Greetings everyone. I have spent the day going through over 400 photographs taken this past weekend in Los Angeles. Fortunately for you, I will not be posting all of them. It was a challenge to pick out just a few photos that would hopefully portray what a visually and spiritually beautiful event occurred the past few days in Southern California.

Friday afternoon a large group of volunteers from Ananda Los Angeles and Ananda South Bay gathered to host a talk by Swami Kriyananda at the Ford Theater in Hollywood. There was such a sweet spirit of cooperation and harmony while preparing and such joy when greeting the over 1000 people that came to see Swamiji.

The event was the official launch of The New Path, Swamiji’s rewrite of The Path. I have a particular fondness for The Path. It was reading this book that answered my soul call for a guru. So I am very grateful to Swamiji and to that book. The New Path so far, is wonderful.

The launch began with a four piece ensemble playing Life is a Quest for Joy. It set the tone for a very devotional evening. Ananda World Brotherhood Choir, again sounding like angels, sang a few numbers as the night sky grew darker and the lighting in the outdoor theater got more colorful and dramatic.

Brook and Sean, the co-directors of Ananda Los Angeles spoke about the growing Ananda community in Southern California. It was a fun moment for me, because Brook is my daughter. I was especially pleased to see all the effort that went into planning begin to blossom into such a beautiful event with blessings that will linger on for many people.

Brook introduced Reverend Michael Beckwith, who in turn gave the introduction of Swamiji. Michael’s talk was very sweet and the prayer he led us all in was quite moving.

Swamiji then took the stage and shared stories of his time with Paramhansa Yogananda. He spoke at length while standing at the microphone. Then he picked up The New Path, sat down, and read from the book. It felt as if everyone snuggled in their seat a bit and relaxed and soaked up Swamiji’s vibration and stories. What a night.

This talk is already on and being watched by hundreds of people. Technology has made the world seem small. Both Dave and I get a real joy out of knowing that our friends and gurubais are with us at these events. This talk felt as if it sowed spiritual seeds in the ether. Swamiji also gave a talk at Forest Lawn, the huge and beautiful cemetery where Master’s body resides. I will share photos from that talk in another post.

And huge thanks to everyone, especially Ananda LA and Ananda South Bay members involved in the planning, and hosting this talk. All the beautiful smiles and joyful work created a inspiring evening for us all.

Bless you all. In Master’s light, Barbara

The four piece ensemble playing before a large crowd.
Ben Skillman (age 16), David Eby, Krishna Dewey, Karen Gamow.
Ananda World Brotherhood Choir
Brook Cassady and Sean Meshorer
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Our dear, Swamiji sharing Master’s love.

Swamiji reading from The New Path
Swamiji and Reverend Beckwith were sharing a quiet moment backstage before the talks, they asked to have a photo taken.


  1. Thank you, Barbara. I can feel the beauty of the evening from your photos. Swamiji looks radiant.
    We were all with you in spirit over the weekend.

  2. Wow, what beautiful pictures Barbara. Seeing these pictures takes me back to that wonderful event.It was truly amazing and I really enjoyed the evening with Swamiji.Thank you for all the great photos.

  3. blank

    Thank you, Lajjana and Ezekial for your notes.

    It was an amazing evening. I could feel everyone tuning in worldwide!

    Ezekiel, it was joy to get to know you and spend time with you in LA. Blessings, Barbara

  4. Hello Barbara,

    Thanks for the great photos, you captured the beauty of a wonderful evening, also congratulation on raising such a beautiful daughter in Brook. Barbara is it possible to get a copy of the photo with Swamiji and Reverend Beckwith? I will cover the cost of handling and shipping.


  5. Dear Barbara,

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and the write-up as always..These give us a sense of greater closeness with this great work!
    It’s a JOY everytime I read the posts on this blog..Thank you for the wonderful work! Also, am so happy for you and your daughter, Brook!! God and Guruji bless you both as ever, forever more. :)

    With Love in God and Guruji,

  6. Thanks for the exceptionally wonderful photos…it gave me immense joy of seeing swamiji…thanks a ton!!!

  7. Dear Barbara, Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the Ford Theatre event with Swami Kriyananda. It brought back wonderful memories of that evening. My husband Michael and I chose to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary by attending “beginner’s weekend” at Ananda Village, last weekend. Being there with the wonderful staff, fellow-participants, and fine program, was so special and perfect. It was that evening at the Ford, with the amazing choir, beautiful music, and the experience of Swami Kriyananda, that spurred us toward further activities. Thank you for re-capturing this for us all.

    Blessing & Love,

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