Dear Friend,

Everything good that you strive for will come if you put out enough energy and strive to raise your consciousness. Tithing requires you to raise your energy, which is necessary in order to draw God’s response.

The one certain method for escaping the results of a specific action is to destroy it in this life: otherwise, it will be carried over into the next incarnation.

The most successful financier, the healthiest of men, the most intolerant, self-righteous moralist—all are liable to be humbled by the sudden manifestation of failure tendencies, hidden germ notions of disease, and unsuspected weaknesses.

By putting up a struggle to overcome your handicap, you stimulate all the dormant success consciousness of past lives, until it becomes active and overshadows the influence of the predominating failure tendencies. Let him rouse his will by repeated judicious efforts, and ultimately he is sure to awaken the success tendencies sleeping in the dark chamber of subconsciousness.

The will is the weapon by means of which he can vanquish failure.

– Paramhansa Yogananda, Super-Advanced Course, 1930

If you approach the experience of acquiring and spending money with fear, greed, or a sense of lack, these “failure thoughts” may weaken or block your financial success.

When you tithe with love for God, willingness and sensitive awareness, you affirm the Divine source within you and awaken your financial “success tendencies.”

With each tithe you reaffirm your commitment to God. This will help you to deepen your trust until you finally realize that He will provide all that you need, if you will only put out the energy to draw on Him.

From Swami Kriyananda’s Affirmations for Self-Healing:

True success means transcendence. It means finding what we really want, which is not outward things, but inner peace of mind, self-understanding—and, above all, the joy of God….Success should not be measured by the things accomplished, but by our increasing understanding, ability, and closeness to God.

The true measure of financial success comes when you experience closeness to God in all your financial dealings. May you feel God’s presence ever more deeply through your tithing.

Joy to you!

Dave Bingham

“Thank You, God” Tithing

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