Unity Through Music

The flyer for our Unity Through Music concert

I got sick recently and was slowly losing my voice. As a singer in the LA Joy Singers quartet I was starting to get a little concerned as I saw an important concert approaching. We had planned an interfaith event called “Unity through Music”. We had invited members of other churches and spiritual groups for a free dinner and elegant evening of Swami Kriyananda’s music. On Wednesday preceding the concert (the concert was on Saturday), I completely lost my voice. I couldn’t get so much as a peep out of my swollen vocal cords. I reached out to friends and family to try to get some cures and I asked people to start praying. I started taking different pills, gargling all sorts of gross concoctions, inhaling steam, and fasting — all in the hopes of getting my voice back.

As Thursday and Friday rolled around my voice was improving, but only a little. I could rumble out a few of the lower notes, but I’m pretty sure I had roughly the tonal quality of a duck. By Friday evening I still couldn’t participate in our rehearsal. My voice was simply healing too slowly to be ready for the concert which was now only 24 hours away. I was at a loss. I knew Swami Kriyananda was (and is) keenly interested in us singing this music for people outside of our Ananda family, so I decided to write him and ask him to pray for me. I also learned that day that many people around the “Ananda world” were praying for me as well. It is so deeply moving to know you have the love and support of so many dear friends. I am grateful beyond words to simply feel that love and kinship.

Before I went to bed that night I opened up The New Path and noticed this story Swami Kriyananda tells right near the end of the book. It is the story of Swamiji feeling that it was time for him to return to India but needing to spend the necessary money on other, more urgent things. His prayer in that circumstance was “Divine Mother, if you want me to go to India, you’re going to have to reimburse me.” Divine Mother very lovingly came through for him with the exact amount of money he needed (which was given by a total stranger!). I was struck by both the sweetness of the story but also the non-attachment of Swamiji’s prayer. I decided then that I would make my prayer, to both Master and Divine Mother, “If you want me to sing, you’re going to have to heal me.” I was leaving it in the hands of the Divine. I was doing everything I could, but in the end it was up to Master and Divine Mother.

When I woke up Saturday morning my voice had improved, but it still was not good enough. I just stuck to my prayer “Master, Divine Mother, if you want me to sing, you’re going to have to heal me.” I also received an email that said “Swamiji is praying for you.” Sweet words! Many times I have seen the power of Swamiji’s prayers, but I don’t recall a time when they were directed at me so personally.

A few hours before the concert, we had our last rehearsal and sound check, during which we would decide if I would sing or not. Ramesha (also in the LA Joy Singers, and a wonderful voice teacher) took me through few gentle vocal warm-ups. After just a few minutes it was pretty clear that my voice wasn’t up to snuff. Already my voice was going back to its imitation of a duck. I was starting to figure that Master just didn’t want me to sing that night.

Ramesha suggested that we try to sing the song “Brothers” just to give my voice one last chance. I was willing to give it a shot. Ramesha did the first verse, and I got ready to come in on the second. Again I repeated my prayer mentally, “If you want me to sing, you’re going to have to heal me.” As I started to sing my part, I was surprised to hear my voice coming out much stronger than it had just a second ago. I could sing! As I continued through the song, wave after wave of blessings poured over me. Love and joy flooded my whole being. I had trouble finishing the song, not because of my vocal cords, but because I was so filled with love and gratitude.

The concert that night went beautifully. Afterwards many people told us how they were uplifted and inspired. It was a blessed evening.

The LA Joy Singers at the “Unity Through Music” event

When we sing, we try to share Master’s vibration and consciousness. It was beautiful to know as I sang that it was that same vibration and consciousness, through the power of prayer, that was making my singing possible.


  1. What a beautiful gift Divine Mother gave to you by letting this get “down to the wire”! You got to sing, in the end, but also received this wonderful reminder of doing everything in your power, and then leaving it in the hands of God.

  2. Yay, beautiful, Peter! Thanks for the sharing and the inspiration. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this story with us, dear Peter. You, your prayers and your faithful detachment are truly inspiring! May this experience serve to deepen everyone’s prayer life and to trust that God alone is the healer.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful post, Peter. Even though we were right there moving through it with you, it’s great to hear the details of your experience and the profound insights that you received. Thank you for hanging in there, then turning it over to Master. What a blessed learning experience this has been for us all! Jai Guru!

  5. Peter,

    Thank you for sharing that story–I loved it. It was wonderful!! Be sure to send this to Asha, too!! Joy to you, victoria

  6. Fantastic story, and a fantastic concert! You where all such wonderful channels for Master vibration, just as you said!

  7. Sri Peter, it brought tears to my eyes, reading your blessing that was made manifest, through your faith in God and Guru! Thank you for sharing this miracle with us!

  8. How sweet! How wonderful the power of prayer is! Thanks for sharing, Peter. Your singing is a blessing.

  9. Your post brought tears to my eyes..especially these words “As I continued through the song, wave after wave of blessings poured over me. Love and joy flooded my whole being. I had trouble finishing the song, not because of my vocal cords, but because I was so filled with love and gratitude.”

    I understand exactly how you must have felt. It is so overwhelming really when we feel and experience even a droplet of His love for us coming through sometimes in waves, like you mention.

    You are blessed.

    Swamijis music is what I spend my days with.. even in my dreams. It emanates from such a pure source that it is bound to find resonance in our souls.From his heart vibration to ours..his Love reaches out unmistakably.

    Thank you.

  10. These cannot be called miracles, these are the gifts The Divine One gives us when our faith in Him remains constant. Thinking of it gives me joy. A very inspiring article :D

  11. Thank you Peter, for sharing this beautiful and inspiring story! It is a wonderful reminder.

  12. I’m so grateful that I got to be part of the crowd that night, Peter! What a beautiful and blessed event!

  13. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this great lesson and blessing!

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