This has been an action packed Spiritual Renewal Week. It will take me a few more days to catch up and post photos from the various classes and happenings.

What I am posting today is a bit out of order. Yesterday, Friday, Swamiji spoke to a packed house at the amphitheater at The Expanding Light. His talk was so powerful, devotional and moving that I hope you will all be able to watch it. It is hard for me to put to words what he spoke of or how it felt. But I felt lighter when, after it was over, I trudged up the hill fro the amphitheater with all my equipment. It will be on ananda.org today sometime.

Swamiji’s newly rewritten book, The New Path, arrived at the village the day before and is now available to us all. It promises to be a wonderful book.

The Peace Treaty was performed Wednesday night. Everytime I see it it sounds like a new play, I hear new things each time. This year there were many new actors and it was fun to see how they played their parts. Everyone did an excellent job. I am always amazed at the talents they display—sometimes humorous (hilarious, actually), serious, sweet, and inspiring. The play is so well written. Deep spiritual truths and insights into human behavior are presented in a very entertaining way.

The evening was very majestic. Speaking as a photographer, the light was amazing! The light shining through the trees and the shade cloth made the amphitheater look magical, the evening sun created rich lighting on the actors which highlighted their faces and beautiful costumes. And the sunset during the intermission was astral!

Really, the whole week for me has been a feast of beautiful light and color—maybe it all seems special because the spiritual vibrations are so high. I feel very blessed by this gathering of souls and I feel people from around the world tuning and magnifying this spiritual energy. Thank you all!

I will have more to post soon. I will be thinking of YOU. Blessings to you, Barbara










  1. Hi Barbara – The photos of the play are very funny, especially if you’ve seen The Peace Treaty. It meant a lot to be able to see SRW and catch the mood from your pics and writing. Greetings to Dave. – In Master’s Joy, Rambhakta

  2. I love the photos of the play. Outstanding. I laughed so hard with Devakis performance.

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