Less than a month ago we celebrated Spiritual Renewal Week at Ananda Village. It was a week dedicated to classes on spiritual topics, inspirational events and lots of visiting with long-time gurubais and new friends. Each of the events was shared online to include our friends all over the world.

SRW 2015_54


SRW 2015_39

Mother Nature was good to us – we had pleasant temperatures, soothing breezes, rustling leaves, and pretty clouds.

SRW 2015_43

All week the music was wonderful. We had small group chanting before each class and choir arrangements of many of Swami Kriyananda’s songs.

PA Play-3

PA Play-10

The Palo Alto Community presented a play written by Kristi Norfleet Andrews (seen here portraying Durga Mata). It included portrayals of direct disciples describing their life with Paramhansa Yogananda. It was very well done, and felt as though we were actually listening to these great souls in person.

SRW 2015_67

We listened to the engaging wisdom of our experienced teachers, who shared their humble, ever-deepening and relatable search for God, encouraging us on our search. All the talks are available on Ananda.org. They were excellent – the topics were diverse – but all with the common thread of the broad and practical, life-changing teachings of our guru.

SRW 2015_44

Dr. Peter VanHouten

SRW 2015_40

Puru. Fabulous talk!

SRW 2015_68
 Melody Hansen.A small fraction of the volunteers that made SRW wonderful for everyone. These folks cooked that amazing Indian meal.
Our annual Indian Banquet and entertainment did not disappoint. These folks cooked the amazing Indian meal. One of the highlights of the week is dressing in Indian attire, enjoying the wonderful food and visiting with our friends.
SRW 2015_56

Japa, one of our youngest members with Nityananda.

SRW 2015_60

A special moment. Honoring Seva, a founding member of Ananda, on a special birthday.

SRW 2015_57

Peony, Shanti and Peaen. Our radiant young adults.

SRW 2015_58Many of the Portland community members joined us!
Gurubais from New Zealand enjoying the Indian Banquet

Gurubais from New Zealand joined us for the entire week. We loved getting to know these dear souls.

SRW 2015_61

Devi and Jyotish. Our spiritual directors and loving guides and friends.

SRW 2015_65
The story telling – led by Gyandev, was beautiful. It was an amazing way to begin to wrap up a very special week.
SRW 2015_55
SRW 2015_64
SRW was much more than a list of really great things to do and see. The inspiring classes, the high-minded entertainment, and the activities, the chanting and meditations uplifted us.
SRW 2015_50
3 Wednesday-7
SRW 2015_51
After each class, each event or activity, we as group vibrated a little higher, glowed a little brighter and just en-joyed.
SRW 2015_49
Thank you to everyone, especially Jyotish and Devi, for making Spiritual Renewal Week what it was. Many hands make a miracle.

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