Last Wednesday Vidura and I went to Oakland to pick up the statues of the Masters. As you may recall, has been a 2 year project. (please refer to previous post). The 2 life size statues of Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar each way somewhere around 600 pounds and are made out of beautiful white marble. We needed to get Prakash with his backhoe to help use offload the crates. Unloading the lifesize statue of Yogananda

The plan is to eventually place the smaller statues of the masters along iwht the lifesize statue of Yogananda in our new Mandir when it is built. We plan to build a special Mandir dedicated to Sri Yukteswar similar to the Lahiri Mandir already here at the village.

The smaller marble statues of the masters were uncrated and placed the up on the dais in front of the altar for a few weeks. We can already feel the enhanced vibrations and joy during weekday morning community meditations.
Lahiri, Babaji, Sri Yukteswar and Yogananda Marble Statues

Hopefully over the next 2 weeks we can get the 2 large statues uncrated and platforms built on which they will reside. We will hold a blessing and dedication ceremony on July 12 when the artists are here from India. Please send me a note if you have any questions or comments. More to come.

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