Over the last 3 years ‘the watcher’ in me has quietly observed my spiritual advancement. It is becoming very clear that a pattern is forming when my usual slow, steady steps have leaped two at a time. One might well ask what coincided with these definite peaks in advancement. Simple…I visited Ananda communities!

All who are sincerely seeking God want to advance on the spiritual path. There is no going back and no standing still once Guru has taken us under His wing. I find that I am blessed with a drive so strong that encourages me to seek out new ways for spiritual upliftment all the time. I waste not a moment of time in taking the opportunity to attune myself more closely to Guru.

One of the best ways I have found is to mix with other devotees; to get away from the hub-bub of worldly life and stay, for a while at least, in the company of like-minded souls. I have already written of some of my exeriences in visiting these Ananda communities in previous blogs, so I will not repeat any of them here.

Master said that environment is stronger than will. Although one can never have enough devotion I consider myself devout and extremely disciplined in my sadhana (spritual practices), but none of this has raised my consciousness so quickly as happened during my 4 recent visits to Ananda communities. Heaving said that, if I was not devout then I would not have considered visiting Ananda communities!

During my visits I noticed marked expansion and understanding of consciousness, deeper meditations, and more blissful kriyas. I felt a deep sense of brotherhood that has left me to expand in love of my fellow man.

Being in the environment of a saint, and I include Swami Kriyananda as such, is the ultimate environment for spiritual growth, and if such an opportunity arrives for you that facilitates the meeting of one, then please do take it!

Living as I presently do on this remote Celtic isle has not been easy, feeling like I am the only one who is deadly in earnest of the realization of God. Although some do say they want God, I see no one going out of their way to support their claim, but then I have to pull myself up, knowing that even to want God a little is a great acheivement in the great scheme of things.

In another sense, it has not been difficult at all being alone in my devotion, because I have always drawn on my inner sanctum in which I keep satsang with our beloved line of gurus. Very real is their presence and a joy to behold.

If the opportunity presents to visit one of Ananda’s centres, communities, or meditation groups, even if only for a day, then I would strongly urge any sincere seeker to do so. The magnetism of the advanced souls found in these havens of peace is the spritual honey that fills the spiritual hives, as Master might put it.

The uplifting vibration in Ananda communities is so strong that my husband and I have decided to make our home at Ananda’s first Kriya Yogashram in India. But not everyone in today’s current climate can live in a spiritual community, Ananda or otherwise, yet Master said that in time these communities will spread like wild-fire.

I was contacted this week by a former member of the Isle of Man Ananda meditation group. This devotee had to leave the island and is now living no where near an Ananda centre or meditation group. She was desperately missing the satsang that group meditation gave. I am doing my best to support and steer her to all that the Ananda Sangha website has to offer devotees like her all over the world.

Most people’s karma will mean an air ticket to California or Italy will not land in their laps. It takes alot of effort to to visit any of Ananda’s wonderful centres and communities, but I am a firm believer that where there is a will there is a way! The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy! And believe me, the effort expended to reach other devotees is worth it! But for those who cannot find their way to these centres, we can and must draw ever more on the support that Guru so graciously gives us. Guru is in you as he much as he is in any Ananda community. Attunement to the Guru is everything, and it is attunmement, through satsang, either with other devotees or self generated, that has brought me this far on this most joyous path.


O Guru, my own, come sit here with me.
All saints come and join to make good company.
Attune me to consciousness more lofty than mine;
Raise my heart’s spirit with wisdom sublime.
I seek soul recognition in those I entreat,
Vibration exalted, my ultimate feat,
Yet so easy it is to be dragged back to earth
By company of souls of whom know not their worth.
Beloveds, keep by me as I busy my day
And be with me, Loves, always when in silence I pray.
I open my heart and do bare of my soul,
I beseech, O Beloveds, abide with me all.
Let us dissolve in the Infinite sea
As one loving song of devout company

-inspired by Master, taken from
Touching soul by Sue (Maitreyi) Cooper

Joy to you

tyagini maitreyi


  1. Thanks, Maitreyi; good to appreciate & never take for granted what a Divine blessing spiritual community is!

  2. wow,a true seeker & devotee-so rare.
    many thanks for this inspiring/inspired writing & poem..

  3. Dear Maitreyi,

    Thank you for your beautiful blog. It is so true that Satsang -mental and outward both is very important to stay attuned to our Guru. Swamiji mentioned recently that Attunement is of utmost importance followed by Kriya Yoga.

    Spiritual communities is a wonderful gift Master and Swamiji gave us seekers.

    Love in God dear Gurubai,

  4. Reply to Camilla:

    Rare only in the busy world, in which the Bhagavad Gita tells us only one in a thousand sincerly seeks God, but at Ananda communities – and the point of my blog – many such seekers are drawn together. The power that generates is Grace indeed.

    God bless your own search

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