O Eternal Fire, Thou art the
little soul-flames rising
through the burner of cosmic

Each human being is but
one Flame, separate-seeming
from all others, and also from
Thy Universal Source of Power.

Thou dost appear many,
finite, limited, small or large,
but ever divided, shooting
up as separate entities through
the pores of living organisms.
But Thou alone art that one,
eternal flame. All things other
are but Thy multifarious appearances.

From Whispers from Eternity, edited by Swami Kriyananda, Crystal Clarity Publishers


  1. I googled this because when I experienced Kundalini, I didn’t see the five-pointed star, but a flame. Please comment!!

  2. Dear Amelia,

    The internal experiences that we have are often affected by a number of things such as our karma, our attachments, our attunement, and other factors. So someone may well experience a certain aspect and not others, which would account for you not seeing the five-pointed star but experiencing a flame. In going forward, it’s important to let go of any attachment to these experiences, and to offer yourself ever more fully into Divine consciousness.

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