessed we, as devotees are to have so many spritually mature examples to follow, not least Swami Kriyananda himself.

I am humbled and thankful to have been blessed by meeting and instantly recognizing this dear sister as an old and dear friend, and also for all my spritual teachers at Ananda Sangha. It is a joy, comfort and privilege to be connected to so many living saints and saints in the making.

I offer a payer to our dear sister and all our spritual teachers, that they continue to become ever more perfect channels for the Light, that their hour of liberation in God be close at hand.

God bless you all in Master’s light.

Joy to you




  1. Thank you Maytrevi, for expressing so beautiful our beloved sister’s transition. She is helping so many of us who tries to attune to her desire of reaching higher levels of realization for her soul.

    I feel blessed by her love.

    In divine friendship,

  2. blank

    Dearest Maitreyi,
    Thank you so much for putting into words an experience that is truly beyond words. We are all feeling especially blessed as our dear sister makes this courageous transition.

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