The Answer poster with laurelThe Central Florida Film Festival and the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles are the first two festivals to officially select The Answer — the new movie about the time Swami Kriyananda spent with Paramhansa Yogananda.

Festival directors in Florida have also entered the movie for competition in two categories: Best Feature and Best Foreign Project. The movie, produced in India, is also the only Indian film selected and one of the few chosen to be screened on both days of the Central Florida Film Festival.

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Dates and Times

Central Florida Film Festival

Saturday, September 5
2:25 pm at Theatre #2

Sunday, September 6
11:00 am at Theatre #1

Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles

The festival runs September 10 – 20. Details on exact show times will be available later at the Awareness Film Festival website.


  1. Hello. I was wondering if the movie THE ANSWER is going to have a showing in Fort Worth or Dallas Texas?
    Did Ananda make a Yogananda movie that I can purchase?
    Christine Fabian

    1. blank

      Hi Christine,

      I’m sorry, the creators of The Answer haven’t informed us of any upcoming film festivals. Hopefully they’ll post it on their website: or their Facebook page: when one is scheduled.

      As for a Yogananda movie, Ananda started to make one, but then “Awake” came out, so we decided to put that project on hold since it seemed “Awake” had mostly fulfilled our reason for making one. “Awake” is available on iTunes if you haven’t seen it.


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