Swami Kriyananda served his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, with a depth of devotion and humility that inspired thousands of people throughout the world to dedicate themselves to spreading Yogananda’s universal message. Writing over 150 books, Kriyananda was tireless in his efforts to show the relevance of Yogananda’s teachings to every aspect of life, and how living by spiritual principles brings the happiness everyone is seeking.

One of Kriyananda’s greatest gifts to the world – one that brought him deep joy – is his music. He often said, “If you want to know me listen to my music.” Through music Kriyananda conveys the essence of spiritual quest: the soul’s quenchless yearning for God, the inevitable set-backs, and the deep fulfillment that awaits those who live surrendered to God’s will.

Kriyananda signed his letters, “In Divine Friendship.” Kriyananda saw God in everyone, friends and strangers alike. The friendship he offered was to their souls not their egos, and he inspired others to meet him on that level. Always loving, compassionate, and forgiving, he gave others the confidence that they, too, could overcome their limitations and realize their highest potential.

Perhaps Kriyananda’s greatest legacy to his many followers is the understanding that divine friendship transcends time and space, and that he will be with them always, continuing to guide them on their individual journeys to their home in God.

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  1. A gracious spiritual gem who aided in my awakening. May he continue to inspire all with his wisdom and teachings.

  2. i never knew i could love someone like that. my heart is broken..

  3. Ruhe in Frieden Swamiji Kriyananda. (Rest in Peace)
    Dein Lächeln wird uns fehlen.

  4. Swamiji was the single most important and greatest force in my life. He was like a father to me when I first came to Ananda in 1975. He took me under his wing and gently encouraged my spirit to grow. Through all my years of comings and goings and ups and downs, his blessings were always there. I am forever grateful to you Swamiji.

  5. Oh my goodness, I found out almost immediately of his passing and I am happy to say during his passing, I was in my daily practice of meditation that I learned and have kept up since being part of Ananda Rhode Island so many years ago.
    He is not gone. He is in my heart every day and I am so appreciative of what I learned so long ago and have made part of my daily life. thank you, thank you thank you Swami, and thank you also to Karen and Larry. I am eternally grateful for your gifts to me.

  6. We had a special moment of meditation for Swami Kriyananda in our Sunday service today, reliving some of the stories when he and Norm were brother monks together. It was moving for us all. May the great Comforter bring peace to all our Ananda family in this time of loss of a great teacher and friend to all. Our hearts go out to you. He now rests in the arms of God, where love never dies. Om, Peace.
    Patty Paulsen, Sunburst Sanctuary and Community

  7. Blessings to Swamiji! He had helped so many be able to feel and understanding the teachings of his Guru and the great ones. He served selflessly and in the knowledge that he in his small self was not the doer! May his blessing go out to all for all time and may his works continue to touch all those searching for spiritual truth. He is safe in the arms of the infinite!
    Thank you Swamiji!

  8. Swami, thank you for everything. My life and the world has been blessed by your work.

    Thank You.

    In Divine Friendship,


  9. I met Swami-ji for the first time in India. I had a million questions for him, but when we stood face to face, I saw the love in his eyes and I was overcome with absolute stillness and peace. All I could do was offer a pronam and say, “Thank you, Swami-ji — thank you for everything.”

    He placed his hands over mine and we looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. He blessed me that day, and I left our meeting a profoundly changed person.

    Thank you, Swami-ji — thank you for everything.

    1. Likewise myself.

      Thank you Swamiji.

      Thank you for everything.

  10. This all seems so unreal, so dreamlike. Swamiji was my rock, my spiritual compass, always there, always smiling, keenly perceptive. His talks could slice through layers of delusion in just minutes. He had the unique ability to be both wise and heartfelt at the same time. Blessings to you, Swamiji!! I’m very happy for you, reunited with Master after all these years.

  11. My time at Ananda, the time spent around swami, and the community that he built was a pivotal time and influence on my life that I am forever grateful for.

  12. Thanks swamiji for all your teachings echoing paramahamsa yoganabda’s blessings.

  13. Thank you so much Swamiji for all the wisdom and guidance that you have given my family me over the years! You are truly a blessing to everyone. You are loved and missed.

    In Divine Friendship,


  14. Thank you, thanks for the path, the truth, the light, the love. It must be good to be home. Love always, om, peace, amen

  15. Dearest Swamiji, You made sri Yoganada absolutely real to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your timeless wisdom and bliss with the world!

  16. thank you ,Swami for your ever blissful attitude of devotion towards your guru that we may have a wonderful example of true devoition and love for God and Guru. you have been a shining light and your work upon this earth has made it so very helpful to many people searching for a right way to live. may you enjoy oneness with the Creator.
    OM shanti shanti shanti

  17. Dear Swamijy;

    Yogonanda guided me to The Path which introduced me to Ananda and the meditation disciplines. Your insight and dedication to the teachings of Yoga have been enormous and constant. They have always been there for me in one way or another. I thank you for your guidance and pray you are with Master in your on-going journey.

    I just started reading the New Path and feel the circle is complete. Thank you for your selfless work and prayers for us.

    Rest in peace my friend.

  18. Swamiji Kriyananda….I may have never met you personally but your spirit has touched my heart through your books, voice, mantras, chants and music. Thank you for being the messenger of Guruji Yogananda teachings and for changing my life. Your presence will live on through each one of us especially the ones you directly taught.

    In light and love,
    Linda J.

  19. I deeply respected Swami Kriyananda and enjoyed listening to his lectures. He was a spiritual powerhouse and wrote so many books and established spiritual communities following Yogananda’s precepts faithfully. It’s funny that I have never met him, but I have loved him and will miss him.

  20. I just found this amazing soul about a month ago and I instantly fell in love with him. I don’t know how I could feel so sad at the passing of someone I never knew. I know he is here with us still though.

  21. Dearest Swamiji,

    Master became alive in my heart through you: your sharing through your talks, your songs, your books, and most of all, through your discipleship. What a great, great blessings it has been to see/to be with an enormous soul of such magnitude as you–the best living example of a true disciple for our Beloved Guru. victoria.

  22. I came to Master through him.He is my first spiritual teacher. Every day I used to watch the series A Way to Awakening on Aastha Television and tears would come down my eyes. I felt the more older he became, the more bliss he felt. As Master promised him: God must have come to him at the end of his life. I strongly felt Master’s presence through him though I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him physically. This is from my own experience.

  23. I found Yogananda through SRF in my early twenties…but never felt a strong connection to this organization. I wandered for about 10 years or so not really committing until I came upon a podcast of the Sunday service from the Ananda Church and was drawn back to my Guru through the Ananda community and all the wonderful classes, courses, trainings and more that they offer. So a big THANK YOU Swamiji for manifesting this amazing community, without which I and many others would probably be still wandering and searching for an anchor.
    Rest in Peace, in Love, in Bliss.

  24. Words aren’t sufficient to express my gratitude towards him…He has touched my life so much, and helped me understand Yogananda’s mission with such depth, clarity and love, I am for ever grateful. No doubt Master is now embracing him in infinity with loving wings.

  25. I’m in utter shock. I’m suddenly keenly aware of the dream we are all living and of the reality of Swamiji’s transcendence. His life has been the example I needed of friendship to all, of selflessness, of how to manifest the highest gifts that the Divine can bless us with, and of how to work with that Power to fulfill a promise. A promise to live only for God and Guru, a promise to help build a work that brings more souls into the cooperative commitment of brotherly communities, a promise of Love.

    Master, may I be able to to achieve even a small part of this great souls inner freedom, so beautifully reflected in his work in this world. Master, may I get the chance to meet you both.

  26. Jai Guru. A beautiful soul has passed. What a loving and lovely soul he is!!! Jai Guru.

  27. A great man, and inspiration to all. As Master is, Swami is still ALL around. Master and Swami must be having a great giggle together right now. Love you Swami and Master.

    Joy, peace and love to everyone.

  28. I am grateful for Swamiji’s life, his teachings and the founding Ananda and all the wonderful people he has brought together. May he know that his life has made a difference in so many lives.

  29. peace and freedom for his soul. A great spirit will be guiding us from paradise. Love for Ananda

  30. Hari Om!
    I had the rarest opportunity to be present in a spritual gathering in “Kalamamiandir” Kolkata on10-02-13. Swami Kriyanandaji blessed us with lucid discourse and shared the various interactions, he had with Swami Yogananda in the course of his spritual journey.
    It was indeed, a great experience to be in the midst of such highly charger spritual atmosphere in the evening of 10th Feb’13..
    Swami Kriyanandaji is no more in the physical body, but he will always be living in our hearts.
    I bow to the great personality and divine soul.
    Pranamami -Tapash Roy

  31. Like so many others, my life took a huge turn once my soul found its way back on this path of Self-Realizaton, and it happened only because of all that Swamiji has done to creatively manifest countless ways for devotees to find their way back to God…through his hundreds of books, music, art/photos, and countless talks and lessons…

    Where would many of us be without this magnificent soul who’s dedicated his life to selflessly serve our Guru, and awakening each of our divine potential? I would have been lost and wandering for many more years (lifetimes). Swamiji is our GPS :) …leading our way back to our true home in God, and to our beloved Guru Paramhansa Yogananda.

    Thank you, dearest Swamiji, for guiding us in all aspects of life. Today, as you leave this body to rejoin Yoganandaji and all our Masters…

    I think GPS stands for:
    God is Pleased, Swamiji.

    With endless gratitude and love,
    joycee wong

    1. Well said, Joycee!

      He was and He is our GPS to guide us back to Home! :)

    2. I loved what you said Joycee! My sentiments exactly. :-)

    3. GPS – beautiful Joycee. Also “Guru is Pleased, Swamiji” ;)

  32. Thank you Swamiji, in you I have lost a dear friend. In friendship, Jerry.

  33. I was “introduced” to Swami Kriyananda by a friend through a Treasures tape. After hearing the tape I read The Path and knew that Ananda was my spiritual home. I will always be grateful for that. Rest in peace Swamiji.

  34. Jai Jai Swamiji –

    At long last you return
    into the loving Arms of your Divine Guru!

    Your journey here, in this body on earth,
    Has touched us all.

    You brought my Guru closer to me
    Than any living soul
    Through your friendship, your stories, your lessons, your Life Divine.

    You will always be in my heart.

    Until we are again united in His Light,

    I remain humbly & all-ways your friend.


    1. blank

      Thank you for saying in this beautiful poem the feelings and thoughts of us all!
      Love, Brindey

  35. The world will never be the same again. Swamiji was a master who changed the course of my life. He has become one with the Infinite. His blessings will shine forever.

  36. Swami Ji… Swami Kriyananda Ji… His name is enough for the energy to move upward in my spine! He is my beloved Spiritual Father… My Guru.. I can see Yogananda Ji in Swami’s each and every action!

    Swamiji was the one who introduced me to Kriya Yoga path in this life. My prayer to Lord Krishna for the right guidance was fulfilled thru Swamiji.

    One experience I would like to share with my fellow brothers about Swamiji. One time I attended His book release function in Delhi, India. After the function, while he was leaving the auditorium and reaching his car, I said in my mind ‘I Love You Swamiji’ by placing right hand over my heart. I was somewhere in middle of a large crowd. The very next second, he turned to me (eye to eye – can’t forget that moment) and smiled blissfully by placing his right hand over his heart! I was amazed, He knows everything!

    Though my ego cries and wishes ‘Swami – dont leave us… dont leave this body…’, but Im happy the other side, as I am sure, now He can help all true seekers in this universe/creation through His formless form but not limited to His physical body.


    With Love – Joy

    1. Thank you Joy for that story! He truly is tuned to God’s wisdom.

      1. Yes, you are absolutely correct Mark! Otherwise He couldn’t able to give us those beautiful uplifted books/lessons/discourses/music/love without tuning to those great masters and the Infinite.

        Sometimes I really wonder, how can one man write over 140 MEANINGFUL – WISE books, 400 UPLIFTING tunes, lessons, discourses, interviews, music, movie scripts, etc… in ONE LIFE TIME ? Wow… Amazing.. It is beyond my human mind.

        As Swamiji said once (I dont remember the exact phrase, but the meaning is), He no need to think about the tune. Whenever He wants, He receives it from the Higher Source. :)

        I only see a pure form of God and Guru in Him, my Swami Ji!

    2. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story! I agree and I am sure, He knows everything!:)

    3. Joy, I loved your story…so sweet – and a memory to be treasured forever!

    4. Very nice, Joy for sharing this wonderful account of him. Very true. I remember reading in the “Yogananda, A biography”, where Yogananda said to him :”I know every thought you think”. It is indeed great to see he himself reached to a level where he could transcendentally perceive and *respond* your genuine thought and feelings you projected to him. This is marvelous. I know it might be a great moment for you as reading this alone is bringing in me such great joy …I am in tears. Thanks much for sharing this message in public. Truly…moving! Take care

    5. Beautiful story, Joy! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  37. Thank you, Swamiji, for bringing many of us to the Path. Mere thank you is not enough, but those are the words we can use. Thank you once again. You now go to Master; continue to guide the path.

  38. Knowing of Swamiji’s passing this morning was a bit a shock and a sense of sadness has keep in my heart all day, but I know that he went back home and that our beloved Master is with him. I can’t be happier for him and I know that Swamiji is not carrying that burthen of illnesses and a weak body.
    My heart is so grateful with him for his bravery to follow his mission and through that he founded Ananda, my church, where I have found so much soul fulfillment, divine love, and so many friends.
    God bless Swamiji and keep him by his side always (I know he is).

  39. A true disciple who lived for our Guru’s teachings. I did not have a chance to see him personally but from his talks and videos, I have never seen him in any other moods except happiness. It is a loss to the spiritual world which can not be filled up. Aum Peace Amen!


  41. hello,
    i am just belongs to online community who visit this website and pray and listen to his words and read the articles. when i see this news i feel so bad as if some one close person passed away.what a great soul and what blessing that we belong to era of him
    let us pray for his soul to rest in peace and guide us also
    uma rangadorai

  42. No words can express my deep love and gratitude to Swamiji for all he has given me through his love and devotion to Master. He has shown how to be a true disciple. Today is a day of great sorrow (for us) and great joy at the thought of the bliss and total freedom Swamiji now has. And he has shown us how we, too, can have that same bliss and freedom! What a great gift he has given us through the example of his life! As with Master, to those who think him near, he is near. Thank you, dearest Swamiji, with all my heart and love.

    1. blank

      Words seem so shallow at this time. Meditation seems the only way for me to express the love, gratitude and joy that I feel for this most exalted of disciples! It seems to me now that if we can emulate his kindness and his example of Dharma in all situations then we too will become as Swamiji, one with our Beloved!
      Hari Bol Swamiji,Hari Bol!!!!

      Where there is Right Action….there is VICTORY!

  43. Blessing call from Guruji ! To be in the vibration of AUM forever with him.

  44. Great Loss…

    Read and cherished books by Hon. Kriyananda…

  45. Swami Kriyananda is the most powerful spiritual teacher I have ever known. I am deeply grateful for his kind friendship, exemplary discipleship and joyful teaching of profound wisdom. I am a better person, and a happier one, for having known him. Thank you, Swami, with all my heart.

  46. Swami teachings and my time living at Ananda will always be very dear to my heart. He was such an inspiring and gifted teacher. Watching Devi and Jyotish conduct the ceremony this morning via internet was beautiful and very moving.
    Blessings to you all,
    Susan St Clair

  47. Thank You Swamiji for your tireless work on transforming the consciousness of the planet. You have been my inspiration in remaining true to my own journey and not allowing others to take me off my path.

    I am forever grateful to you for your courage and steadfastness and loyalty to our Master Yoganandaji. I feel your presence now and look forward to spending time with you often in my meditations and contemplations. You have been an example of expression in so many ways and have shown that our works to lead others to God are truly works of love and joy.

    My wish for you is that you receive what you need now where you are to continue on your path of total Divine Realization.

    Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Swamiji…Love , Peace , Joy Eternal . Many, Many ,Many Blessings!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  48. Blessings, Swamiji, on your journey back to pure Divinity. Your love, guidance, humor, and sweetness have helped to build such a loving community. We shall miss your physical presence, but still feel your touch in our hearts. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!

  49. I just learned of Swamji’s passing tonight from an email from Assisi. I feel a void in my heart at this great soul’s passing. He has given his all for so many, for such a long time on this earthly world and may he now receive the graces from all the masters for his devotion and discipline. Aum guru.

  50. I am so saddened and shocked to read this news! Reading and trying to abide by Swami Kriyananda’s daily inspiration quote was the way I started my day every day!! His books and his writings have been a constant source of inspiration and guidance for me as I try to learn and understand the spiritual lessons that the daily school of life is teaching us. While I am too small and too spiritually junior a person to pray for this wish, I hope that Swamiji achieves what he is aspires for as he moves out of this incarnation and life chapter. Thank you to all of you at Ananda for doing for what you do – I will never be able to sufficiently express the gratitude I feel for the inspiration and strength and understanding that you have provided me. God bless you all…

  51. I am greatly blessed to have met this great soul. That precious moment was the most important moment of my life and I will cherish it always. Thank you God for giving Swami Kriyananda to us as a leader, a teacher, and most importantly, a friend. Aum Guru

  52. I have lost my beloved spiritual father. A person who symbolized love, kindness and wisdom. His videos and lectures on ananda.org helped quench my spiritual thrist. I wanted to meet him in person, but I know he will always be there with all of us..

    Thank you Swamiji!

  53. Kriyananda’s sincerity and devotion to God/Guru was always evident. He has blessed so many at Ananda who, in turn, have blessed others with their spiritual sincerity.
    I feel drawn to send my condolences to Asha. I know she will strive to see even this human loss with such clarity, yet it is a loss on the “earthly” level. Asha, watching you interact with Swamiji and your dedication to him was very informative to my spiritual path. Thank you Swami, for that, and for your sincere unconditional love. May Master continue to bless and comfort all of you.

  54. What a beautiful life he led- in divine devotion to his Guru! He shared so much through his creative work. A real blessing to the world is someone who works on their own self-realization. May God bless Swami and God bless us all!

  55. When I found Swamji, I felt comforted in a great way to know that, finally I have found somebody who understands me better in the whole world. When I learnt that Swamiji passed away, I felt like I lost that only one soul who ever understood me better. I miss you, Swamiji, even though we didn’t get to interact much, except for few moments.

  56. Friends called this evening with the sad news. Were it not for you, Swami, I would not have had the sense of who Master truly was while in the body. You held back nothing, poured forth everything—made Master real to those of us who were born a little too late to know Him here on earth. In all my travels and living in places remote and far from devotees, you and Ananda have sent out to me the beacon of Divine Friendship, Master’s ray. You have ever been a friend of the highest order. My life has been guided and forever blessed by your generosity of spirit, From the depths of my soul, forever grateful I am and will be. My earthly self cries, “But, Swami,t I always thought I would see you–one more time-again.” My soul sends you off with a deep, heartfelt pranam for all I have received from you..

  57. blank

    You will be in our hearts forever and ever, beloved Divine Friend, Swamiji.

  58. Swami Kriyananda was a great soul who spread the message of Paramahansa Yogananda will great honesty and sincerity.

    It was because of his prolific writings many have been attracted to Yoganandaji. I was one of the fortunate souls who could meet Kriyanandaji and got blessed by him immense presence.

    Lord bless such a great soul

    1. Yes.

      We are so lucky that such a one as Kriyananda was planned by The Divine for us !

  59. I had the good fortune to meet Swamiji back in Seventies in Detroit, and was impressed with his humility and affable nature. I met my girlfriend when this attractive woman ahead of me on the sidewalk stopped to look in the window of the Ananda Meditation Center in Torrance, CA. I attended Swamiji’s Los Angeles talks and always thought highly of them. Less than 24 hours before my beloved mother passed away, Swamiji gave me a strengthening personal blessing. Thank you, Swamiji, for your life of dedication to God, Guru and Love.

  60. I can feel his presence and I am sure that he will reincarnate soon to help evolving the human race. I am thankful for the wonderful work he has done and regret that he had to put so much energy into defending himself and ananda against attacks from other human beings who had not dissolved their egos.
    May ananda find a way to fill the gap he is leaving behind although this is an almost impossible task.

    Light and Love.

    1. Sure he will reincarnate.

      But not before having his fill of

      Yogananda’a divine company and

      joyful laughter and good spirits !

      How they must be laughing together up there !

  61. The ever longing calm and composed expressions on his face continuously moves around my eyes. There is a lot he has taught this world through his actions and initiatives.He leaves for the heavenly abode with kindled willingness and inspiration in the hearts of many to carry along his work.

  62. A great soul who took the unfinished agenda of Master
    with complete devotion and determination and largely succeeded in his goal. Today our lineage of Great Gurus are revered at many places in the world. May his soul find a place in God ‘s Home for a much needed rest and peace after this life’s journey.

  63. His music and books are pure vibration of Master, which penetrated us.

  64. Our thoughts and condolences are with all whose lives were touched by Swamiji. May he rest eternally in the arms of Divine Mother. Om Shanti.

    1. For him,

      Divine Mother was Yogananda !


      Yogananda was The Divine Mother !


      he is with his Beloved Mother, and Closest Friend now !

  65. Dear Swami,

    We know that you may be with our Guru now…..

    Bless all of us to get attracted to the core divine qualities of god

    Jaiguru !


  66. Yogananda mi ha aperto le porte dell’Amore Universale ,
    Kriyananda lo esprime interamente e ce lo trasmetterà sempre anche solo ricordando il suo sorriso stracolmo di gioioso Amore.Grazie

  67. Please know that the work you did touched the hearts of many.

  68. Thank you for everything you have added to mine and others life. All my love. Aum shanti shanti shanti

  69. You brought us close to god. You brought the Master close to us. May your soul soar in eternal light next to all the Gurus and god. I know you are now watching over us. The human body limited your reach to all of us. Now your soul freed from the human form is going to be increasingly with us, always guiding us on the path that have given us to walk.

  70. Though I have seen Swamiji only a few times,his books have been an inspiration for me.Some how his books always revealed to me what I needed to know just when I needed that the most.I am sure he is omnipresent with his Guru.

  71. I feel so Happy that at long last Swami Kriyananda has gone HOME where he belongs, after a lifetime of sublime Service to Mankind and his HEAVENLY FATHER! Namaste!

    1. Yes

      A Divine Incarnation has been carried

      to a Successful Conclusion.

  72. I will always be grateful to him for spreading the message of kriya yoga. He has done a tremendous job with Ananda communities. I have visited Ananda Assisi more than few times and found there a true and highly spiritual atmosphere not to mention all the wonderful fellow devotees I have met.

    I hope that communities will live long after he has gone and that he looks from astral heaven at us with joy and proud with our beloved master Yogananda.


  73. Blessings on your cosmic journey.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Namaste, Namaste.

  74. Thank you dear teacher for spending your life in such sweet devotion, your blessings pouring forth, reaching far and wide. Your loving words are forever life giving. Thank you for tirelessly writing them down. May your soul bathe in blissful joy in reunion with Paramhansa Yogananda.
    Love to you Swamiji.

  75. I am really shocked to learn about swami Kriyananda ji’s Mahasamadhi . He was such an enlightened soul and a great devotee of Parmahansa Yoganda who was carrying his mission till his last breath and has widely spread his message of Kriya Yoga in all nations . May his soul merge with God and the masters of Kriya Yoga, his guru Parmahansa Yoganda and stay in bliss n keep guiding his disciples forever.

  76. O Lord, my heart is broken! I have never seen him, yet what pain lingers… Had he not had that great compassion to share Guru’s teachings, where would I be? How much longer would I have strolled around without any spirituality, still in those days of misery? I’m sure you might be dancing with Guru in bliss right now, yet I can’t get over the pain of having lost you…. It’s a really cruel shock…. Thank you for everything, Swamiji…Thank you… I don’t have words.

    Aum Tat Sat

  77. On Suday I visited Christian Service in the temple. I felt very special energy and love… I burst into tears.. Swamiji left that morning.. I wanted so much to meet him in this life. But he came to me in another way!

  78. Dear Swami, Namaste.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    In Master,

  79. Grazie Swamiji per il tuo esempio di vita,per il tuo impegno gioioso di tutta la vita per realizzare il Dharma. Ti vedo avvolto nell’abbraccio del Maestro nella pura luce. Om Om Om
    Grazie per la tua benedizione Annamaria

  80. Farewell beloved Swami, you will be forever missed. You have transformed the lives of so many people, you have changed my life since when I first met your beloved Master and then you.
    With many Blessings, Oooommmm XxgiuliaxX

  81. i am eternally grateful to swami Kriyananda.I was initiated into kriyayoga diksha from Yogoda and I was not making any progressfor about 15 yrs.Then I learnt about ananda on internet before they came to India.That transformed my understanding and teachings of paramahansa Yogaananda and Kriya yoga practice.May his soul rest in peace.

    1. Yes.

      I feel this was planned by Babaji and his band in the beginnings of time,

      I mean the CENTRAL role of Swani Kriyananda as Guruji’s Flag-Bearer and Faithful Representative.


  83. Oh, Swamiji,
    your are only services for devine and love, your devotion to Guru Paramahansa Yoganandaji will always be an inspiration for us.
    We wish that you are now together again with your beloved guru!
    Blessing to you, in devine friendship

    Gerhard, for Ananda mediation group Salzburg / Austria

  84. A Great Spiritual Leader.
    Whenever I met him in India or at Ananda Village(US),
    he loved me and my family and always blessed us with
    guru’s teachings.
    May his soul merge with God.
    In Divine Union,
    Naresh & family

  85. Thank you, dearest and beloved Swamiji for your Great Service and Love! You will always be in my heart! I bow to your feet with the gratitude and love! We’ll continue this life with the teaching and example you’ve given to all of us.
    May your light shine forever! You are in the hand of your beloved now and I feel great joy for you! Be with us! Guide us! Jai Gurus!

  86. I watched swmiji,s programme on Aastha channel regularly.I also read his book The New Path.

    I could feel while reading the articles that he was a real disciple of his Guru.

    Am trying myself to become a good disciple like him.
    There are very few genuine masters and disciples you come across.

    He followed his ideals all his life and enlightened souls
    like me.

  87. Sai Ram namaste
    All our blessings are with you for your onward journey
    Swami Kriyananda ji
    You have enlightened me much with your lovely wisdom and books
    God Bless you

    amarjit singh bamrah London

  88. Swamiji, we love you.
    You are ever there for us.
    You are once again with your beloved Gurudev.
    Yours forever in love and God,

  89. The mind is trained to rationalise the loss, but the heart cannot lie. And as a friend said, “only time can heal you with its embrace.” True. This world will miss you Swamiji, but you may soar in joy and in much awaited freedom!

  90. I’m beyond words. My wife and me were indeed blessed
    when we visited you and blessed by you in Pune. It seem yesterday, though It has been a couple of years now. It was such a wonderful moment which I shall cherish forever.
    You’ve left for the abode of GODs, but sadly missed by us.
    We can’t see you physically, touch, embrace and prostrate before you for your blessings. Such a rare birth you were, where are we to find another. Thanks for all the kindness, the love and the hard work you’ve behind for all of us.

    With Sincere Love
    K. Raja Ram & Family S’pore

  91. There will NOT be another desciple like Swamiji till eternity. My sense of gratitude to swamijis for his life long service to guruji and humanity is infinite. I feel that”Nar and Narayan” of our time will come again.

  92. Dearest Swamiji,

    It was through your writing that I came to know Master and my life became one with the purpose to find God. Words really can’t express the gratitude I feel for this blessing.
    I know you’re not far away, you’ve left your body behind but you are still and always will be with us. So glad you have your freedom in God. Love you dear friend.


  93. Gratitude for what he did for me and for what will always mean to me.I live in Romania , I was raised and educated ,in the comunist decades ,as formal Christian and I felt inside the call for religion and spirituality which are my main issues and concern since then .Several years ago wanting to know about meditation I discover a translation of “Meditation for Starters ” . It was the bliss ,one of the top three moments you have in life .Immediately I bought “Affirmations for Self Healing ” , I discovered Paramhans Yogananda , I bought all the available books edited here in Romania , read them several times …… my life was changed .I ordered and received from Ananda ” Meditations to Awaken Superconsciousness ” , ” The Art and Science of Raja Yoga ” , “How to meditate ” . I discovered Crystal Clarity Magazine which is my favorite blog and my main source of wisdom and how to apply it in life.I started buying Kindle editions available on Amazon and this year I received from U.S. the printed edition (only available) of “Awaken to Superconsciousness” which I read it ,underlined it ,folded pages continuously. Yesterday , not knowing why ,very late at night 1.00 A.M. ,I took “The Essence of Self Realisation” and read the end of it particularly remembering the definition Yogananda gave for being a Master ; ” The man is a Master when he is reaching Christ consciousness ” . After I finished reading , I opened the email and I read “In Memoriam Swami Kriyananda ” …….Sorry for talking so much about me , I just had the intentions to tell what essential impact he had on me , how he changed my life and really lightened me . I don’t feel the sorrow you experience when someone dies because He’ll be in my heart ,mind and readings forever . Finishing like I started I just want to add that words are not enough to express gratitude !

  94. I have Known SWAMIJI since 2004 when he came to INDIA and since then he meant the world to me and my family . I am truly grateful for the Love that he gave and made us believe that we were capable to realize god in whatever we did.
    Many thanks to him.

  95. He will continue to inspire us through his teachings… RIP

  96. blank

    Om Swamji, thanks for crossing this pilgrims path… Your literary genius and all those books, many times keep me company and in faith, to keep on keeping on, on the long and winding road hOMe to God. Yes,please bring us all with you!! and also for a visit to Babaji’s (secret) cave while we remain on mother earth. May the Angels sing for you….Wishing you an ever blissful reunion with Master Yogananda in the Astral airways. Molto Grazie Swamji, Sarah NZ

  97. O! Swamiji, physically, you are no more
    Yet your books and talks shall continue to inspire us
    Your humility, your love shone across.
    I feel priviledged to have met you once – last year
    Alas, it could not have been more than once
    Dear Swamiji, where ever you may be, shall you not help us, guide us, bless us.
    With love and gratitude,

  98. Swamiji
    We will miss the Golden Glow upon this earth, you truly have been an epitome of Love Truth and Loyalty, a source of Light and Joy to our family .
    May you guide us always.

    arni / sudha / camini

  99. Today he wakes and rubs his eyes and finds himself above the skies. When I first met him at Ananda California in 2008, the spiritual awakening was coming so quickly, I felt like a blubbering idiot. My mission was defined and expanded and wise words of the great ones were confirmed. What was that? In order to ground the relationship with a guru, a person must meet at least once with the guru (in my case Yogananda) or a direct disciple. I could never have imagined the difference that half hour with Swami has meant in my life. HeartDesire Blessings until we meet again.

  100. First time I happened to be in the physical presence of Swami Kriyananda, when a few months back he all the way visited Bangalore and gave a very enhancing enlightening audience/ discourse in a public auditorium, where thousands gathered. I could never believe his passing away. He is eternally present in the Kriyas across the globe, his guiding is always there. He is / was always a hard core Indian, inspite of his foreign origin birth. May his grace bless us all. No death for him.

  101. I feel as though I have lost my best friend.His talks and teachings where fantastic! Thank You Swamiji…….

  102. Dear Swamiji,

    Thank you for all your love and sharing and bringing people so more consciousness even when they are not able to receive. Your legacy and love will work through eternity and finally we all have the longing to be with you and our beloved gurudeva Paramahansaji Yogananda.
    Love and rest in peace, in the Divine Light.

  103. Jack is at present in San Ramon and I am in India (as is Veena (Therese) Paulson. . I am truly grateful to Swamiji for all his guidance during my time at Ananda and to all our Ananda friends who have been so supportive of our path.
    I cannot feel sorrow at Swamiji’s passing becausew I believe he is in a better place, higher loka or beyond. But I’m dd for all those who are grieving his passing t this time.;
    I look forward to receiving news of the astral ascension ceremony. Many people here have expressed their condolencies.
    Sharda Devi



  106. swami kriyananda was a great person. everytime you hear him speak or read his book is truly uplifting for me and i am thankful for his incredible body of work. great people like him never die. his spirit is always available for guidance. grieve not for you will only miss his body.

    1. Now I am going to go through his ENTIRE output, God willing !

  107. Thou art my friend
    I am thy friend

    What unknown ties,
    What soul connectivity
    Is there with my dear swamiji.
    The friend, philosopher and guide.
    That I cherish as a gift
    Given by him unasked
    forever to eternity.
    ” All of those who are here today”
    ” have met in the past”
    were the first magical words
    that I ever heard from him as I entered
    for the first time the spiritual family
    of Ananda, the bliss
    Now that he has left his mortal frame,
    I aspire to meet him once more.
    The meetings of the past and the present are over,
    Now is the time for future.
    To smile the same smile with him,
    To share the thoughts once more,
    To be protected and to bask in his love and joy,
    To surrender to his assurances in his spiritual discourse.
    To feel his presence in his music composed
    To feel uplifted by the sunshine of his eyes
    I am touched, ever more, so close

    ‘We miss you dear swamiji’

  108. Touched his little, soft, cold hands in prayer today.
    What a loving power was in them, seemed to still be in them!
    That giant drop has rejoined the ocean of Spirit, and will forever stay in our hearts.
    Oh Swamiji, thank you for opening my heart to boundless blessings, and for uniting us in this family of Ananda on Earth. And thank you to all of Master’s devotees who unite here at Ananda Assisi Temple of Light around the body of a Great Friend, albeit only in the One prayerful Spirit.
    mukunda and anandita

    1. …find him daily, my friend. He is so blissful as he looks at you…

  109. Although I’m a member of another organization with the same lineage of masters, Swami Kriyananda enriched my spiritual life tremendously with his writings, music, and his associates at Crystal Clarity Publishing and Inner Path. I felt very sad hearing about his passing but at the same time can just imagine the reunion he and Yogananda are enjoying. My condolences to everyone at Ananda.

  110. I was waiting for the day – to meet him finally (in face to face) in the firsts days of May,2013, had already booked my flights. I have been dreaming about that day for a long time, and counting days left till we would meet. Having been uplifted, inspired by Him, His work, feeling Divine Mother working through Him. Each time I would listen to His music, or to His talks, or when I would read His books, I always felt uplifted, blessed and I could feel God so close…I could feel devotion in my heart! Gods presence and His Love. He was and is a biggest example of “The God as the doer”. He was a channel for that Divene Love. You could see Divne Mother blessing all in Her Love through Him. He teached me to see God in everyone.
    As I told before, I did not had a chance to meet Him in face to face. But I think that heart to heart , soul to soul relationship is even deeper. For God there are no borders, as they are not between true lovers. True God’s Love is what He is.
    “Once you have God, you want nothing more.
    God alone, God alone!”

    I have been in correspondence with Him, He knew I am going to meet Him, I asked if He could bless me with a spiritual name. I was hoping to receive it when we would meet. Surprisingly, He responded very quickly and blessed me with a name – Alisha (protected by God). And you can not put in words how blessed I feel since I received it. I could feel and I can feel God protecting me. I had some fears before, but since he gave this word to me, I felt that fears are gone. He gave me my spiritual name just month ago.
    Yesterday, I spoke with a women which I took to yoga, that I am going to meet my dear Swamiji. I told that I have received a spiritual name, shared how it changed my life.
    I told that I have not meet Swamiji in life (face to face) and she added there are no borders…
    And she gave me as present a ring ( angel wings)…
    I came home, checked my mail…And there it was – this sad message. I cried, cried…and I remembered that ring and that conversation with my friend…that there is no distance, no borders… Now this ring is very special ring – it will remind me about Swamiji, the word He gave to me and about His love and God!

    I remembered Swamiji’s words: “That after His passing it will be a good test for people, how true and deeply they took His teachings.”

    I feel so thankful to Him, to God, for the great job He has done. I already wrote to Swami in one of my letters: ”
    I am thankful to God for His blessings through You!
    You are a diamond, a sun, a beautiful God’s melody, that inspires us, uplifts us and loves us!
    Thank you for your work! You bring us closer to God! You make us to feel, to experience Him, His love!”

    Swamiji is not gone…Love lasts for ever! He is Love!

    I think we all feel like the words of one of His songs says: “Only Love can heal the pain I feel.” He is with us and always will be!

    Om Shanti,
    With Love,

    1. its so touching words you saying here, i totally understand your feelings towards him and what he did for you, but as we talked yesterday for those people there is no death just another life starts somewhere up, and they will always protects us living in this earth…i am very pleased to hear how much this ring mean to you, i am happy that i make you feel happy, my dear! God bless you on this pass you following and you will get to that level of achivement your teacher did!

    2. Well said, Alisha! Yes, He is Love!!

      Blessings and Love to you!

  111. I don’t know how to describe, what kind of emotion is right now in my heart … I simply feel that his divine love and that most heart touching ever shining smile flow to my heart and it fills my heart and overflows from eyes….

  112. Swami Kriyananda has returned to the Father’s House. May your light continue to guide the way of all the devotees. Namasté.

  113. I am shocked .
    From worldly point of view Swamiji has left this world. But, in reality only His body has disappeared after completing the great spiritual journey guiding, helping, uplifting many suffering souls; He as ATMAN still existing and will be guiding the needy spiritual aspirants.
    I contacted Swamiji at Bangalore very recently & got attracted to Him for his Spiritual Aura & high Energy.
    May Swamiji guide, inspire, uplift the needy spiritual aspirants from the negativity in this world to positivity, spirituality & beyond.

  114. His presence brought much light to us all on earth. I went to Anandas from the time it built it’s first domes. I watched it grow. I treasured my first little bottle of perfume they made. The way life was a real role model of community and love for each other God and Self. He will be remember with deep love and gratitude.

  115. The first time I attended SRW, i was a bit lost. I had been a devotee and Kryiaban for a couple of years. I was of course familiar with Swami, but had never met him personally.

    The first time I saw him with my own eyes and heard his voice, I knew I had to meet him personally. I wasnt sure how to approach him but i truly wanted to greet him and hear him speak to me.

    I lamented to Hriman about my desire and was told to basically “go for it”. I was hoping for an introduction but I think a lesson was an order.

    At the Itallian banquet Kriyananda pulled up and the small crowd parted and the imaginary red carpet layed. Swamis entourage gieded him to his table. At the sight of him I was overwhelmed! I simply stepped out into his path and said “hello Swami, may i touch your hand?” His grip was loving but powerful. He looked me in the eyes and asked ,”what is your name?” I told him, and in the vice i can still hear responded with, “thats a lovely name, im so blessed to meet you.” Then he proceeded on.

    I felt as though I had just ambushed a saint! I also felt so incredibly blessed by Hrimans council, and the touch of our friend, Swami Kriyananda.

  116. I am devastated! every time i see his picture i get sad! still see it as night mare! only wish it is not real!

  117. He filled my life with joy and happiness and taught me how to let go and meditate. He will be greatly missed. Namaste

  118. Dear Swamiji,
    Blessings to you as you are now with your Guru! Thank you for all your years of devoted service to Master and for bringing such light into the world. I am so grateful that the past two weeks I have been drawn to read your lovely book The Art and Science of Raja Yoga.

    The night before your passing I was drawn to the section on Guru where you explained that the devotee can call to Master during meditation by focusing on the Christ Center. I have always felt Yogananda’s blessings in my life and now I desire to know him more completely, thanks to you.

    In Divine Love and Gratitude,

  119. A great soul has gone from our side but still close in our hearts. We need to be very grateful for his work and continue supporting it as we realize that is the Master work indeed.

  120. May God bless you.May Guru Dev bless you with sadgati.


  121. I am actually blank. What do you write about a great man who has touched so many lives and guided us spiritually. A man who was a great disciple of Master. Being in his presence was so beautiful, so peaceful, so joyful. God bless his soul and may we have his blessings to carry on in this path.

  122. Dear Kriyanandaji,

    Many thanks for your contribution to humanity. Now, I wish you happy transitioning & May you fully merge in the cosmic consciousness forever!

    Love & Light,

  123. His soul is soaring to reunite with master . He will be missed and remembered by many. He made a huge mark on this earth and my life. Aum shanti amen

  124. לחגוג את החיים של סוואמי KRIYANADA
    סוואמי Kiyananda הביא ודאות לחיינו על ידי להיות דוגמא חיה של האהבה של הורים וכי מרכיב החשוב ביותר … התגלמות החיים של אהבת אלוהים. Swamiji אמר שהוא רק רצה להיות תלמיד טוב … הוא היה. דרך המדיטציה שקטה שאני יכול להרגיש את קול מאחורי המילים שלו, את התנועה שמאחורי הליכתו והחיוך שמאחורי החיוך שלו. דרך חיים זו … Swamiji היה אהוב … כן.

    Swami Kiyananda brought certainty into our lives by being a living example of the Master’s Love and that most important element… the living embodiment of God’s love. Swamiji said he just wanted to be a good disciple… he was. Through silent meditation I can feel the voice behind his words, the movement behind his walk and the smile behind his smile. Through this life… Swamiji was loved… Yes.

  125. Dearest Swamiji,
    Its a great loss not having you in your physical form now, for whenever I saw you in a gathering I could feel the power of love emanating all over the room. But then you also taught us attunement with the Guru, which I guess I feel now, within me the power of love through you. You are ever so close in spirit. Thank you ever so much for this wealth of knowledge.

  126. I will miss his words of wisdom and radiant expression. God bless.

  127. blank

    I couldn’t sleep last night, the energy was so electric. To have the most influential person in your life pass is a challenge. I hope, through the years, our friendship will grow every deeper in God, as you so aptly exemplified in your relation with Master. Go with Joy my friend, and guide us all home safely.

  128. I am blessed to live in a time when Swamiji was with us. What a “Great Work” he has done!

    I think when Swamiji arrived in Heaven they all looked up and said “OK guys, break’s over!”

  129. Such a great soul who will be missed by many.

    In Joy & Light

  130. Beloved Great Soul Swamiji!
    Words cannot describe the gratitude in my heart that you and other of Master’s devotees created Ananda to embody, teach, and spread the Light of Yogananda’s teachings. How blessed I am to have discovered Ananda in this lifetime.
    Beyond words also, is the beauty and the vibration of your music, through which we will “get to know” you over and over again, though you have left the body.
    One of the most precious gifts of your Service is that you carried out Master’s words spoken into the ether and realized his dream of World Brotherhood communities across the planet. Together, in these communities, and in the greater Worldwide Sangha, we can share the Light and the Truth with all thirsty souls.
    Thank you, also, for the Kriyacharyas who, with deep devotion, offer the Great Blessing of Kriya Yoga as a Path to each and every one of us.
    My heart is comforted by the ever new Joy that your Soul is now Free and lives in God’s Infinite Bliss.
    Aum Shanti Shanti

  131. I and my family were extremely blessed to have met Swamiji personally last year on november 4th and he blessed all of us. What an unforgetable experience it was!He was in so much of divine joy!
    I never thought that he would leave us so unexpectedly! We have indeed lost a great ambassador of Sanatan Dharma, Yoganandajis teachings and above all a great devotee of God! May he be always be in divine joy forever!

  132. Dearest Swami ji,I love you for ever….never forget you.
    Thank you so much with all my soul and heart
    Rest in peace

  133. Dear Swamiji
    I remember when I first met you, I didn’t know what to make of you. The 2nd time I met you, you gave me a simple blessing, reading my heart and in turn touching it. That simple touch stayed with me for a long while and even today, I can feel the soul warmth of it.
    May your soul find the ever new joy in the reunion with our gurus.

  134. St. Francis of Assisi once proclaimed to his spirititual companions, “I have done what is mine to do. May Christ teach you what is yours.” May Swami Kriyananda’s exemplary life continue to inspire and energize your selfless service to God and Guru.

  135. Well said Rambhakta. The joy flowing to us outweighs the sadness in his passing. Swamiji gave us divine joy all along the way, encouraged us to live in God’s Joy in seeking God alone, and now I believe is bequeathing to us his Joy in God & Guru.

  136. I owe everything to Swami Kriyananda. He and my friends at Ananda have been channels for Yogananda’s grace to flow into my life. I am eternally grateful. With all my love – thank you Swamiji.

  137. It is because of Swami that I was introduced to Master. A blessing that can’t be quantified. It’s also because of Swami that I have lifelong friendships that never would have been in my life. I am eternally grateful to Swami. My life was changed by Swami’s outreach, creativity, and unceasing energy in devotion to Master and doing what Master wanted him to do.
    Thank you Swami forever!
    Margaret Silva

  138. The sign on the altar
    Said “Welcome Home, Walter!”
    And Master was there with a pen…

    Master said, “This will write
    All my sayings in Light!
    And there’s no time to rest!
    Let’s begin!”

    Poem by David Miller,
    musician and arranger of many of Swami Kriyananda’s songs
    April 21, 2013

  139. blank

    Even with a breaking heart, I know the answer to the question: “What now?” It is: “More and better!” That is, how can I honor my 38-year friendship with Swamiji? By continuing his mission of spreading Master’s love and the teachings of Kriya Yoga throughout the world, in whatever ways, big, or small, that I can. Swamiji, I love you very, very much and know you love me still and always. I will miss your physical form and your smiling eyes, but you remain within me forever. Thank you for everything… words could never express even a small part of what I feel. Jai Gurus! Jai Swamiji!

  140. blank

    Thank you, and bless you, Swamiji for all you have done, and how you blessed our lives. Thank you for spiritual community, giving our family a beautiful environment to raise spiritual souls for the glory and service of God, Christ, Guru.

    Thank you for the myriad ways you have blessed us all… I am happy that your soul is free to expand fully, at long last… Our hearts miss your tangible presence…even while we know you are ever with us…

  141. Love, gratitude, inspiration, abundant creativity, joy, selfless service, kindness, loyalty, friendship. . . all so beautifully reflected in the remarkable life of Swamiji. Our earthly loss is accompanied by celebration and a radiant vision of Swamiji and Master together with so many friends that have joined that heavenly realm. So much love!

  142. I have known Swami Kriyananda since 1969. He has always been the greatest spiritual teacher, guide and Friend. He has never asked anything for himself but rather has used every minute of every day to serve God and Guru through others. His kindness, clarity and devotion to God and Guru are unsurpassed in this world. I rejoice in his freedom in God while my heart breaks that he will not be with us in physical form. I love you Swamiji and thank Master every day for your perfect role model of discipleship in my life. May we be one in that Light one day!

  143. Dears,
    The world lost a soul of inestimable value and a lover of God.
    Swami, keep happy in God and in Christ!
    In divine friendship,

  144. swamijis life and example have touched me deeply. I feel sad, a real loss in my heart. I have wondered often what it would be like when swami finally left his body. Even though I only met him two times, I feel deeply a true friend has departed this earth. What a joy and inspiration his life has been, I am grateful beyond words to have someone of such strength and perseverance (and humor) who has shown that I too, can find that love.

  145. Father, friend and guide – as my heart is breaking, it is also rejoicing for you. It is amazing to me that I knew one such as you. I may not have believed it if I had not know you, that it was possible for a human being to unfailingly dedicate every moment, every single moment to helping others find what would make them truly happy. I am so glad that you are in Master’s arms now. God bless you and may we be one in his light someday.

  146. I still think of the wise lessons I learned from Kriyanada to help me manage my life. Thank you so much for your courage.

  147. Beloved brother Swami Kriyanandaji–of great Illumined wisdom and radiant love–Namostute~

    Yours has truly been a life well lived– one that has been crowned with highest Self realization.

    All life has been blessed and uplifted through your continual outpouring of Atmic bliss-your loving Presence, guiding wisdom and example.

    In deepest loving gratitude I, along with all devotees of the Lord, bless you. SaiVahni

  148. Swami,
    I have struggled over the 13 years that I have known you with how to relate to you, how to give you all my love and respect, how to shift from friendship and relating to divine friendship and presence. I realized several years ago, almost with your voice in my head, ‘there is no need to struggle, love God’ and I realize that is what you were doing with every day of your life. I bow to you Swami and I will keep you in my heart as a great guide, great friend, and a living example Hanuman, the greatest devotee. Thank you for everything you have done and especially for helping me find my way back to DIvine Mother, the only reality…
    I bow to you great soul,

  149. Your gift of Ananda changed my life and introduced me to my guru. Your willingness to “go on alone” has illuminated the path for myself and so many others. You have my deepest gratitude.

  150. Dear Swamiji

    Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for your divine friendship.

    Master said, “do not let the symphony of your life go unfurnished.” And yours finished with such a glorious reunion with Master.

    Banat, Banat, ban jai, Swamiji!

  151. Swamiji was a great inspiration for me on my path to truth, He will sorely be missed.

  152. AUM God’s shining child Swami Kriyananda has went back to the Beloved Infinite Father/Mother. We will miss his physical presence in this world, but he will be with us in our meditations & kriya sessions. May God Bless Swami Kriyananda’s Soul! I think He already has and us who recognized God’s light within Swami Kriyananda. I am soo happy he is one with the Father again! We love you Swamiji!

  153. Swamiji showed me the way to a new life, my heart is broken and I miss him already; but my heart also know that he’s no longer restricted by the body and will live in my heart and all hearts he touched forever. Blessing and love to you dear dear one. You will be missed!

  154. Swamiji has been the purest and the most authentic expression of joy I’ve met in this life.
    I protect him dearly in my heart.

  155. Thank you Swamiji for taking care of me as a mother as a father as a sister as a brother as a friend as a teacher.Thank you for showing me this is the right way.Thank you for meeting me personally not even knowing me.Thank you for loving me.

  156. A glow in my heart forever will shine the smiles and laughter of Swamiji Kriyanadaji, we stand together in ever new bliss all who have crossed this Mahatmas Path, Blessings Dear Child Of God, We shall Meet Again

    1. ….through your higher desire, you shall surely meet him again. Blessings,,Jeff K.

  157. I am filled with a sense of gratitude for Swami Kriyananda. He led me to find Master many years ago in Seattle. My life has felt purposeful in seeking God. Though I have often stumbled on the Path, I know that my Guru is waiting for me to wake up and Ananda brought me the teaachings that guide my life. May Swamiji be at peace at one with Master.Sending healing and blessings to all who grieve his passing. Joy!

    1. I offer my blessings and prayers for our beloved Swami Kriyananda. Our Dear, dear Swami has given so, so much to us, helping millions of people with his Ananda outreach, countless books, videos, music, chants, teachings passed on from our dear Guru Paramahansa Yogananda, and starting the largest assemblage of World Brotherhood Communities (as per Yogananda’s wishes) ever created. I am so Blessed and grateful that I HEEDED MY INTUITION (about his not being on the planet for too much longer), and actually went to see him in person, on his final lecture tour in the Bay Area, down in Palo Alto, last summer. Although seated rather far away, I truly felt the Blessing of even being in the same room with him, though I was surrounded by loud and restless ‘curiousity seekers’, or so it seemed. He was a GREAT, great man, and a great and True Disciple of Master (although Master said “God is the Guru, you are God’s Disciples and not mine). Goodbye Blue House of Heaven. Dear Swami, ascend in Peace, with Master and the Gurus holding your hand and welcoming you. We pray you have achieved Final Freedom.
      I have listened to Swami’s recorded voice, and/or read his guiding words, every day for years now.
      There are so very many helpful, Spiritual Resources he left us,
      I revere and honor The Self Realization Fellowship, which Master Yogananda founded, as well, and I overlook the delusional ‘enmity’ between them, rising above the ‘competition’ between them, as I wish those in both ‘organizations’ would, as I truly feel that’s what Master would want. Swami actually stated, earlier this year (or last year), that he thought this would be the year the ‘rift’ is mended, bringing mutual RESPECT AND LOVE between the two ‘offshoots’ of Master’s Teachings. The Dear Swami transcended many personal hardships to fulfill his Master’s wish that he create this Great Work, and so he had to be ‘thrown out of SRF’, as a prelude to accomplishing this.
      Blessings and Love on your way, Swami. I hold you in my heart with tearful Gratitude. I feel your presence so strongly.
      In Divine Love and Friendship,
      Joy Perrin

      1. Yes.

        SRF and Ananda were both Divinely Arranged.

        We do not know the leelas of the Masters !

        Isn’t it !

  158. Swamiji was my teacher and my friend. When I was a teenager in 1970 he would go out of his way to be sure that I could attend his classes and come to Ananda. Sometimes he even drove me there from Sacramento. I will always be greatful to him for pointing the way and encouraging me. His work speaks for his life, and Ananda is his legacy. I look into the eyes of his students and know that his work is well done.

  159. Swamaji although you ave departed the earth, I know you will continue your work with Master in the Astral World.

    Thank you for all you have done in touching my life and others. Through you, I understand what it means to be part of a Spiritual Family..

  160. Swamiji
    my dearest friend in God
    laughter filled smiles and shining eyes
    giving kindness and gluing together our spiritual family
    with brotherly love
    inspiring us to the greatness of our souls
    showing us the way home

    I will love you always and keep you close in my thoughts

  161. The news of Swami’s departure finds me saddened and sorrowful. He shared a light with this Earth that so many needed and craved. I wish more people had gotten to hear his words and feel his light as so many of us did. I, personally, do not feel I had spent a satisfactory amount of time meditating on his words and lessons. Thankfully he left a trail to his light behind him, so we may find him on the other side. Goodbye Swami. <3

  162. Thank you, Swamiji, for the spiritual and practical inspiration that was, and is, your life. I still have the personalized copy of The Path that you have sent to me as a gift. You have given the world a lot of good things.

  163. My dearest friend passed away. I was overcome with sorrow, even knowing his joy. How I will miss him! Guide, mentor, friend, teacher for 30 years – so gentle and understated you could easily miss your lesson. Too easily! I’ll spend the rest of my life doing my best to live as he guided, and to help shoulder a tiny bit of the work he labored so hard to do for his guru. May his spirit soar with Master.

  164. Dear Swami , it’s too late to meet you but i know you will be with me forever. Thank you for your love!

  165. Thank you Swamiji for the inspiration you’ve given with your books, music and clarity. You have made following Yoganandaji’s Path of Self Realization ever more real for me. You have been a saint to all of us, sharing the Truth as you have. May God bless you for eternity.

    My Love and Joy to you.


  166. Dear Swamiji
    How I will miss your beautiful and devoted being! Thank you for all your love and guidance. You are the miracle of my life and brought me home to Master. For 30 years we have traveled our path of light. May your soul fly free. No earthly veil separates us for you are just as close…for eternity…forever in divine friendship.

  167. Swamiji, oh Swamiji, you are in my heart with the Masters. With much gratitude for all your guidance (not always followed) and kindness, humor, and wisdom….Pace, Amore, Joya

  168. He was a blessing to all and he still is a blessing to all.

  169. Swamiji. you have been my true and dear friend and will continue to be forever. It is strange to feel sad that you are gone in the form that I have known you in and rejoice in the fact that you are reunited with Master now, all at the same time…
    You have taught me so much. I will never forget the love in your eyes and I am immensely blessed to have been able to spend a little time with you on this earth.

  170. Dear Swamiji,

    How happy it is to think of you in blissful soul freedom.

    Your “great work” done, now you are basking in divine love with your guru. How wonderful. How truly awe-inspiring!

    In the depths of inner silence, please bless us, that we touch you now in inner communion with your newly expanded Bliss Divine.

    Where you go, we WILL follow. Until then, please fill us with the strength and courage to follow your footsteps; to think of others, and to offer them servings of your love, joy, and wisdom. Help us to attune ourselves to you now more than ever. Help us to banish our little thoughts of missing you and to awaken from all dreams of separation from Thee.

    In eternal love, gratitude, and appreciation.

    P.S. Please give Master our love :-)

  171. My first thought was great joy for him.
    My next thought was gratitude that he came to the Louise Hay Conference and reawakened me to my discipleship to Master.
    Then sadness at the loss for all of you of the personal human contact with him that you all enjoyed for so many decades.
    I am sure he will continue to bless Ananda from the heavens.

    His was such a great example of discipleship for us all.

    God bless all of you and many prayers for you all during this time.


  172. Dear Swamiji,

    High truths cannot be learned: they can only be remembered in the Self. Thank you for helping me with the process of smriti: divine recollection. Bringing me back to the Truth. You are a great soul. I am joyful that you are back in the arms of Divine Mother. With deep gratitude for all you have given. Namaste.

  173. My sincere condolences.
    Good men on Earth leave a trail of love.

    Un abrazo fraternal desde Chile

  174. Swamij has been my spiritual teacher for the past few years and we had spoken via email many times. I credit him fully for introducing me to God and showing me the divine path, for without Swamji I would not know God or Divine Mother fully. I was finally able to meet Swamiji last summer in Los Angeles, where I had a private moment with him backstage before an event. It was at that moment in time, while looking into his eyes, that I felt the most peace and tranquility that I’ve ever experienced in this life. Swamji blessed me that day and we embraced before he proceeded to the stage. I will be forever grateful to Swamji for his teachings, his blessing, and encouraging me to grow and walk my true spiritual path. Thank you Swamiji for everything you’ve done for me and so many others around the world. I will greatly miss you and will look forward to meeting you once again. Om, peace.

  175. Dearest Swamiji,
    At a chance meeting you asked me to give you my hand. I give you my hand, my heart, my love, my strength. Thank you for your presence in my life.
    In Master’s love.

  176. Brothers and Sisters,
    Swami Kriyananda, what a truly wonderful soul,a student ,teacher ,humble lover of the spiritual life.I have learned so much from his books,his teachings and gentle inspirations ,spiritual jewels to live by.This amazing Ananda Village ,a beautiful community,a selfless act done for the welfare of others.My heart always warmed,my soul at ease that such a loving spiritual one was among us in Brahman.Truly carring love and the divine message of Yogananda.As spoke in the Bhagavad Gita, The Spiritually minded ,serving the welfare of others and the world.My love I send ,my respects and inward smile to all his wonderful work,and still the work to be done.
    Hari Bol
    Joseph M Connolly

  177. I was introduced to the teachings of Yogananda about two years ago, via an online search. I came across his name in another book and did a google search. I found Swami Kriyananda and the compassion in his voice and his writings really inspired me.

    I was quite sad to hear the news of his passing. I never met him in person. The people he has touched radiate such an awesome peace, that through them, I know him. His work is pretty amazing to so positively affect so many people.

    While I am sad for my loss with his passing, I am happy to know that he is in God and with Master Yogananda.

    He was a blessing to so many people.

  178. what a befitting place to pass in Assisi Italy home of Francis. I remember in reading when Yogananda said to him that all men have failed him and told him Donald don’t fail me –and he did not –he was one of Yogananda’s greatest successes to carry on the work of spiritual enlightenment in awakening the world to the joys of the spirit and to serve God –I know he will be sorely missed by by many and that a great light of awareness has been extinguished from this world

  179. I was so sad when I read of Swamiji’s passing, but I immediatly heard in my head “I am the bubble, make me the sea…Wave of the sea, dissolve in the sea..I am the bubble, make me the sea…”. I smiled because I knew he was with Master.
    Thank you Swamiji for your countless blessings!

  180. I feel Swamiji’s kind and inspiring presence with me whenever I ask him for thoughts or help. I was doing my volunteer job at the library and was wearing out. I asked for help and he told me to take it easier and to put more joy into the action. He told me the work was good work.

  181. When I was feeling lost, it was through Ananda that I found my true path. Thank you, thank you, with all my heart Swamiji for your books, music, talks, for a life dedicated to preserving our Master’s teachings. Because of your works, I shall never lose my way again. I can only imagine the joy and bliss that you must be experiencing now to be back with our beloved Master. I shall forever remember your beautiful smile.

  182. Dearest Swamiji, Your love, wisdom and guidance have nourished countless souls on this earth. Thank you! It is a blessing to know that you are now reunited with Master in the astral world.

  183. ho visto molti visi tristi all uscita dal corpo di swamiji,ma percepisco che per swamiji è un giorno meraviglioso il suo trapasso.finalmente incontra il suo guru e dio per l eternità..gloria a swamiji una grande anima
    grazie swamiji .

  184. Early in 2011 shortly after Daya Mataji’s passing I found my spiritual efforts and perceptions quickened thru the grace of guruji and kriya yoga. At the time I finally realized that the “purity” of Master’s message isn’t in his words, text, or theology but in the promise and power of the kriya yoga that he brought to the West and to Swamiji (and me).
    Shortly after that the scales of misunderstanding dropped from my spiritual eyes, and I discovered in Swamiji a ‘big brother’ who was living spiritually what I was just now entering (after 37 years of kriya practice).
    Thankfully Swamiji was receptive to my overtures of friendship and many times I have felt in these brief months [while exchanging emails, reading his writings or listening to his chanting] the presence of God, Christ, and gurus flowing thru him.
    Victory to Swamiji, jai guru, jai guru, jai guru, jai!

  185. I humbly offer my condolences to Ananda and all the beautiful friends and family of Swami Kriyananda. I have recently felt a calling to Paramahansa Yogananda and in looking for podcast’s and other audio lectures I came across Swami Kriyananda and was just listening to him today. I bow to him and the beautiful legacy he left behind and welcome his insights into my heart and mind.

  186. May our master’s soul return to divine…we pray with love light and wisdom.

  187. Dearest Swamaji how can I thank you for leading me forward on my spiritual journey bringing thoughtful insights to eastern wisdom igniting the flame in me to seek ever deeper the truth and reality. The music you brought opened my heart and voice. Now you walk in the arms of your beloved Master amid Jesus and Mother. May you merge in bliss.

  188. I honor. I bow to you as I am inspired, as I am filled by your love and given by your example of one who lived a most attuned life.

  189. I feel deeply affected by Swamijis passing.
    We never met in person but I loved him and always will.
    His loving presence shines through his Books,talks and Videos.
    Thank you,thank you,thank you dearest Swami Kriyananda and all at Ananda for your tireless work you bring to us via the internet.God Bless You

  190. I am one of the young generation disciple who followed Swamiji for the whole of last year in America and India. I do have words to describe what it meant to be in his energy especially this last year. However I do want to share my last meeting with Swamiji. In the last few days there were no words exchanged between us in his physical presence. There were no smiles. Yet there was a look in his beautiful eyes which showed me what true love was and that the real meaning of love was in stillness. I was to fly to Italy right after two weeks of his departure from India but when he gave me that final look when he left India, I was shocked. It was as if he was telling me that this is the last time I am going to see you. Soon after he left Pune, I was in tears and thought what I was thinking is impossible and ignored it. I was to see him in two weeks after all. But he knew he was leaving us. What he left me with amongst his infinite memories was his everlasting memory of his deep gaze of pure Divine love, compassion and strength which will be my strength and guide for the rest of my life which has only begun for Master. My life will always remain his and to share with as many truth seekers what this Man of God brought to earth. Aum, Peace, Amen!

  191. He opened my mind to great joy! I will miss him. I have many of his books and music. He will never be forgotten. Namaste

  192. I am shocked at the news. Me and my wife were hoping to meet him this time in US. I missed a chance to meet him and seek his blessings many years ago in Delhi when i was visiting. I will never get to meet him now. I shall always miss his speeches and wonderful sense of humor. A great soul indeed.

    1. Yes.

      It IS his wonderful sense of humor that is the stamp of Yogananda in him.

      Through him I see Guruji as he was, the Dynamic Powerhouse of Laughter and Victory over all that should be banished from the Earth !

  193. HE may lost his physical image but still is in above all.

  194. I had the fortune to be with Swamiji for a short time in India, Gurgaon. We were setting up a factory in Gurgaon ourselves in 2006. Swamiji was a such a source of inspiration for me…I had never seen any one like him. So many things he said, or did all those years back are still with me, like seeds in my mind, and suddenly, some day, I realise the significance. His presence, his voice, his every action was full of divine love. No words can express the sense of loss I feel…our Swamiji is no longer an email away.

  195. Back in 1979, the mother of an old friend (Will Cedarholm) introduced me to THE PATH. I had read AY recently before that, and had met one of Kriyananda’s brother disciples, Roy Eugene Davis. After reading The Path, I got to spend a month at Ananda in January, 1985, taking the Yoga Training Course, and received Kriya initiation. I FELT the Shakti during Initiation. Kriyananda has been an inspiration since 1979, and will remain so.

  196. I never met Swamiji yet I cried at the news. His influence on my life is incalculable. I was floundering about, trying to find a path that I could actually believe and actually do. Autobiography of a Yogi awakened in me a desire to pursue a path of yoga. But it does not tell HOW an ordinary person can do it. Swamiji gave the How-To instructions, the encouragement, real-life applications and the rebuttal to every doubt. He brought Yogananda’s ideals to life, within reach. Swamiji made every effort to explain concepts clearly — in a variety of ways! There are no words to ever thank him enough for this.

  197. Thank you Guru Kriyananda.
    Your words in the book The essence of the Bhagavad Gita brought so many Light and Peace in my soul and a whole new life.
    Om Shanti Shanti Shantih

  198. I shall miss Swamiji’s presence. Perhaps we shall be able to feel him more closely now. I am eternally grateful for all he has done for me.
    I once said to him, “If it weren’t for Ananda, I would have never found God.” He replied, “I feel the same way!”

    With deep love,
    Kristy Norfleet-Andrew
    Ananda Scotts Valley Minister

  199. With his passing, a hole has appeared in the spiritual world yet, only in his special way it is filled with swamijis love. He is a true saviour in every way, for a saviour is simply someone who has chosen Gods will over their own self. He dedicated his human life to serving and helping others. He did everything God and Guru asked him to do with the best example of grace I have ever seen. He never took any glory for himself he always gave it back to the true giver of all….God. His legend will live on. Thank you swami Kriyananda for your gifts to the world.

  200. Thank you Swamiji, for sharing Master Yogananda’s teachings with the world You have blessed my life tremendously, as I know you have blessed so many others. Sadness and joy have been intermingling over these last two days, since I became aware of your passage back to your home in God. The sadness is only for myself and others like me that feel your loss so deeply. Overwhelming that sadness however, is a deep joy in knowing you are soaring with the Masters. Unending bliss and peace to your soul forever. I love you, Swamiji.


  201. Though Swami Kriyanandaji has passed away, he will continue to inspire us and coming generations. May his memory remain with us for ever.

  202. Хотя лично я и не знала Свамиджи, но каждая его фотография излучает такой свет и такую любовь, что у меня никогда не вызывало сомнение то, что он поистине святой человек!… Я была очень растроена узнав эту новость, однако теперь я могу чувствовать дух Криянанды ещё больше и я знаю, как он сейчас счастлив. Эта мысль наполняет меня теплотой, любовью и благодарностью…

  203. I learned so much from Swami Kriyananda from his books and videos. He inspires me to be devoted to the teachings of our Guru. I always hoped I would get to meet him someday, but I guess I will have to wait for the next lifetime. Love to you always Swamiji !

  204. I am so very grateful for you, Swamiji, for creating Ananda and for making Master’s teaching so accessible to all of us. You have changed my life. I love you so much.

  205. pl z bless as that we always fell your present & miss you a lot.

  206. Beloved Swamiji, I feel your Bliss and Joy around – you are now with the Masters. Thank you for everything, especially for a home in Ananda and for introducing me to Master Yogananda, leading me to God. All my prayers for you to Divine Mother for your merging and uniting into Her. Aum.

  207. I send you all my love Svamiji.
    Thank you for yors love and for your blessing

  208. Let me share my deepest condolence and prayers for Swamiji’s phisical departure.We are blessed with Kriyanada ji’s inspirations and guidence.
    Ananda Meditation group.

  209. There aren’t very many Ananda followers in New Zealand but I am one. I received Kriya initiation from this inspirational man while in Australia in 1997.

  210. Dear Swamiji,

    I know that you are now blessing us with unceasing Joy and Freedom!

    Thank you for so much more than I can ever express.

    I especially want to thank you for your ultimate examples of Divine Friendship and Love.

    I shall continue to try to share and celebrate these legacies with others as you so generously shared with me, our world-wide Ananda family, and humankind. You are in my heart.

    …May we be One in that Light someday…


  211. Meeting Swamiji in Seattle in 1991 literally turned my life around. I had never felt such joy coming from another human being. He talked about his guru and his life’s work and I was drawn to the teachings. I have been connected to Ananda every since. You left a great legacy for all of us. Be at peace with Divine Mother. You were a great example of overcoming the limitations of the eartthly body to push through to complete Master’s requests of you. Thank you! Aum, Aum, Aum.

  212. Master shook me out of my slumber through AoY, and sent Swamiji (to India) to keep me awake. Even though the hours that I spent in Swamiji’s physical presence were few, he kept me on a tight leash through his books & talks. He never let me go astray. Thank you Master. Thank you Swamiji.

  213. One of the most positive charming loving person in the planet.Swamiji has inspired me the most in these few months that i have come to know him and am eternally grateful for the opportunity he bestowed me of the chance to be able to meet him and talk to him.His final glance when he was leaving bangalore will forever stay with me.He felt more like a grandfather to me.a very loving one.evrytime i watch his video i feel uplifted inspired .He had carried out the brilliant work which enabled us to feel the vibration and consicousness of yogananda and urge us to work hard on knowing urself and loving god for almost 60 years.Thank You swamiji for evrything ,hope to meet you someday some time.

  214. Thank You Swamiji for Everything.
    My heart sank to hear this news but there was also this Joy that he is Free and reunited with the Masters and God.
    I read the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ in 2002 and yearned for my guidance to Him….. and Swamiji with all his wonderful energy arrived in India in 2003! Like thousands of us, he is the guiding light for my soul too.
    I have met him personally only a few times, but I know, he is my very own.
    “From Joy I came, For Joy I live, In Ever New Joy I melt again…..”

    You are a great disciple Swamiji. Guide us always.
    In Divine Love.

  215. Your kindness, smile, and unconditional love has left an indelible imprint in my heart and soul dear Swamiji. Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel. God bless you!

  216. a great Saint has gone .even do i never had the joy of Meeting swamij i feel i lost a dear friend.but still i am happy he is With guruji and they will be togheter for ever
    thank u

  217. My deepest & heartiest condolence pay to beloved SWMIJI. Kindly accept.

    I met only one time at Gurgoan Temple in the beginning of the Temple. Now I have no word to say what I loss for my path of excellence – as inspired by him.

    If anybody Incharge in his place to run ANADA SANGHA, though it is not possible to fulfill his place, please write to me actually his identity so that I may get in touch, as like as earlier.
    Please feel free to write/contact, if I can do any SEVA for ANAND SANGHA (I may ready to go any where in the World).

    With respected regards,
    Diciple of Swamiji (from Long distance)

  218. My Inspiration, my Light!
    with tears because we shall miss you deeply.
    with a smile because that is what you wanted
    -to merge with God.
    At 86, you were my Superhero,
    thank you for touching our lives in so many ways!
    humbly yours,

  219. Kindly accept my heartiest condolence to beloved SWAMIJI.

    Needless to mentioned here that ANY SEVA from my side, ready to do any where in the World on behalf of ANAND SANGHA.


    Ajoy ji

  220. i feel very sad at his departure.i recall as to how he single handedly fought several rounds of legal and spiritual battles with once mighty srf church but humbled soon thereafter.i recall his contributions in making our gurudeva known the world over.from an insignificant presence in shape and size,he developed ANANDA a world wide org.his services to god guru are well preserved and earn him a seat in gurujis own astral kingdom,is my hope,belief andprayers.

  221. You are one with the infinite now.Thank you for your existence with us and helping and inspiring us in so many different ways. My heart is full of gratitude.Rest in peace

  222. An illustrious son has passed away leaving vacuum…irreparable loss to Ananda followers.A great loss…I am grieved for words.

  223. Swamiji has been the only saint I ever met , an inspiring leader who will continue to lead our lives through his books and music. Aum Guru.
    Latha (living at Pune, India)

  224. Master and Swamiji are now one; eternally together.
    What Joy!
    Thank You Swamiji and Thank You Ananda.
    My heart is with you all.

  225. I don’t know what to feel about Swamiji’s mahasamadhi, i don’t know if he’s gone but as they say he’s left one body to live in everybody from now on. i cannot wish him peace as he already is infinite peace, but i can pray for peace of his followers(sons and daughters), may God give them peace and courage to continue at the Path taught by him. AMEN

  226. Swamiji showed how to be a worthy disciple of the great Master, Paramhansa Yogananda. Swamiji was so passionate and enthusiastic about sharing his experiences with the great Guru. He made the great Guru real to me through his blessings and countless writings and speeches.

  227. i never knew i could love someone like that. my heart is broken..
    I feel as though I have lost my best friend.His talks and teachings where fantastic! Thank You Swamiji…….

  228. Deeply shocked to hear the sad news. Swami ji will always remain with us, though his mortal body is no more, like the great masters he will remain with us in our “Kuthasta”, silently guiding us.

  229. I have been inconsolable in my sorrowing for Swami. But listening to Treasures along the Path, I came upon him saying there is no attunement in suffering. And this morning as I was awaking, an image of him was trying to fade into my consciousness and a warm feeling like he was trying to get in. Holy Smokes! Just think if everyone and everything he left that indelible light in, learns how to open up and let it channel to the world, his love will transcend upon this unsuspecting planet like an opposite kind of cataclysm.. one that will make a thousand thousand suns crushed together dim in comparison. Swami Lives!!!!!

    1. A light has gone out of the world.

      SK was an inspiration to me, encouraging in every way, directly, in writings and by the example of his life, sharing his immense wealth of knowledge and compassion.

      I will miss his physical form, his soul continues on.

    2. Well said, Sharon! Yes, he lives — in every song, in every word, and in every one of us. Jai!

  230. Pranams to the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Swamiji. Strangely, I got a youtube link about Sri Swamiji’s talk about Kriya Yoga in Daily Life on April 21, 2013, which I saw on April 22 and April 23, and I came to know about Ananda Sangha on April 23, 2013. When I visited Sri Swamiji’s website, I came to know that Sri Swaimij left this material world on April 21. I decided to learn Kriya Yoga. Thank you Swamiji for your inspiring guidance.

  231. We are all so blessed to have his guidance and presence, ever with us. He has given this world everything people really need. I pray this mission and Ananda’s work grows ever stronger now, fulfilling as he always wished, to help touch many lives! Thank you Swamiji, for teaching us how to experience true joy & to always strive to reach for our highest potential, in God. Aum.

  232. Swamiji was a true devotee to Yogananda as Hanuman to Lord Rama. His dedication is unique. He avoided creating a cult in the name of Yogananda. His work in literature, music will always we remembered. I feel he attained Jeevan Mukta stage.

  233. I’ve been connected to Swamiji through his music and through discipleship to our Guru, though not by spending personal time with him. I’ve been aware of his saintliness because of a superconscious dream precipitated by Asha’s book about him and other indications from Master (that is the only way to express it).

    At the prayer service I could not help crying from a sense of personal grief. Yet, when I went up to the altar to place the candle, though, all I could think was ” Thank you, friend” for all that he has taught us. There was only gratitude.

    However, that night, I had a dream. I don’t usually dream, besides which I was aware and lucid in this one. Swamiji’s consciousness/ spirit popped into my awareness. I was not dreaming of him in the body, it was just a strong awareness of his consciousness. I got the knowing that he was checking on all of us. I clung on to the awareness of his mental presence until the alarm rang, feeling the flow of vibration from him in the form of words and voice (I have no recall of what was said, just a flow of vibration).

    At the astral ascension, I was able to mentally keep lifted and avoid descending into personal grief. I prayed to the Masters one by one, concentrating on each Master’s picture and lingering over it. At the end I looked at Swami’s picture and I realized that he was now “prayable”. I could attune to him as with the Masters and now get an inner response.

    I will still miss the assurance of his physical presence but I am deeply assured of his spiritual accessibility. His words from the song were ringing in my head again today “Nothing can dim the light of my soul…”

  234. Swamiji, you are an incredible soul and I am so happy to be able to share in your teachings and energy, which are, of course, the teachings of our great Guru. David Eby quoted you saying that if we want to know you, listen to your music. Since your passing, I have listened to Secrets of Love several times and, yes, I know you: a channel of light and love. Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do for so many people. You are greatly loved by many. Now, you can rest – at least for awhile!

  235. It is sad when a person of wisdom, experience, and knowledge passes from the earth.
    Even greater is the loss of one of the last direct disciples of Yogananda.

  236. Swami ji was an angel who has created heaven on earth in the form of Ananda Sangha and has facilitated the accelerated development of human evolution in accordance with the present energy levels of people, planet and universal forces. Sometimes it is hard to understand the individual actions or activities, yet when the entire life is seen as a flow of divine guidance, it becomes clear that everything that happened in the life of Swami Kriyananda was part of a divine purpose of guiding both the Swami ji as well as the people looking towards him for spiritual guidance. Seldom such souls come on earth, who have the capacity to suffer personally,yet who live their life for the ideals they cherish and bring the same level of understanding to others. But the glory of God is greatest, who creates angels and divine beings like Swami ji and sends them on earth for the guidance of humanity. God acted through Yoganandaji, Swami ji and acts through each one of us to make us realise the oneness of his creation and to appreciate the divine Leela as a movie run by God. My Pranams to Swami ji for dedicating his life like Christ for his followers and his Guru!! May Swami ji achieve perfect eternal peace and oneness with all his Masters.

  237. I will miss his amazing gentleness, that was communicated through his amazing voice.

    OM Shanti Amen.

  238. I saw Swami speak only two times in person and I never was able to meet him, but never have I felt the deep connection on a soul level with any person like I did with him. I’ve always had a lack of resonance/connection with even my own earthly family which I had always wondered why that was the case.

    Now I know it was to make it easier on me to join my spiritual family and dedicate my life to Ananda. Swami’s presence and magnetism has infused into everyone here to where I feel a deep family connection with many Ananda members.

    Thank you Swami and Ananda for this path :)

  239. Swamiji will always be with us in video audio and his books . truly he resides now in the infinite.I wanted to meet him this year but now not..but he now can be with us in spirit…….May the light be radiate on his path with infinite love


    … a life lived perfectly for God, and Guru..

    …a life lived, to lead those who seek, ‘from the unreal to the real’..

    …a life lived of one who chose, ‘God Alone’…

    …a life that embraced, and celebrated ‘Love is a Magician’..

    …a life that gave us divine hope..

    …may your future be eternally blessed in Divine auspiciousness Sir…

    Jai Guru Jai,

    …k constantino

  241. Gratitude and love fill my heart for all that Swami Kriyananda has given to me and to all his devotees. We are graced with many of his gifts: spiritual family and communities, daily spiritual practice, and spiritual purpose in everything we do. Swamiji will be able to touch many more people now, as he soars in bliss with our beloved Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. Eternal blessings on your sweet soul dear friend and guide.

  242. I met Swami years ago at a Crystal Hermitage event. He had just written another song, which he described as a “sweet little tune.” So appropriate: his own sweetness rivaled the perfume of the surrounding flowers!

    See you soon, gentle soul!
    Susan in WNC

  243. My depth Condolences to Ananda Community ,just now I am reading The Baghavad Gita with teachings from Yogananda .but any way Swami Kriyananda give to us his blessings in this specials moments to home.
    With all Love,Peace and Ligth
    Ma. Cristina Flores Jimenez (Mexico City)

  244. blank

    Love to all my spiritual family. Our Swamiji is free. That blissful and final union with and liberation in God that he had longed for is finally his. Now, we must take what he has given us and give it away. We must be Swamiji to the world, to all receptive souls. “All Krishna’s soldiers are like Krishna.” May they see the same light in our eyes, the same sweetness in our smiles, and feel the same love of God that animated Swamiji. This is the best way that we can honor him, and the greatest thing we can do for him. Blessings always, Dayanand

  245. blank

    Dearest beloved Swamiji,

    You are our dearest friend, who has guided us to our beloved Master and Divine Mother. Our tears are those of joy knowing that you are free in God. We are truly indebted to you for bringing us ever closer to our own home in the Divine.

    So much joy! So much joy!

  246. When I go inside, Swamiji is now more vividly present than ever. I am so thankful for this new gift and for the light of grace that has shown through his life. He has dramatically changed my life for the better. His discipleship is beyond exemplary. The impact of all that he has done is so enormous that one can only begin to speculate as to the long term benefits for the world. Through him and through Master I see my hope of Self-Realization as realistic. God Bless Swamiji.

  247. Swami was my first teacher in the body…and oh, how I struggled with him. Truly a flawless mirror…hearing of his passing brought me to tears I didn’t even have for my own father. Even though I left the community I felt his love and guidance over the years. When my ego struggled, such a pure loving response. God bless you in His community and keep your eyes open

  248. It’s rather sad to learn this tormoiling world will be deprived of such a loving presence. May he be ever active in the divine realms, free of the physical body and reunited with his beloved Guru, tirelesslly working for the upliftment of mankind as he did throughout most of his life. Swamiji will be dearly missed.

  249. A great spirit, blessed teacher, illuminated scholar, and extraordinary humanitarian, his light as love gives eternally meaningful wisdom to humanity. With great respect and love, a student, and devotee. Daniela

  250. Several God Intoxicated ones passed within a few years of each other.

    Each in her/his own way honored their Guru fully by their very Love developed.

    Victory to you and beloved joy and peace with the Beloved.

  251. Over many years, I have learned much from his books and tapes. They were an essential part of my spiritual progress. I am saddened by his passing.

  252. I have only just began my journey and recently “met” him here online. But, tho not in body here any longer, I feel his energy and wisdom will touch and heal my life going forward.
    Thank you, thank you.
    Blessing to those who knew and loved him.

  253. I am so sad. Another of Master’s disciples. Swamiji’s book “The Path” was given to me by a coworker and it started me on my own path to self realization. I just reread the new version of “The (New) Path”. What a talented, committed man. He certainly utilized his life to the fullest, from what I have deduced.

  254. Todo cuanto he leído de sus escritos me han sido muy útiles, pues su forma de explicarlos es sencilla y precisa, considero que es una gran alma. Mi más sincero agradecimiento por sus enseñanzas. OM SANTI

  255. We will miss you dearly swami. You are in our hearts at all times. You have tought me so much, and for that I am so greatfull to you! I will try my hardest to fulfill your last wishes of me!

  256. We will miss you dearly swami. You are in our hearts at all times. You have tought me so much, and for that I am so greatfull to you! I will try my hardest to fulfill your last wishes of me!

    Love and light,

  257. I never got to meet Swami Kriyananda but know of him through Yogananda books. Such an inspiration and informative movement….opening my eyes to my own development. God bless him on his journey and the light he shone for many. May you all within the Yogananda movement continue what the Divine Master has willed.
    God bless.

  258. Dear Swamiji

    Mother Bless you very much for your help to the world.

    forever yours

  259. Thank you Swamiji Kriyananda for your blessings, your books and your spiritual guidance – Rest in Peace

  260. blank

    April 21, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Words seem so shallow at this time. Meditation seems the only way for me to express the love, gratitude and joy that I feel for this most exalted of disciples! It seems to me now that if we can emulate his kindness and his example of Dharma in all situations then we too will become as Swamiji, one with our Beloved!
    Hari Bol Swamiji,Hari Bol!!!!

    Where there is Right Action….there is VICTORY!

    1. The biggest blessing in my life came from Master through Swamiji, when I first read “The Path”. Swamiji’s central theme on which his life was based, that to be a great devotee of Master, is what I constantly use to remind myself whenever I get into some kind of worry. At the end if only Master is pleased with the way I lived my life, I would think my life was worth it.

      I certainly feel Master did all those things through Swamiji that he didn’t have time to do in his own incarnation as Yogananda. And he couldn’t have chosen any better instrument than our beloved Swamiji, the greatest example of an ideal disciple I can imagine.

  261. The Ananda Denver Meditation Group was together on Sunday morning for scheduled Service. We were so fortunate to be able to participate at a distance inSwami’s astral ascension ceremony. We reminisced about his coming into our lives and the joy and blessings we have received by being a part of his spiritual family. We are so grateful for the love of Master and His energy that Swami brought to each of us.
    Personally being a part of Ananda has brought healing into all aspects of this life. Thank you, Swami

  262. Though I never met him personally, his book “Autobiography of a Western Yogi” was a turning point in my life. Thanks for giving the world the account of the years spent with Yogananda. Through your words he came alive again for me. You were a true and loyal witness. Thank you.

  263. We knew the day would come when our beloved Swamiji would be called to his divine reward. It is for us now to celebrate his liberation, to feel for his continuing guidance, and to carry Ananda forward with vigilant attunement to his will and his blessed ways. Swamiji gave his life to serving Master’s mission. We can do him no greater honor than to dedicate ourselves to furthering the work he so lovingly, creatively and tirelessly undertook for over sixty-four years. We rejoice that he is one with God at last.

    1. Such a well spoken, and stated sentiment, and tribute..

      …what lovely words you have placed ‘at his feet’, and upon our consciousness..

      …AMEN… ….and yes “his divine reward”,

      …that auspicious divine reward…


  264. I met Swamiji for the first time on his birthday in 2008. I wanted to have one physical contact with my guru.I
    touched his feet, moved closer and greeted him happy birthday.He touched me at a point between my eyebrows and blessed me that day.We looked into each others eyes and i knew he had scanned my life. All i could do is offer a
    pronam. Suddenly i felt a pressure between my eyebrows and a sweet feeling in my heart. Since then,my thoughts
    and feelings have been guided by Swamiji. The pressure between my eyebrows still remains and i know that Swamiji has just left his body. He is very much alive and will continue to guide his disciples.

    Bhawa teetam, triguna raheetam, Sadgurum tuam namami. (Beyond all thoughts and qualities, My guru, I bow to you.)


  265. Many years ago when I was living in the Bay Area (1995) and would go to Ananda in Grass Valley for my spiritual retreats, I was invited by Swamaji to meditate with him privately. It was such an honor and I remember not only my mind but my body fidgeting relentlessly as Swamaji oblivious to my self-consciousness, just sat peacefully.

    I loved that place and it always renewed me and supported the depth of my spiritual practice. I have much gratitude for sitting with beings of greatness. Thank you, Swami Kriyananda.

  266. As an SRF student for many years I was very touched by Kriyananda’s videos and mission to spread the humanity saving message of the Masters; his deep peace, gentleness and love has a way of drawing one in. His exaltation was evident from the first sentence. Unknown at the time, I bought his new book about Master on the day he passed. How wonderful now that he is with Master in Eternal Bliss and working for us all!

  267. The mankind has become bereft of a great spiritual leader and a great human being whose contribution to the science of self-realization is irreplaceable. May Paramhamsa Yoganandaji send this great soul once again to this mortal planet in the interest of the mankind.

  268. When I think of Swamiji, I feel greatful for the lessons of living life – the honesty, the humour, the learning from mistakes and moving on and his practical wisdom. But most of all, I am amazed at the number of angels and saints in human form that he has magnetised to Ananda and through whom the guidance of the Masters will pass on. My heart goes out to those wounderful souls who had the good fortune of being with him, who must miss his physical presence dearly. Aum Peace Amen

    1. Thank you, Malavika…I am missing him so much..I must go within…

  269. Dearest Sangha, dear gurubais and ministers of Ananda Church of Self Realization. You all are part of the great gift Swamiji has given me, and us. I join with you in celebrating his life and his soul’s peace-filled ascension. With gratitude for all he let me be and become, Samiji’s passing strengthens my commitment to the “ray” of teachings he exemplified, to God, Christ and Guru, and to the vision Swamiji manifested as “Ananda” world-wide. From Joy You came – for Joy You lived – in sacred Joy you merged again. I bow to you dear teacher. “Jai Swami Kriyananda” – omnipresent energy – your life shines forth, soul eternal.

  270. The biggest blessing in my life came from Master through Swamiji, when I first read “The Path”. Swamiji’s central theme on which his life was based, that to be a great devotee of Master, is what I constantly use to remind myself whenever I get into some kind of worry. At the end if only Master is pleased with the way I lived my life, I would think my life was worth it.

    I certainly feel Master did all those things through Swamiji that he didn’t have time to do in his own incarnation as Yogananda. And he couldn’t have chosen any better instrument than our beloved Swamiji, the greatest example of an ideal disciple I can imagine.

  271. Thanks Swamiji for bringing forth spiritual communities. It is such a blessing to have a place I can go to that supports my spiritual growth. Go with Love and Joyful blessings!

  272. I have been listening to him on Disha Channel almost every day about Swami Yogananda’s book and his teachings. I’m also reading Autobiography of Parmhansa Yogananda. I’ll miss his lecturers. May God bless his soul.
    Hari Om

  273. Paramahansa Yogananda, a Biography, is my favorite work by Swami Kriyananda. It gave even more insight into the great Yogi and this very fine Gentleman and swami, Swami Kriyananda. I know he was met by his Guru in the shinning Spiritual Heaven, that he so greatly earned, from leading a splendid Spiritual life. God Bless You Swami Kriyananda….Dr. Richard.

  274. blank

    Dear Swamiji,

    Your graciousness and giving nature has showered my life with blessings. Thank you so much for everything you are. More than any teaching, your example has guided Ananda and will continue to guide it.

    I love you, and will miss you! But I’ll carry your words with me, which you said when I asked how I could serve Master better: “Love him with all your heart. Don’t worry about the details — the love, that’s the important part.”

  275. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for Swami Kriyananda. His inspirational life story, steadfast dedication to his Guru, and endless positive energy in the face of great trials will continue to serve as a shining light for me to emulate in my own life. I feel so blessed to have found Ananda and am fully aware that these blessings are entirely due to Swami’s unending creative energy and ability to manifest God’s will. Swamiji, you will always live in my heart and have my deepest eternal gratitude. May you be surrounded by love and light as you soar to freedom in the astral world. Aum, peace, amen.

  276. Thank you for so many gifts and for being my vehicle to Master. Showing us always that being in the flow of Divine guidance there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Farewell dear friend and guide…we shall miss you and remember you always.

  277. When our paths crossed at the Expanding Light I remember a smile, a bright light and a huge auric glow! May that light never dim and guide his way on! Rest in Peace Swamiji

  278. Soboleznuju Ananda Spasibo i Prosti Svami Krijananda ! V Poslednij Put Molitvami Bozestvrnnoj Materi ! Vsemi Svjatimi OMEN

  279. Swami Kriyananda died in the most perfect place: where the long-awaited union of East and West was in perfect harmony. With the blessings of Saint Francis and Yogananda, Swami reached the heaven of the blessed. Swami obliged to fulfill the will of his master, creating many spiritual communities and in particular that, in Assisi, where the great spiritual presence of the stigmatized will be forever!

  280. Thank you Swamiji, your life and work will forever be a beacon to light our way towards the infinite. Om Shanti

  281. Swamiji – thank you for your presence in my life. I continue to grow – and need your divine blessings – I miss you. Please stay with me in my journey. You blessed so many souls. Thank you.

  282. My Pranams to the blessed Swamiji. Many of his books and videos have been a great source of inspiration to me. Great Gurus continue to bless us with their presence even though they are not in the physical form.

  283. A Great Swami and Saint ,who spread teachings of Master Paramahansa Yogananda world wide.Thankyou for the Divine awakening.Swamiji will be in our heart always.

  284. Dearest friend, as I walked in the park feeling bereft, I at once became more acutely aware of the sound of the wind in the trees, of the brilliant sunshine and of the shimmering effulgence of the various multi-hued blossoms, and I realized that it was you whispering in the wind and the beauty around me. I knew then that in your freedom from physical form you were more with us than ever and always would be. I rejoice now in your freedom and am ever grateful for the great blessing of your friendship in God, your guidance, your example of dedication and service and for the divine love that flowed so freely through you to all who were willing to receive it. May that love continue to inspire our efforts to carry on with the great work that Master has given us all to do.

    Joy, joy, ever new joy!

  285. When I arrived at Ananda Swamiji had moved to Italy. I was disappointed that I had just missed him. But I was told He had said “if you to know me, listen to my music” so I did. I joined the choir, learned to chant and tuned into a depthless pool love, bliss and wisdom.
    Thank you Swamiji for the gift of your deep attunment to Master, sharing your gift of friendship and showing us what a life well lived looks like. I am forever blessed by you and all the souls that have been drawn to Ananda, for we have found each other again. How can I miss you when you are all around! But in moments of sadness, all is needed is your music and I am filled with your spirit and bliss. With unceasing gratitude! Jivani

  286. My Greatest Gratitude for this lovely man and all that he gave us. As we all look back on his life and see all the steps of his journeys, it is awesome to see. For, we do not know what tomorrow brings but looking back at all he brought to the world, and, to our little corner of the world – the Nevada City, California area…oh what blessings we received and how fortunate that so much love from God came through Swami to bestow on us through him. I have soft love and gratitude in my heart. In pure vibrational loving peace. Mary Kasuba

  287. So sorry to hear about the passing of a true gentle soul, who worked so hard to transform the world. Even though Swami has ‘gone home’ he lives on through the teachings he gave to us all.

  288. Thank you for the heaven sent example and inspiration. God bless you and rest in peace

  289. My heart is saddened in the loss of Swami Kriyananda. He is such a lovely soul and such a ray of light for us to follow. I so enjoyed listening to his talks he would give. He is not only a wonderful Spirit but his humor was so amazing. His smile lights up my day. He will be missed in his earthly form but will still serve many in Spirit form.
    My deepest sympathy to the Ananda Community.

  290. “To Swami Kriyananda

    This man’s writing alone has been a huge aiding factor in my path towards enlightenment since age ten and I would recommend anyone feeling uncertain of life and spirituality to read his autobiography, The Path. Shine on brightly,

    You’ll always be in my heart and on my bookshelf.”

  291. This man was not only an intellectual and creative giant but a kind and inspiring spiritual guide. I thank him for his leadership and his brilliant insights into modern society. The few times I saw him in person are all unforgettable moments, and I cherish each letter I received from him. See you later, Dear One.

  292. blank

    Goswami has asked that we share this message with you: “We have learned today that Swami Kriyananda, the Founder of Ananda has transitioned. During his life Swamiji helped thousands of people and did much good in the world as he shared the Kriya Yoga teachings of his beloved Guru Paramhansa Yoganandaji. As you find beauty, joy and bliss through the Kriya Yoga teachings, perchance you might stop for a moment and radiate your gratitude to all of those who preserve and share these teachings. In the coming days, perchance you might also share a thought of gratitude to Swami Kriyananda for his part in sustaining the Kriya Yoga teachings, that the goodness which he has brought to the world become an ever greater blessing in the coming decades.”

  293. My heart is embracing you all in the spirit and memory of Swami Kriyananda. I am blessed to have studied Ananda Yoga at Expanding Light amongst all you beautiful souls and teachers. And further more being uplifted by the ever present Love, Energy and Guidance of Swami Kriyananda. I am comforted by knowing he did not have to struggle or suffer during his transition.
    The service was beautiful and heart opening and I am grateful for having been able to join the live coverage.


    God bless you all!
    Glasgow UK

  294. My contact with Swamiji started with “A way to awakening” on TV. First thought was that what is this foreign swami going to teach in India, but in time, I found him to be a true Hindu than most of us. Slowly but surely, watching his talks left me a changed man and I started regarding him as a true friend even before having any contact with him. I laughed with him, rejoiced with him, and shed tears of joy with him. It was beautiful to listen to his talks and I would tune in to the television each day with great anticipation of learning from him. In time, i even got to meet him and later have correspondence with him. His words were that of a true friend and guide, ever encouraging. It is emotional and heartening to see him leave us as I was dreading this day for some time, imagining what life would be like without this his physical presence. You are my best friend Swamiji, I thank you and God for this gift of divine friendship. May we meet again in God.

  295. The great disciple has joined the Great Guru. His ‘PATH’ will
    lead us always the path of immortal light.
    Pranam Guruji***

  296. Thanks for being so brave, determined and loyal to his Master Yogananda and teach their other sides beautiful. You broke part of the dogma and fanaticism unconscionable that the disciples can generate about a Master and get your own achievement. You will be enjoying the purest immortality.

  297. Dearest Swamiji,

    Words cannot express the gratitude of my full heart, but I rejoice to know you are free of the body and able to guide and bless us even more, now that your consciousness is truly unlimited. What a magnificent astral celebration must be going on right now! Congratulations on your soul’s freedom, and from all of us, Go With Love!

    Larry Rider

  298. I was so upset to hear the unexpected news on sunday!
    I Love You Swamij. What a Great Great Soul! I had hoped to meet you just one more time, but it was not meant to be. I’ll Miss your physical presence here in this world – and I thank you for everything Swamiji. Love you.
    Om Guru.

  299. From a suggestion by Jyotish I began a video project on Ananda and the Joyful Arts. In August 2010 I had 25+ wonderful conversations, but alas Swamiji couldn’t do it then. In September I received a communication that said he was in Los Angeles and would like to be interviewed. My gaffer partner and I trucked all our gear to Los Angeles and the next day met Swamiji for 45 minutes. From the moment we held hands to the time he blessed us, it was he and I and Master. Midway in our conversation I told him I saw Master standing behind him, because I did. We talked about the Joyful Arts, his music, laughed some and I listened a lot. What stays with me is not the words that were spoken, but a wordless Joy. How blessed we were to have that short time.

  300. I know Swami best through his amazing works, books, lectures, music and Ananda ministers. Having only been in his presence a few times my life has been deeply blessed by his work and there are no words to express my gratitude for this great soul. His work guided me to my guru, and beautiful spiritual family. My prayers are with everyone at this time and especially the ministers that will continue to guide us and bring masters blessings to the world.

  301. I had the privilege to meet and listen to Swamiji talk a few times in LA. One of those times I received a special blessing from swamiji that changed my life from that day on. I hope we will meet again some day on the astral plain.
    sincerely yours Rob Tanner

  302. You have touched so many more people than you may have realized. Just today I was in a furniture store in Incline Village, NV (Lake Tahoe) chatting with the owner whom I had just meet in the last month. I asked her to forgive me but my mind is in a different space right now, the founder of my church just recently passed away in Assisi, Italy. She then asked me what church and when I said Ananda she said oh no, Donald Walters? Then she lovingly told me the story of when she met you and quoted what you had said to her and how she was touched by meeting you. I have my own special memories of being with you which bring me joy.

  303. Gracias Maestro, Por su espiritualidad, por su trabajo y empeño, y por haber acrecentado el inolvidable trabajo del maestro Yogananda. Gracias por haber seguido la huella y por habernos dado la oportunidad de seguir teniéndolos tan cerca, por esta vía.

    1. Gracias Carlos por sus palabras son de gran consuelo que su misión se extendió tambien a los paises de habla Hispana.

  304. blank

    Behind my deep sadness at his passing, I feel great joy for his well deserved freedom. I will forever be grateful for all that he has given, for his wisdom and blessings, his constant kindness, his inspiration, and his unfailing example of perfect discipleship. His was a truly divine life.
    I am thrilled to feel him closer now than when he was having to deal with a problematic human body. May that continue to be so for all of us.

  305. blank

    I met Swami Kriyananda in 1971. He has been my spiritual friend and guide since that time – ever true, ever a channel for Yogananda to me, and ever supportive of my own highest good. He has been an incredible blessing to this world.

  306. Swami Kriyananda is and always will be a great and beautiful inspiration to us all. I pray that tears of those
    close to him will become tears of joy in the realization
    that he has not really left us at all. I wish that I could
    have met him, but then, we will all meet him again.
    Blessings to you all.

  307. I am filled with joy for your final freedom in joining Master, and with grief for the absence of your Light on this earth. I am filled with gratitude for your amazing discipleship, your love and your friendship, and the legacy and wealth of all you have left us. I pray I may be a good disciple and love you forever. sharmila

  308. I am deeply touched by the translation of Swamiji. Coincidentally I read of his passing just after listening to his talk on Chapter 2 vs 22 of the Gita. The physical plane has lost a great soul but he will always be in the hearts of many devotees. I pray that he makes himself available to our inner eyes any time we call on him.
    May he rest in perfect peace. Amen

  309. Dear Swamiji,
    When you were inLos Angeles last year, it was clear that your soul had expanded beyond your body’s ability to contain it. We called the interview that we did your “legacy interview.” It was just that. When you talked about seeking to know God, your voice cracked with joy. For me, Swamiji, you made all the difference. You shed Light on this path and showed me the way to Gurudeva and to the experience of union with Divine Mother. I will never forget your kindness in letting me take Nyaswami vows. I took them in March, even though I was still recovering from a serious car accident because I wanted you to know that I accepted your blessing in my life. When you were not sharing bliss with us, your whole being was moving towards Infinity. Knowing my own sense of loss, I can only try to imagine what that loss is like for those who lived with you and loved you for decades. Still, we have you in our hearts and we have your clear teaching. In the Christian tradition, we hear God saying, “We’ll done, thou good and faithful servant.” So, friend of our souls, “Well done.”

  310. It is through Swamiji’s impersonal love that each of us feels a deep, individual and extraordinarily personal connection. It is through his example of discipleship and generous heart that we can learn how to love in the truest sense and as God intended. I will always be grateful to you Swami, for your trust, your support and your wisdom. I know your spirit will always be present. Your humor, your sensitivity, your creativity, your wisdom, your integrity, and your honesty, will be etched in our memories. We will feel your presence through the sound of childlike laughter, the beauty of nature, the delight at a good joke, your books, your plays, your music, and each other. Your spirit will “waft” to all corners of this planet – exuding the peace and bliss our hearts crave!

  311. I am in a state of shock, because I just came to know.
    And I am angry on myself because I didn’t check my emails since a few days, and I didn’t read news, and didn’t come to know about Swamiji’s passing away.
    How could I be such a stupid.

    All I can say is that I wish I could have met him just one more time. Its a loss for the world.
    Its my loss. I am going to miss him. And for me “there will be no looking forward to meeting him anymore”.

    Please God, bless his soul. Give strength to all the people who loved him. Because I know that he will be deeply missed.

    1. Himani, meditate with him and feel him in your heart. He is there with all of us..do not feel stupid..feel his love.

  312. Pranaam Swamiji…
    I had the tremendous good fortune to listen to you and to get to see you in November 2012 mumbai.
    I feel so blessed to have had your darshan. Thank you for the lovely soulful spiritual music that you have given to the world. Your life was the most beautiful gift that a disciple can offer to his Master..:)
    “Come out of the darkness mother
    Bathe me in thy light….bathe me in thy light…”
    I am sure you are bathing in it…now that you are one with it..:)
    Profound gratitude

  313. I had not seen him but I love him as a kriyayogi. I feel heartless when I got the news. Blessings to swamiji. It is a great loss to anandam family.

  314. The first time that I saw swamiji, I was really young, probably 10. I used to go to Ananda Assisi with my parents because my aunt moved there. I remember one day my aunt told me “Benedetta, this is Swami Kryananda!” and I thought “I dont like him!!”.
    The years passed and I wasn’t close to this path, but after more than 15 years i had the blessing to see him again but this time the first thought was “I love him, and I want to follow him, always!”. I had the chance to help one of the movie troup during the filming here in Italy with Swamy and I went in India the last year just to stay around him, and I can say that I was totally trasformed by his presence. He made me grow spiritually so fast and sometime I found myself scared because i knew that his presence could make everything intense, fast and i wanted to be ready for all the challenges and all the blessings.
    Watching at his body 2 days ago, came in to my mind this memory: I was totally new in Ananda and I didn’t know anything about India, Yogananda, Swami..I was holding the clapperboard during the filming and i found myself looking swamiji’s feet and i felt this intence desire to touch them, and i didn’t know why. I didn’t do it, I was too shy.
    And now i had his feet in front of me, again.
    What a gift that he gave me, to everybody. Not just the feet i could touch, but his soul.
    I will never forget His real love that opened my heart and made me part of this amazing path that complitely change my life!
    All my love to Swamiji
    Benedetta, Ananda Assisi

  315. Rest in peace Swamiji..Many thank for your teaching,love and guidance.Amazing n beautiful soul..om..

    Blessing,peace and you to all.

  316. Rest in peace Swamiji..Many thank for your teaching,love and guidance.Amazing n beautiful soul..om..

    Blessing,peace and joy to all.

  317. A Hole in the Spiritual Sky

    By Doug Andrews
    In memory of Swamiji

    There is a hole in the spiritual sky
    It is HUGE! Someone could fly a 787 Dreamliner through it; maybe ten of them! That hole is so big that the entire city of Chicago, lit with a pinch of my flesh, could fit easily.

    And if I back up just enough,
    Kneel down,
    Tilt my head to the left a bit,
    Close one eye and squint with the other,
    That hole bears a striking resemblance to the shape of a friend
    Who recently passed this way.

    Can you hear that?
    Shhh! Cover your left ear.
    Listen! It could be
    Pin-balling molecules of air pounding?
    Wind in ten thousand leaves of mountain Birch?
    Ah! Now I remember! The whoooshhh of
    Wildly winging swans by the trillions
    Blowing trade winds of devotion
    Toward the equator of my soul.

    My friend forgot to close the door when he left.
    It’s a habit he has.
    And so I stand,
    Close my eyes and drink in the
    Sandalwood scent of him
    that lingers still.
    I am a little drunk and I know it.
    Such, sweet, sweet wine he brought to share.
    My heart smiles at the memory of him, and
    At the door, open wide, he left for me.

    April 25, 2013

    1. Doug, This is a stunning poem. I love the imagery and the sentiment. I have sent it around in other places, too.

  318. Thank you, Swamiji, for your Guru-inspired life that you generously shared with all of us(even those of us who were only in your physical presence but a few times) and for your example of impeccable discipleship. I am eternally grateful for the legacy that you leave for all, shining a light on our path guiding us to our Divine home.
    Jai Guru, Jai Swamiji

  319. Dear Swamiji,

    I met you this lifetime at the San Francisco Scottish Rite Memorial Temple, December 6th – World Brotherhood Day. You sang, gave a talk and stood blessing several hundred people on the spiritual eye and then walked around greeting people. I hugged you enthusiastically (and possibly painfully as my hugs back then were quite forceful) and had an experience that changed my life direction forever. Wish I could say I was completely open to God’s grace that flows through you. My ego seems to have the won’t power of 10,000 elephants as you waited years – decades to make suggestions that seem obvious – so painfully obvious – now. Thank you Swamiji for this experience of impersonal, unending, unconditional Love supported in the Joy and Wisdom of God. I will spend the rest of my lives doing my best to share what you gave to me to all. You have fulfilled Master’s vision and reached millions of people with the message, “Joy is within you”. Love, aumkara

  320. A life of service that will be my inspiration for many years to come. May your soul be blessed, Swamiji.

  321. I was blessed to be visiting at Ananda Village when the news came of Swamiji’s passing. I have never felt such a mix of emotions on hearing of a death. I felt joy for Swami and sorrow for all of us left behind. I’d get sad and then I’d feel joy for Swami. What a roller coaster of emotions.

    The greatest tribute to Swami was the way everyone carried on. The tulip viewing was in full force so folks had to be present to the visitors. Swamiji’s presence permeates the Village and even more so as devotees put their personal grief and shock aside to serve others, such is the legacy of this great soul, beautiful. Jai Swamiji!

    1. blank

      What a beautiful story, thank-you for sharing.
      I too felt the joy and sorrow… but then I realized that being sad would defeat Swamiji’s entire life and teachings.

      It is hard to sing Swamiji’s songs now without weeping, but I know he is where he has always wanted to be– with Master.

      What an incredible historic event to have witnessed.

  322. blank

    I have never met such an incredibly humble, joyful, and selfless soul as Swamiji. I see now more than ever that Swamiji is a saint. Since his passing from the material world, I have found his love for Master more accessible than ever.

    I want to live my life as Swamiji has. Ever since the day I met him at 13 yrs old, I knew that I wanted to do what he was doing– dedicating this life to God and Guru.

    Whatever Swamiji had, I wanted it! His ego-free way of sharing the teachings made a profound affect on my life at such a young age.

    I moved to Ananda because the vibrations here are like no other. I am incredibly grateful to Swamiji for making life on earth a sacred pathway to God. I don’t know where I would be without the communities he has created, the deep practice of Kriya Yoga, and the divine friendships we have at Ananda.

    I am honored to have been in the company of such a bright light, a liberated jivan-mukta, and to have been blessed by you. What a sacred gift.

    Swamiji reminds me more than ever that this life is temporary, and so we need to keep our eye on the goal.
    We all love you and will miss you, but your life lives through every song, affirmation, meditation, satsang, prayer, and chant that we offer.

    “A tiny bubble of laughter, you have become the Sea of mirth itself.”

    1. You will stay the course for him and Master. It is written in your Karma……..God’s Love,,Jeff

  323. This past Tuesday eve, the village choir all got together (and anyone else who wanted to participate–there were probably 50 strong) at the Crystal Hermitage to sing and perform Swami’s songs together, including instrumentals. The latter part happened in the dome, and I have to say, his Presence in there was so palpable that I was absolutely certain he was sitting there in the dome with us, watching, pleased… and of course in bliss. I was filled with so much joy, like never before! AND I felt so much love being shared amongst us. This is his legacy. Truly, nothing has changed. If anything, I believe, with all my heart, that he is with us MORE now… more so because he is no longer limited to and confined by that ailing body. He is absolutely free, and part of that freedom involves being more present with us than ever before.
    I cannot even begin to tell you how very grateful I am for this path and my fellow Gurubais!

  324. [This message was sent to an Ananda member with the request to share it with the wider Ananda community. Justine is the widow of Michael Toms, the very well-known and respected host of New Dimensions radio. —Editor]

    Ah, so very sad we’ve lost such a major spiritual figure. I know Swamiji will be missed greatly by the many, many people he served and inspired. As you no doubt know, Michael Toms also passed away this year (In Janaury). I think Swamiji and Michael must be in the great beyond smiling on us all and sending their enormous love and encouragement.

    My most deep condolences to the entire Ananda community. Please do pass to the community my heartfelt thoughts that Swamiji can rest now in the knowledge that the world was a better place for the work he did here.


  325. Although it is so sad for us you are no longer here, every time I think of you now I see you sitting with Master, Rajasi, Dr. Lewis, and all of our dear Ananda friends who have passed on before us… all of you sitting in a big group, full of light and smiles and laughter, at your astral welcome home party. You must be so full of joy to be with Master now. You are free! Free at last! We miss you Swami-ji, but know we’ll be one in that light someday. bless you dear one, and thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have given to all of us. No one has given Master’s disciples more. we love you!

  326. I had been coming to Ananda for some time before I met Swamiji at an Oratorio performance in Sacramento. The music transfixed my soul. Afterwards, I had a chance to meet him and thank him for sharing such beautiful music with the world. Since that day, whenever I hear “Thy Will” I feel Swamiji so deeply in my heart it brings joyful tears. One of my most treasured memories is traveling and singing with him on the 2000 Choir Tour through Italy. Sharing the Oratorio every other night for three weeks ~ Bliss!

    Since that day in Sacramento, I have always felt a deep connection to Swamiji through the thread of the music he wove so beautifully. Although over the years I had other moments of connecting with him, and receiving on a couple of occasions direct guidance, it’s always been the music that made me know his soul was pure and that he was my dearest Friend.

    If not for Swamiji, I doubt that I would have found my guru in this lifetime. If not for him, I would not have known the meaning of Divine Friendship. I am forever grateful to Master for the many gifts He has given so many through this divinely guided channel in human form.

    “Give life your heart
    Bless everything that’s grown
    Fear not the loving
    All this world’s your own”

    Lisa Clark
    Ananda Village

  327. I got just one opportunity to meet Swami ji at Gurgaon center.Though I could not touch his feet,which I really wanted to.
    I was impressed with his Clarion call and his truth-inspired words.I bow to you and to masters.

  328. It was quite disturbing to hear the news of Swamiji’s passing away. I have occasionally heard him on TV & got to learn a lot from Him. He opened to me the world of Paramhansa Yogananda – about whom I heard from Swami ji only.
    I thank our Dearest Swami ji, even as He ascends to another level of being & existence, for His contribution towards my spiritual education as well as for enlightening me about the path & cult created by Paramhansa Yogananda – whose legacy He carried so gracefully.

    My sincere condolences to all the followers & family members of Swamiji through all His life’s journeys.
    May God Bless All & May God be with Dear Swami ji.

  329. I feel like I have lost a close friend, even though I never even got the opportunity to meet Swami in real life. The Love, wisdom and encouragement that was transmitted through his books, talks, and songs is so rare in this world.

  330. Events often seem to synchronize on the spiritual path. Thoughts and intuitions are often echoed and seem confirmed by outward events. A number of months ago I found in a used bookstore a book on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It was not from Yogananda’s lineage, but I felt strongly that this was the subject I most wanted to find out more about next (after a few years spent soaking in the teachings from Swamiji’s writings, talks and music as well as from Ananda’s available body of teachings). Within a few weeks of this find I came to learn that Swamiji had produced (and in record time) a book on this very subject which he was calling “Demystifying Patanjali”. This seemed to confirm within me a joyous sense of synchronization, of being on the right track. The book I had found that day introduced me to an important Sanskrit word and concept I had not heard before, “kaivalya”, translated as “emancipation”, and presented as the highest goal for the yogi sadhaka. It seemed curious, but I could not remember ever encountering this word anywhere in Swamiji’s talks or writings on Master’s teachings.

    But on Saturday evening, April 20th, I happened to be reading Swamiji’s book “Revelations of Christ”, Chapter 8, and read concerning Sanataan Dharma in Hinduism, that it, “has emphasized the highest possible attainment, the reality referred to almost always by Jesus Christ when he spoke of heaven and the Kingdom of God: Kaivalya Moksha, complete soul-liberation and eternal union with God, the Infinite and Supreme Lord. Indeed, every true religion…leads to Kaivalya Moksha…”

    Here I was in California, encountering this Sanskrit word in Swamiji’s book that I had been curious about for months, and it turned out I had this little revelation, this personal answer in Swamiji’s words, at nearly the very moment of his passing. It was a poignant moment to come upon that word, that phrase, that concept! Mixed with the initial sadness hearing of Swamiji’s passing, what an inner joy that little coincidence gave me. And now Swamiji’s spirit is free, therefore accessible. As Nayaswami Asha said in Assisi, the focal point for finding this consciousness is at the spiritual eye.

  331. a great describable loss to many like me who are seeking their path to self realization n liberation..

  332. A Great Soul indeed!
    “I am free, I am free, in myself I am Free…”
    Go on Master…

  333. Thank You Swami,
    For the joy and Laughter and Spiritual sharing for
    over 2 years at Ananda. You brought Master alive
    for me and my family. We are ever grateful and hold
    you in the highest Divine Regard!!!
    Love Always,
    Kryshna, Maartje, Brad, Melissa and Elana Kreydick

  334. Dear Swamiji,

    I feel blessed to have met you and spent some time with you.
    I will always cherish the beautiful moments I spent in your presence. You filled us with your love.
    Thank you for the gift of Kriya Yoga and the spiritual wealth that you have given me and to all your devotees.
    My life has been changed.
    I am sad and miss your physical presence in my life but you will always be living in my heart as a great guide.
    You are loved and missed. I bow to a great divine soul. Om

  335. blank

    Go with love, dearest Swamiji! I’m feeling an inexpressible gratitude your ever-expanding presence in my heart, and for the calm assurance that your loving guidance and inspiration will flow to me always. I cannot conceive what my life would be without your influence, without your life of self-offering to all of us. How can we thank you for bringing us to the path, for introducing us to our Gurus, for a meaningful, fulfilled life, and for our incredible spiritual family of souls that is Ananda? Swamiji, please guide our hands, feet, and service, and help us to share our Guru’s vibration ever more perfectly in this world. May you soar forever in the Light of infinite Freedom and Bliss. In Master’s eternal love, daya

  336. blank

    I am in Kanyakumari with Amma .. Tonight she did a public program for 20,000 people. In the middle of the madness I went up to her and handed her my iPhone with a picture of Swami on it and informed her of his passing, asking her to add blessing on his ascension. She said she remembered him well as they met in France 15+ years ago. She asked some brief questions about Ananda which she also knew of… And then offered her blessing to his ascension. Thought I would share. ♥

  337. Swami~
    Thank you for
    ~opening my heart’s devotion through your inspiring music
    ~expanding my heart’s love through the sweetness and strength of spiritual community
    ~sharing Yogananda’s Divine Ray of Light through the clarity and wisdom of your writings.
    In Divine Friendship ~ Kit

  338. I knew Kriyananda only through his writings, music, and a few public lectures. Nevertheless, he touched my life deeply. His books first guided me onto the Path. His music inspired and comforted. Kriyananda himself was a living example of joy, of willingness, and of gentleness and kindness in the face of criticism. Finally, his conflicts with SRF forced me to consider on a deeper level, beyond outward membership, the meanings of discipleship and loyalty. Kriyananda was a channel of grace for me, as he was for many. I grieve his passing, though I know it was time for him to go. I will always be grateful to him.

  339. Dear Swamiji: To a truly divine being that graced our planet for such a short time. I was so greatful to be of sevice and learn from your great bounty of joy and wisdom the last ten years, and will miss you greatly here. I honor your ecstatic presence however wherever I find you, and honor you with serice and love at your center. I pray to Divine Mother that you are presently with out great Guru Paramahansa Yoganandaji, as well as your guides and teachers. In love and light, Elo Devi

  340. You opened my eyes, and changed my heart. Thank You Swamiji.

  341. I am full of sadness and joy. My gratitude to Swamiji is overflowing for sharing Guruji with us and setting such a perfect example of a true devotee and a decsiple. I feel so privileged and blessed for being able to meet Swamiji a few times in my life: although brief and without verbal exchange, I still feel touched to the core of my being by the pure,unconditional, Divine Love that he showered me with in those brief and silent moments. I felt completely accepted for who I am and inspired to grow and persevere as Master’s disciple. I humbly bow at your feet, beloved Swamiji, and rejoice in your freedom.

  342. Heartfelt thanks, Swamiji. Your teachings will continue to inspire future generations. United with your creator, rest in peace, Swamiji.

    T P Subramanian

  343. Our Dearest Swamiji,

    May you rest in God and Master’s love and eternal embrace.


    And so
    You must go
    amongst & beyond
    You must go
    Past your learning
    Past your knowing
    You must go
    Unknown and unknowing
    Go in fragments if need be
    In pieces considerable and minute
    In parts
    discernible & obscure
    You must go
    & pass beyond These Gates

    You must go leaving. Everything.
    & the road that takes you away
    For us unexplored and unfounded
    without explanation or definition but
    take it you must to retrieve The Gift

    You must Go
    Some parts humble. More parts royal
    part sage part foolish
    part civilian part soldier

    You must go
    part prodigal part demi-god
    Part temple part wilderness
    parts ether rain & fire

    You must go in courage & in fear
    past all preparation
    Go Beyond. Go beyond beyond.
    Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi Swaha

    In light in tears
    In rapture and in sorrow
    in triumph and in trembling
    To b/come what you must BE
    No one. No.thing can go for you
    No one. No.thing can ever replace you
    Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi Swaha
    You must Go.
    & we must salute your Going


  344. Dedicating this poem to Swamiji who by his example taught us how to be true disciples. I hadn’t had the fortune to be close to him, but I always felt his friendship in my heart, through his teachings. The Divine Traveler is now in the arms of our Guru…

    Divine Traveler

    A traveler I heard
    Sent forth by God
    Treaded His path
    Carrying Divine musings

    To afflicted gave he
    Gift of His Ghost
    To gloomy gave he
    Gift of His Light

    To restless gave he
    Gift of His Calmness
    To sorrowful gave he
    Gift of His Sympathy

    To weary gave he
    Gift of His Strength
    To ignorant gave he
    Gift of His Wisdom

    To hateful gave he
    Gift of His Love
    To yogis gave he
    Gift of His Bliss

    Lifted all travelers
    That crossed his path
    Taught all to seek
    The End of His Path

    Drew many that received
    To tread beside him
    Carried all who tread
    To true home in Him

    Promised to tread again
    Trillion times if needed
    As long as there is
    One traveler behind

    O Divine traveler
    Sent forth by God
    Guide us too on His path
    Lead us too to Him our God

    ~Ashok Chippa

  345. Dearest Swamiji,

    Your life has filled so many souls with God’s presence.
    “Only love, will take your place as your soar in freedom.”

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, guidance and deep discipleship to Master.

  346. I am fortunate enough to meet Swamiji in Gurgaon. I am deeply impressed by his devotion to his guru Swami Yoganand and spread his teachings to the world .Swamiji,s ever smiling face will be always in my memory. May his soul rest in peace.

  347. Swamiji is a great soul who has brought light to my life through Ananda Sanga.
    I first saw him, when I was doing a research about the Bhagavad Gita. Then I Found his Talks in youtube The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita and started to here them, then I said to myself, no one can talk like he does, but a wise man an enlighten one. So inmidiatly I try to know more about him, and I found Anands Sanga There I started to study the magnificent writings of Swamiji in Ananda Course in Meditation and Raja Yoga and read Auto Biography of a Yogi, one of my dreams was to meet him in person but I can say that I met him through his teachings, writings and talks.
    I feel sad that I could not see him in person but I am glad to know he is back home with God.
    Om, Shanti, Shanti

  348. My visit to Ananda Village over 4 years ago was life changing. I was in a very sad, “stuck” place and felt very alone. The beautiful energy, love and peace of Ananda was all consuming and I knew I would never be the same. During my stay I picked up a copy of Swami Kriyananda’s book, “God is For Everyone”. His message touched my heart and I find myself rereading it often. I am saddened by his passing but I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have my life forever transformed by him. Thank you Swami for your gift to me and to the world.

  349. hi. i think many people have many of things to believe, related to swamiji, be it his teachings, his thoughts, or his consciousness itself expressed in form of our experiences. Swamiji tried to share and teach. teachings are in those understandings and believes above. so if those believes and understandings are shared by everyone of us in form of notes, personal notes ….. shared with all……..i think all of us would be benifited with a vast pool instead of a bottol of water. understandings in form of notes…..might not be a new book ? commonly created by us.

  350. Just wanted to say Thank you Swamajii for being there for me with all the prayers and love and support.I know that you will be there always. Love Yola

  351. Two years ago on a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning @ the Highland Blvd. house in Hollywood, Swamiji gave me his blessing. He now has mine. Bless your heart & soul, Swami. ♥

  352. Dearest Swamiji,
    You have been my guiding light and most treasured friend for all of my adult life. Thank you for so many, many incredible gifts…your wise counsel when I was confused; your profound classes, books and music of divine inspiration; your smile that has the power to light up my life; inexpressibly sweet notes of encouragement; your blessings and prayers offered so generously, seeing me through every phase of my winding path; even the simple expression in your eyes, with no words exchanged, conveyed unwavering kindness and love. You gave meaning and direction to my life. I would be an empty shell without your presence all these years.
    Now that you have moved beyond my physical reach, you give me the opportunity to continue our sacred friendship in an even deeper realm. I feel your joyous consciousness when I but turn my heart to your remembrance.
    How can I begin to thank you? Only by doing my best to continue in your shining example of touching everyone I meet with the kindness, friendship and love for God that you showed to me.
    I love you always,

  353. Dear Swamiji, you were the sweetest person i have met. You have inspired me beyond what any book or person could do. I know our bond is very strong and we will meet again. Till then i will continue my journey in the path you have shown. Lots of love to you Swamiji.

  354. I truly respect and salute this great soul. He exhibited in life that if the desire for God is genuine and the end goal purely selfless, one can achieve definite progress in life and towards that goal. He brought the accurate teachings of P. Yogananda in a highly practical setting where thirsty souls could tap into the Divine’s all full filing grace. I am really very happy to see the Ananda community grow in so many continents.

    I came to know him through his book “Yogananda: A Biography”. A very articulate writer (in the footprints of his Master Paramhansa Yogananda), I could get a vague glimpse that his soul consciousness was very much attuned with the Divine and the Masters in the path of Kriya Yog.

    I have listened to a few samples of his music: “Joy”, “Eyes of a Master”, etc. and they indeed re-kindle soul’s thirst for the Divine…in thirsty souls. This in essence shows how keenly he himself was in attunement with the Divine while composing his music.

    Lastly, his tireless activities in building the Ananda communities and writing several books are indeed noteworthy.

    May Divine grace bestow on his soul and may his soul reach the state of Consciousness ordained by God and the Gurus. I truly respect him for the selfless work he performed in his life. May God bless him.

    Aum. Peace. Amen.

  355. Adrift and feeling shipwrecked as a youth on the sea of life, I saw a light in the distance. I rowed my broken skiff until I washed up on the peaceful sands of Ananda. It was like an island paradise. I was nurtured back to health in the healing vibrations among devotees, through Swami, in Master’s name. While I cannot speak for the immeasurable good he has done for others and our whole world, for myself his positive influence on my life is beyond any few short words. I would just hope that in a moment of deep stillness, when a single thoughtdrop can ripple through all creation, I would be able to say “Thank you Swami” with a sincerity that truly expressed the gratitude my soul owes him.

    1. He hears you in every moment. Each joy filled breath in all of us is within his omnipresent scope of vision. May you feel him daily in your own life. Blessings,,Jeff

  356. May God and Guru bless the soul of Swami Kriyananda on its journey to complete itself.

    Wishing you all peace,

  357. I didn’t meet Swamiji in person, and I only receive his message through vidéos. Nonetheless, his endless devotion, love, wisdom and light inspires me.

    I feel a deep and unconditional kindness in his voice.

    I pray in joy and bliss for him and for us all,


  358. A butterfly broke the cocoon, flapped its wings, flew to the blissful garden of paradise; from this time forth, will be rejoicing the divine nectar.
    Although, “the wing-flap” caused hurricanes in our hearts, we should be joyful because swamyji is now omnipresent.

    “You will continue to live in us through your soul touching songs” -Thank you swamyji.

    1. Yes ! Very Beautiful !

      Kriyananda is now waiting,

      with Guruji,

      for each one of us to come to them.

      And enjoy the Bliss they both share !

      I feel the same joy as when PY and RJ walked hand in hand on the beach !

  359. I will miss you dear Swamiji. Thank you for the great music, books and lectures you have left for us to enjoy and to help us move closer to God. And thank you also for the great teachers you have trained over the years who will carry the torch of Ananda forward. We shall meet again. Aum.

  360. Two months ago, I started to listen to the teachings of Swamiji and was impressed by the crystal clear explanations on various topics. being a beginner of studying his teachings, it fills me with gratitude, that I was able to shift my perception of Life so drastically. Thank you for being here and being willing to share your insights and wisdom with the world. You opened the veil to let me see what’s beyond it.I treasure you in my heart.

  361. Swami Kriyananda, was a big influence in my spiritual life. His talks, his books, got across the message of deep spiritual truths and a way of simply living them, that is sincere authentic and real. His message touched me even more so because of his experience. He didn’t just coast through life, he made his way and took some knocks along the way, yet he always remained committed to spiritual truth and advancement. I am sure he will be blessed in the next life.


    Gary Wojciechowski
    Calgary Alberta

  362. blank

    Dear Ananda Sangha,

    Our hearts and prayers are with you as you face the passing of your beloved founder Swami Kriyananda who touched the hearts of countless spiritual seekers around the world. Our founder Swami Satchidananda and Swami Kriyananda knew each other and presented at the same conferences several times, both sharing the timeless teachings. The Integral Yoga organization has always felt a close connection to Ananda. Many of us have visited Ananda Village in California. Both of our organizations were instrumental in forming Yoga Alliance.

    May God bless you with abundant strength, courage and comfort during this time of transition for your organization.

    Yours in Love and Service,

    Ganesh MacIsaac
    Executive Director
    Satchidananda Ashram- Yogaville

  363. I am so sorry to hear of Swami Kriyananda’s passing. From the first I heard of him many years ago, until now I have felt a kinship with Ananda and it’s people.
    Om Peace Amen.

  364. Dear Friend,

    Thank you so very much for all you have done for me and others. I hope and pray Master welcomed you with open arms.

    Jai Guru!

  365. I just do not have sufficient words to thank you, Swamiji, for bringing me to my life, my true life in God with Master. I am missing you but I also feel it is easier now to connect with you, your vibration and your guidance for I know you are everywhere. I know you will always be with us. I know you are flowing through all our efforts to share Master’s vibration. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of sharing this vibration and thus be a part of the great work you have done. Aum Aum Aum

  366. Dearest Swami,
    Your love and your bliss are with us always. You inspire us to the highest state of being. Thank you for channeling Master instead of becoming a hermit. We love you mucho.

  367. blessed travels swami-ji. thank you. baruch bashan (the blessings already are!)

  368. Dearest Swamiji,
    You were/are like a spiritual father to me (and I sadly your prodigal daughter) I couldn’t have possibly understood (slow learner that I am) that for me, some of your greatest teachings and blessings would be realized in your passing. There have been searing tears of grief (and regret) but like a deep heart purification, “every grief every wrong has its ending in song.” I now have a much greater understanding of what it means to be a jivanmukti. So many questions answered/dissolved in the blessings of your freedom and joy which emanate everywhere, magnetized to the hearts of all your Ananda children, especially in meditation. It has been so powerful, so deeply healing and connecting. I feel you are with us more than ever. You have totally realized your lifetime(s) dedication-you now are One with Master and the Infinite and in the wake of your explosive Bliss, you have just jettisoned us all closer to God as well. Ineffable thanks for these unceasing blessings, for your everlasting example, and for your guiding Presence of Love in the eternal moment. I am so gratefully yours……Quanto Ti cerchero mio Signor! Tutta la mia vita!

  369. I was blessed to be visiting Ananda Assisi four time. First time when 1996. beautiful Temple of light is dedicated. I was coming from little country CROATIA after 4 years of war, and meeting Ananda Assisi and Swami Kriyananda change my life deeply in kriya yoga spiritual way.
    First time I met Swami Kriyananda, Devi and Jyotish 1996. on dining room in Ananda Assisi. I told Swami Kriyananda with inspiration that Ananda members in Assisi shininig and I feel joy in them. I was looking in his deep blue eyes and feel infinite calmness. I ask him advice for illnes my younger brother and he told me what food my brother need avoid. The last sentence he told only for me looking my eyes quietly and with subtly energy vioce tone, but never forgotten influence for me:
    ” In kriya yoga he will found his calmness”.
    He has spontaneity and joy like youth, when he visited us in kitchen when we working afternoon. He taste our cake from bread and give compliment us…Last time I met in summer Swamiji 2003., when I help on the serve dinner on the open in garden and working like the waiter, and I was ask him with the big cake in plate “Do you want more”, and he answered with big smile that is be enough for him.
    From his uncounted article I was remember title “Where there is Dharma , there is the Victory” and sentence “Change in the world begin from the small group of people”…
    Few months ago accidentally I read autobiograpfy of founder Apple company , Steven Jobs, icon of computer technology, and in book I found that S. Jobs visited in youth India and several time in his youth life read the Paramahansa Yogananda famous book: “Autobiograpfy of the Yogi” which left an indelible spiritual mark in his whole successful life…
    Budha said that liberated mind made man great. Swami Kriyananda way living example liberated soul with many talent gift, like writer of numerous books and articles, spiritual music composer and graet spiritual leader. Whole his life prove oneself like one of the most influential spiritual leader in the world.
    Spiritual fire burnt in him never extinguish more the 60 years, and his inspire thousand of souls to begin and continue Yogananda techings and his spiritual path in the world.

    Thank You for all Swamiji!

    In Divine Friendship,

    Mario Vukelic, Rijeka, CROATIA

  370. I am so sad… feeling like I lost a very dear and close friend… even if I tried I could never thank him enough for all that he did, his love and the struggles he had to face to bring many historical facts to see the light of the day and his efforts to spread the teachings and the love of the Masters… please accept my deepest love and gratitude…

  371. Thank you for everything, Swamiji. My life simply would not have been where it is now, if it weren’t for your dedicated discipleship to Master in such a profound and complete way. I have been feeling your presence closer than ever since you left your body. Your boundless energy of Love and Devotion is palpable throughout the ether, shifting the consciousness of us all to a higher notch. I’m thrilled to tears that you are with Master now. What a powerful and sweet blessing I feel from both of you!
    Thank you with all my heart, Swamiji and Master.

  372. God bless his soul. A wonderful being, an innovator, an architect of love, a learned teacher, and a spirit so saintly. Thank you.

  373. He wil be with us always. I first mett Swami in the early 70,s,, I remember the whole room in radiate light,. I was really in heavenly presence. Thanks Swami Kriananda for share you light’ miss him

  374. blank

    For 24 years, Swamiji has been a defining force in my spiritual life. Every step I’ve been able to take in being a better disciple has been through the grace of his love. Now he lives in my heart with the gurus. A free soul!

  375. This is not the end…It is just the beginning…You are soaring in the astral with your guru…..How precious. Blessings always to a great soul.

  376. I got opportunity to see SwamiJi personally only once at his discourse in Pune India recently, His Calm, pleasant & ever smiling face has been embedded on my heart. Regret he left us so early.. and at the same time Happy that he has left so many spiritually blessed people in Ananda Community who would always carry forward his legacy & teachings to help millions. Such a beautiful soul would always rest in peace.

  377. I Love you Kriyanandaji.

    Through your works, I came closer to Yoganandaji whom I love more than anything in this world.

    Through Yoganandaji, I learnt to Love God and feel his presence in all His creation and in every atom.

    Thank you Babaji, Lahiri Mahasayaji, Yuktishwaraji, Yoganandaji, Kriyanandaji, Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, divine Mother and Father.

    Thank you Kriyanandaji.

  378. Blessings to the great devoted Spirit of Kriyananda! I met him in about 1978 or 1979 in CA at a seminar. I had read The Autobiography of a Yogi and was transformed! My son attended a few summer programs In Grass Valley and we were so enchanted with Peter, the boy’s group leader, as well as Kriyanandagi.

    Blessings to All!

  379. Dear One, Thank You for your kindness and lovely service to humanity. Farewell. Rest in Peace.

  380. Aum, Shanti Shanti, Aum,

    had I only been the man then, that I am NOW! :)

    shared worlds near and away!

    I’ll FIND you NEXT TIME! :)

    Your eternal friend Jonah Joannides

    Love Love Love

    God God God

  381. miss you…swamiji..
    Thank you for your life and friendship in God and guru..you are my guiding light and example of discipleship, you are in my heart for ever.

  382. I was waiting for Swamiji in Romania, but he is right as always: meeting in God is a better place.
    Last year I had a great privilege of seeing Swami and he asked me if I have a question. Still have the same question and a prayer: Swamiji, how can I thank you for everything I’ve been receiving through you? and please guide me to reach my Father.

  383. Thank you for your presence dear teacher who held the light so we could see the truth! Rest in the arms of the divine.

  384. Blessings to this dear man and his family, I sense his kindness, compassion and deep spirituality. Namaste.

  385. Swami Kriyananda truly lives up to his name. He was prolific in everything he did and a model for people who want to practice karma yoga. My introduction to yoga was a little pamphlet that came in the mail “Swami Kriyananda as I knew him” by Asha Praver. It was a little red booklet. Well it definitely charmed me. For perhaps the first time in my life I saw someone who modeled spirituality in a fashion that I could “buy into” and that seemed to me like how a spiritual person should be. I have since been a reader of Swami Kriyananda’s works, a watcher of his videos, and a frequent visitor to ananda.org. Ananda’s website is just a manifestation of Swami Kriyananda’s vision and it is truly a great service and a wonderful presence on the web. It is amazing how one feels like they know Kriyananda, although I personally never met him. There is something all inclusive in his outlook that makes it feel as if he is talking to you. He is definitely an unforgettable character, someone who exists in my mind as an exemplar of following a spiritual path but paradoxically as really being a success in the world. Moreover, Swami Kriyananda models discipleship and that is perhaps his greatest teaching – his life as a disciple of a great master. May you rest in a sea of joy and bliss. Leave “peace” to the snoozers and the bores!

  386. So sad to hear of his passing. I LOVED his books and the way he could explain the seemingly
    unexplainable in ways we could learn and understand.
    I learned SO much from him!
    With love and tons of appreciation…

  387. The deep frustration I felt for long years in following SRF
    – the more my sincerity more my suffering –

    found full relief and

    I gasped with relief to read what Kriyananda wrote.

    It was a total lifesaver.

    He was articulate. Not repressive like SRF people.

    You could disagree with him on some or indeed many issues and points.

    But you were not led up a garden path strewn with broken glass !

    Which is what SRF did, with overkill, to me.

    This is my personal experience and my testimony.

    Guruji planned this all to happen from the very beginning.

    His ( Kriyananda’s ) crucifixion

    at the hands of the SRF top people

    of that time

    is a boon and a lifesaver to us.




    J. Donald Walters !

    Kudos to you !

    Congratulaions and Celebrations for a life well lived !

    Jai Guru.

    Just imagine !

    He’s back with his beloved Guru now !

    I have tears in my eyes as I write this.

    Cn’t go on. Forgive me.

  388. A Prayer

    By a Friend of Ananda

    Peace, for the loss of Swami.
    Joy, to know he is released.

  389. Swamiji’s presence is still felt, more now than ever before. His laughter, joy and calm will remain forever with me. Thank you Swamiji, thank you so much.

  390. I thank Swami for taking the time to answer a number of my emails and providing guidance and blessings to me. I felt his strong support for the past few years on the inner plane. He said he would like to meet me in the summer at Ananda, but now this will never happen. I am experiencing a deep loss and will try to fill the void by reading his writings, listening to his tapes, watching his videos. I thank him for being so approachable when I needed guidance.

  391. My connection to Swami ji is through his talks and his writings. This link is alive and well. Yes, there is sadness but, His simple but profound commentaries on spiritual topics will continue to illuminate my dark ‘nights’ and ruby days.
    I love you Swami ji.
    jai guru

  392. A great soul and true disciple of great Master who carried on the unfinished agenda of Master with untiring devotion through his writings ,music and brotherhood colonies across the world and would continue to inspire millions of souls. May he rest in God and continue pur his blessings.

  393. Heard him speak on number of occasions. He was a big part in shaping my blief system. To this point I named my corporation O.M. SHANTI & ASSOCIATES, LTD.

  394. Dear Swami Kriyanandji
    Thank you so much for illuminating the lives of millions across the world.You are a true source of inspiration-highest internal wisdom beyond the mind yet so full of humility and love.Your divine vibrations continue to uplift humanity itself.Thank you again for being such a committed and loving disciple of your guru.I am writing very few words here,for i know if i raise my consciousness enough,i can communicate directly with you even now(High people like you always mercifully tend the toddlers).Thanks for your numerous blessings and divine love for all(me included).

  395. I owe everything to Swamiji. I cannot imagine what my life would be if he had not come before me. Through his teachings and music I have learned the attitudes of a joyful life. The gratitude I feel is boundless and at his passing I feel a grace and an inward urging to do more and better. Swamiji’s life has been the perfect example of devotion to God and Guru, and joyful service to mankind. He has shown the way and now we must carry on in is stead.
    I’d like to share that upon hearing of his passing I got out of bed and did my own little astral ascension ceremony. I shed many tears and when I was finished I became very still and then there was so much light. Swamiji is light and he is omnipresent. These past days I have felt a more expansive consciousness than ever before. I know this to be Swami’s love and blessing. Jai Swamiji, Jai Guru!

  396. In gratitude to Swamiji and to God, for leading me to meet Swami, because I believe he saved my life from darkness. I met Swami, first in a dream, although I did see him, but the dream was so beautiful. This was the dream: there was a very large wave descending on me, and right before it was to crash, a dome of translucent colored light enclosed me, and a beautiful being was with me. I was unharmed by the wave. I have never forgotten this dream. Later in my youth, when I was 17, I met Swami in my high school. It was a boarding school where we students built geodesic domes. Swami was visiting there and I met him right when I was arriving from attending the Altamont rock concert, where I took a large dose of LSD. I was very confused and I spoke with him. A couple of months later, we students went to Ananda to build the kitchen dome, and he received me in his dome and there again I spoke with him. He blessed my spiritual eye, and it as if a veil of darkness was lifted from my being. I felt healed. Walking out of the dome, it was snowing and I had never seen snow fall. I was so filled with awe and ever since I have loved and had immense gratitude to God and to Swami. Thank you Swamiji, and thank you for staying with us, even after being free. I love you forever. Mariana (Nicky)

  397. I read the book “The Autobiography of Yogi” partly, I feel the perspective of Yogi, how noble it is and always will be, I came to know about Swami kriyananda just today, read few of the things, respects to the noble soul, whose teachings will always inspire many people for their spiritual progress

  398. The most inspiring virtue that i found in Kriyanandji was his simplicity and his unflinching devotion to his guru Paramhansh Yoganandji.He had an in depth knowledge of human nature and he directed as to how it should be moulded to reach higher levels of human consciousness.
    -Ramesh kajaria

  399. A golden ray of God’s Light, Love, and Bliss. But to me his life is an inspiration as a divine warrior who, guided solely by love for his Guru, went to battle for Truth. Had he not done so, a huge facet of our Guru’s divine life and mission would never be known. He prevented our Guru”s brightness from being whitewashed onto a backdrop of dogma. His example of courage and bravery are an astounding template for us in meeting those internal struggles we all face when confronted with being despised, or being loyal. Not unlike Master, Kriyananda embraced so many struggles so that we would know the truth, yet underneath his shield there was a light so bright and a bliss so immense, we melted into the Sea of God’s Oceanic Bliss in the grace of his Presence…how blessed are we. Thank you Swamaji. Jai Guru,

  400. This is sad news which l only received today. Although l have my own living master l am greatly appreciative of Swamiji’s work and the extra dimension he has added to my understanding of Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings.l exchanged emails with him and l am so pleased he had the courtesy and kindness to respond.
    One little video l sent him was called “Magnificient Monk” – and this he certainly was!
    Thank you Swamiji!

  401. What you have meant to me in my spritual journey cannot be expressed with words. And I know that I speak for millions that have never met you in person, and yet because of you, my journey has been turned to the direction of truth. You radiate pure love. Your love was felt through your videos, talks, books,…and your love continues to be shared through those that will continue your work. I don’t know what else to say except Thank You.

  402. He was an inspiration, and his works changed my life forever.
    Thank you for devoting your life to such noble projects.

    Ian Wright
    Toronto Canada

  403. Dear Swami……… just wait me, the deeper wish of my heart is to be there… where you and Master are now ….. at Home….

    You just left me an insipiring way…. I will continue broadcasting love for you and Master……

    Blessings dear Big Brother and friend, some day I will know you…. i am sure very soon, just a little more … it will be in the infinity of God…

  404. “What a loss to the whole world!—What a fruitful blessing for all of humanity, that we had him among us for so long!—And what a gift to all of existence, that his work and his impact will continue eternally!”

  405. Prayers with everyone at Ananda and to all of Swamiji’s Spiritual friends. Kriyananda is not gone, he is transformed and returned to the God he loved. His work and Spirit, like those of his guru Paramhansa Yogananda will live on.
    May Paramhansa Kriyananda forever be with God and his Gurus!

  406. My Friend behind the friend. Swami’s love for God and Guru spread to me and countless others. His influence will remain a powerful expression of love. Aum Guru

  407. Words cannot convey the depths of sorrow that I feel in my heart, knowing that I shall not ever see Swamiji in this life again. But I am conforted by his spiritual presence, and guidance, which are ever with me. He and I are distant cousins, but my feeling and regard for him transcended a familial bond, as I am certain that we spent many lifetimes in close company. He was so very proud of all that Ananda encompassed, but his greatest joy was in the Ananda members. He once remarked to me, at a large gathering of his birthday celebration many years ago, that he had no family of his own, meaning no wife and children. I looked our at all the members, and gestured to them, saying, “But Donji, This IS your family-and quite a large one, too!” We both laughed at that. One of my favorite memories is when he walked us to his favorite restaurant in Assisi, with myself and my son, Bill Walters, and I was amazed at his stamina. He was in his seventies, then, I believe, but more spry than I, who was 30+ years, his junior! My heart is very heavy, but my spirit soars in sympathy with his bliss! We love you, Swamiji, and anticipate our reunion!

  408. One of the highlights of my life was meeting, sitting near to and exchanging a few words with Swami Kriyananda during my stay at the Pune Community in January of this year. I could see that he had reached the state of Anandam. His Shakti was resplendent with light. I knew I was in the presence of a saint. This moment will stay forever in my consciousness.

  409. A wonderful man and great emissary of Yogananda’s dream of worldwide collaborative colonies. His vision of Ananda will spread throughout the world and carry Master’s message. He is at peace now with the Masters, planning the future of self realisation throughout the world; how wonderful it must be. He did a great job, and was called back home. I sincerely hope that those of us who are left can carry the message in a similar way to one of Master’s most effective disciples.

  410. I first met Swamiji in 1985 at the village after hearing a concert by The Joy Singers, and have not looked back since. My life has been so blessed by the teachings that Swamiji made so easy to understand and apply the principles in my life. I am very gratefull for all that I have learned and the positive changes in my life. I feel very blessed to have met Swamiji, and for all that he has added to my life, blessings to all and my eternal thanks, Bob

  411. All my Love and Gratitude to Swamiji whose “Path” brought me to this path of kriya yoga,changed my life and opened the whole world to me.

  412. Dearest Swamiji, a great soul and Divine messenger of Truth. I first met swami Kriyananda in the summer of 1982, when he was doing a tour of Europe. He stayed for a few days in London and I met him at the Mind-Body-Spirit Festival at Olympia in London. Swamiji was giving a 3 hour workshop on Kriya Yoga. I remember him welcoming me warmly with his big warm heart and smile. His workshop was very inspiring! He showed a slideshow of Ananda Village and sat down and played his song: “Peace” on his acoustic guitar.
    That evening after having met swamiji, I was totally inspired, and I had a great desire to want to follow Yogananda and also to visit Ananda Village – swamiji had a great magnetising effect on me. That night I had a superconscious dream in which both swamiji and Paramhansa Yogananda appeared to me in their astral forms. Yogananda said to me: “You no longer have to continue your search. I, Yogananda, am your guru, and Kriya Yoga is your path to follow.”
    So, I feel very blessed and grateful to swamiji for introducing me to Yogananda. Over the years swamiji has been a warm divine friend. He personally instructed me in Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga teachings and techniques, and instructed me to be a meditation group leader in London.
    He made a few visits to my house in London, where he gave Kriya Initiation. So, his blessings and energy are still here in my kriya meditation room in London.
    Swamiji’s spirit continues to live on as does Yogananda’s, and I’m sure all those who met swamiji will continue to be guided and blessed on this beautiful authentic spiritual path of Kriya Yoga.
    I’m forever grateful to you swamiji, God Bless you always!

  413. Namaste` Friends,
    Swami Kriyananda lived a life of service to humanity. May we follow his example by tending to our Spirit through meditation and service. He left a legacy of writings that mark a clear path to the divine.

  414. In 1980, on my first visit to Ananda, it was obvious that Swami’s tireless energy and graceful leadership was flowing in every aspect of the small community. Nothing of the Expanding Light was in existence but the expansive guidance or Master led Swami and all of us to where we are now. Let us all shine forth with what Master and Swami started. We have the example and they will give us the energy.
    God bless you all at Ananda. See you at SRW.

    In Divine friendship,,,Jeff Kundert


  416. I think of Swami’s words almost daily. This life is an event that I am responsible for, what a great way to surmise passing through this exsistence. The world was blessed by Swami’s life.

  417. May the Divine Soul Rest in Peace,He shall remain in our hearts…AAMin

  418. Although we are not in kriya yoga or Ananda, for me and my wife Kriyananda was such a wonderful and inspiring example of where you can get when you completely surrender to God and love. We loved the lectures. What a great spiritual icon he was. Thank you Swamiji for your inspiration and love for all!

  419. Swamiji,
    Thank You for your wonderful online courses!

  420. My spiritual journey to awakening/enlightenment began three years ago when I met Swamiji and listened to his words of Love/Joy. I lost my Father, He will be missed! Love & Joy to Him

  421. I have been blessed to have known as well as written to Swami since 1970. Throughout the years I have told him of my troubles and of my joys. Most of the time he wrote back to me. Often he would never address my issues directly but would offer gentle suggestions. Recently I told him how sorry I was to have sent him so many letters/emails. He wrote me back and said that he knew it was my way to stay in tune with him and that it was OK. Sometimes I would send him pictures of kittens and puppies and always I would end my letters by saying…”I am well and I love you.” The very last letter I was to write to him, I asked him a very unusual question. I was very uncomfortable with this question but I asked that when “Mother takes you from this world, I want you to please bless my letters so that even though you are not here, I want to continue to write to you and I want to know through your blessing that you will not only receive my future letters but that you will respond to them.” Reluctantly I sent the email..this was about a week before he left the body. The very last letter that he sent me was sent less then 6 hours before Mother took him…Here is His response just as he wrote it to me.
    “Dear Durgadas, you can write to me now and always, even after I’m gone from this body….” Since that last letter I have written over 2 dozen “Dear Swami” letters. You see I write them on my computer and I “send them” them to a special email account just for my “Dear Swami” letters. And yes I do feel his response and I know he did not send me that last email for my eyes only. Do, do Write to him. See for yourself. In addition to my meditations and energization exercises my “Dear Swami” letters are a very important part of my Spiritual Path as is the wonderful Virtual Community. By the way, there is NOTHING I can’t tell him, meaning my shames, my joys and my love. In service to Mother/Master/Swamiji…Durgadas

  422. Swamiji’s tireless efforts t create Ananda and promote Yoganandaji’s concept of communities has been heroic.

    I am personally grateful for his to devotion to Master.

  423. For awhile, some time ago, I was the leader of a tiny Ananda Meditation Group here in Hawaii. During that time we were fortunate enough to have Swami come out to Hawaii to give a talk, during the period that he was recovering from a health challenge at the time, intending this to be a step towards his full re-engagement in Ananda activities. There was a nice attendance (overfilling the room) for the talk, given in one of the meeting rooms at the University of Hawaii.

    Near the end of his talk, I looked towards the back of the room, checking the attendance (nearing 100) and as I was doing a brief count, I noticed a new person slipping in at the very end of the room. This person was not very tall, so I could just see, through the crowds gathered there, part of his dark face and bright clothing,. I noticed he was wearing something orange, but had to move along quickly with the counting. In the coming minutes after that, it came to me that the color of his clothing was like that worn often by Paramhansa Yogananga and I started quaking inside at the thought that he was there. Right after that I looked again at the place I had seen him, but no one was there any longer.

    There will never be any proof of his presence, but I do feel that Yogananda did appear at Kriyananda’s talk as a kind of tribute to the great work that Kriyananda was doing. I have mostly kept this experience in my heart and only shared it with one person at the Nevada City Ananda Retreat Center some years ago. It is now the time to tell the story for all to learn about it.

    1. Thank you Mr. Milton for sharing the wonderful experience.

  424. My most humble and heart-felt condolences.
    Let that great Beacon Light always guide us aright, as
    he did always.

  425. I was supposed to meet Swami Kriyananda for the first time this summer. I feel a great opportunity was lost.

  426. On a very beautiful,peaceful Sunday morning,
    Our Lord God did come to our beloved brother and true friend,
    Our good teacher,helper and guide,
    Granting at last his hearts desire and his right;
    Oneness with God and Guru..in the Divine Light.
    Oh,dear brother,dear friend,
    My sobs and tears did declare
    How great an impact you had and will always have,
    How much you meant and will always mean..and
    How your life,words and works did show us all how a life
    Should be lived..in this dream..shared..
    As your wonderful uplifting talks,
    On how to properly think,perceive,react and walk..
    As a true disciple..giving guidance,encouragement,
    Understanding and hope for all…for everyone,
    Being a child of God,should and can be like you;
    Wholly devoted to God and Guru,
    Totally dedicated to truth,love and virtue,
    Showing how a true devotee/seeker is to live..
    To love,be free and give…
    Oh my heart,oh,my mind,
    No longer sorrow,no longer cry…be glad..
    For our loving brother and true friend is forever free,
    And we,truly,deeply thank God for him..praise God,Amen.
    Now a great soul is with the Infinite and His saints
    In paradise..having everlasting wisdom,everlasting peace,
    Bliss and life.
    Oh,on a very beautiful,peaceful Sunday morning,
    Our Divine Mother did come to our beloved brother and true friend,
    To our good teacher,helper and guide..
    Reverend Walter,as Master called him,
    And now the words,’well done,my good and faithful servant,’do perfectly describe….his well lived life..
    Oh,dear humble,sweet,even minded and cheerful,
    Swami Kriyananda,you were more than a good disciple,
    You were and are a great disciple,and we sincerely thank you..and love you so much,
    Now forever free with God and Guru,always alive,
    Always alive at peace and in bliss..in the Divine Light..
    In Divine Love..always.

    greg swain 4/2013

  427. I am so sorry to hear that swami Kriyananda has passed away. I will miss hem so very much because he was a great guru master and wriiten 100 spiritual books. all though I have not read any of his books. but I hope to find and buy some of his spiritual books to help me in my spiritual life. I swami – kriyananda is in heaven and having gods love for ever.sincerly yours, JAMES SCHULD, 22122 NOMWAKET – ROAD, APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA. 92308 ] yes I did watch the funeral sevices for swami – Kriyananda that was on my email of my own computer. I wa very much sad and has tears coming out of my eye’s.

  428. Its so easy to love someone who love so easily.
    Bless you Swami.

  429. Aum Shanti
    I have known Swami for nearly 20 years,
    He was an embodiment of peace, tranquillity and deep inspiration, he selfless service to mankind is immeasurable, He is now with his Guru in the heavens and most certainly still guiding us.
    May his soul be in divinity

    Aum Shanti – Aum Shanti – Aum Shanti
    Rajan Padiachi
    Swami Yogananda Ashram
    South Africa

  430. I just learned about this today, and I am not even in the USA for this. I am really sad. However, great full for all the beautiful words and peace Swami Kriyanada brought to this world.

    Lots of Love and Peace

  431. I love you Swami Kriyananda thank you for blessing Mother Earth with your sweet love and light, I love you for eternity and beyond, i rejoice in your infinite magnificence, words could never express, but still i love you, thank you.

  432. Beloved Swamiji, what a blessing to have known you in this life! You have donated your love and joy to all of us, what more could one ask for?
    Now is the time for me tell you what I did not have a chance to tell you before: thank you, I love you too.

  433. A bright man, and it shines in his writings. Thank-U Sir for your gifts to so many.

  434. “Even a little practice of this inward religion will free one from dire fears and colossal sufferings”. This essential truth would not have come to me, at least not in the way it was received, without the creative force of Ananda initiated by Swami Kriyananda. I will be forever grateful to Swamiji for his supreme dedication to his guru and what this taught me about how to live.

  435. Precious Soul! Saved my life! Meditate with him.

  436. Perhaps it is not appropriate to write a comment when I only met Swami once. But I have spent time at Ananda for many many years and each time I am there I thank him in my heart for inspiring such a vision and making it a reality. Ananda is as special as Swami was and anyone who has had the good fortune of spending time there can feel the love that inspired it and the love that has kept it alive and growing for all spiritual seekers.

  437. I am blessed to have met Swami Kryiananda over 20 years ago, his dedication to Master and this path has been remarkable. He created so many wonderful communities, books, music, and more for all of us. I will miss him very much but he lives on by all of his creations he left here on earth for us. He is now freed from the limitation of an aging body and his light will shine on even brighter. God Bless!

    Adesso puoi raggiungere il suo amatissimo Maestro PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA.


    Adesso puoi raggiungere l’amatissimo Maestro PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA


    Adesso puoi raggiungere l’amatissimo Maestro PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA


  441. Thank you Swami Kriyanada, for your

    books and talks which enlighten the mind,
    music which sings to and touches the heart,
    and consciousness which uplifts the soul.

    Thank you for Ananda,
    and thank you, Ananda, too.

  442. I found Swami Kriyanda through Autobiography of a Yogi. He established Amanda after he left Self Realization Fellowship. He showed that he could still carry on in peace.

  443. He was a very compassionate soul. He lived his life as to what he thought best. He wrote some fantastic books.

  444. My husband Sudhakar & I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Swami Kriyananda for personal interviews at Pune as well as at Assissi.We were instantly touched by his humility and love. He encouraged us to visit the Ananda spiritual communities worldwide, which we did. our visit to the expanding Light was especially memorable as it was during the celebrations to commemorate Swamiji’s 60th spiritual Anniversary on12th September 2009..
    Although I had been a disciple of Yoganandaji since 1983 and a kriyaban, my understanding about my Guru and his teachings greattly improved after my association with Ananda. I am ever grateful to Swamiji for this. He was an ideal example of discipleship.

  445. I read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ online through his ananda website. Thus, I knew about Yogananda through him first.
    So I am grateful to him.

  446. Thank you for everything, Swamiji. May your soul be blessed forever!

  447. Swamiji introduced me to my Self and I thank him everyday for my spiritual life and my spiritual family.
    This past weekend at the Ananda Village we celebrated Swamiji’s life ~ it was also a celebration of his legacy that we are all a part of.
    Dearest Swamiji I hold you always in my heart.

  448. Met Swami in 1972, we were exploring moving to Ananda. He taught us Gyatri mantra, how to look at the sun during setting, told us magical stories of master. Overdoing kriya practice for the past year had my neck on fire and in pain. I asked Swami if he could help… thinking he would talk me through the practice. Instead he had me lay down, said, “I may be a little rusty at this” and then proceeded to snap my neck in both directions send a resounding explosion of realigning vertebrae. Sitting up after in tears, I couldn’t speak, everything was electric and vibrating. My neck felt great. He smiled… and said, “anything else I can help you with?”

    The next day he invited me to a kriya initiation ceremony with many others in the dome. It was nothing like the SRF initiation. The temple vibrated with Master… will never forget Swamis eyes, I was so grateful to be there with others who loved Master.

    Ended up marrying and living as a householder raising children and homesteading in a community in NorCal. Didn’t come back to Ananda until 2005 when my 81 year old father and I had kriya initiation together. Seeing Swami again was overwhelming, he was no longer a hippy but an elder with the same eyes sparkling with compassion. I loved being near him and listening to him chant.

    To this day, I always think about what it would have been like if I had remained in Ananda and evolved with all the dear ones who invented Ananda together. I really hope I get another chance…. AUM shanti Swami… thank you.

  449. I will be eternally grateful for the wisdom Swamiji shared with me. I was lucky enough to receive his blessing in Sacramento a few years ago and it ignited a flame in my heart. The fire did not immediately spread, but the spark eventually created a flicker which became a blazing glory. I may not be perfect, but I am stronger because of my Ananda family.


  450. My sincere prayers are with Swamaji and all the people his extraodinary life has touched. Swamaji was, though not my Guru, my spiritual teacher; not just in this life but former ones as well.

    He will live for me in his writings, but mostly in his music.

    Although I am not able to life at Ananda at this time, I treasure the time I spent there and again you are all in my prayers.

    In Master’s love,

    Michele Obezo

  451. I felt sad to know that Swami Kriyananda is no more physically yet confident that he will continue to guide us
    all. Paramhansa Yoganandaji went to U.S. as desired by His Master. Similarly Yoganananji has chosen Swami Kriyananda for a specific mission. Now, swami Kriyananda would tell His Master `Mission Accomplished’. I understand from the messages received globally that He has created a spiritual wave across the world. I did not get an opportunity to see him personally but I saw him answering the questions in television. He used to be always smiling, cheerful and his sparkling eyes would look into eternity sometimes similar to that of His Masters. I came to know about Paramhansa Yoganandaji, Kriya Yoga etc. after reading Autobiagraphy of a Yogi published by Ananda Sangha. Hope I will learn kriya yoga with His blessings.

  452. Excellent web site. Lots of useful infgo here. I
    am sending it to some buddies ans alsao sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thank yyou to your sweat!

  453. Beautiful soul shining through those lovely eyes! Wish I had met him. I saw his videos today after he is gone, they have inspired me to get close to God and that it is possible!

  454. Dear Swami Kriyanandaji, I was listening to your song “Love is a magician” today and I felt your love for God in my heart through your sweet voice and composition.

    I miss You Swamiji whenever I listen to this song but feel your presence through your songs and works for God.

    Thank You God for sending such a divine souls to this earth to put our heart’s on fire for You.

    Thank You divine Mother.

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