My path to becoming a daily meditator was a bumpy one. (In fact, it still is! — see How to Meditate with a Newborn Baby.) There are struggles we all have to face, and we all do it our own unique way.

So I have a question for you: How did you start meditating? What have been your successes? What were your bumps in the road and how did you face them?

Or, if you prefer to focus on the present: What inspires your current meditation practice? What are your aspirations? What challenges you?

Whatever you feel to share will be a gift to others — we’re all on a pilgrimage to inner awakening, and it’s nice to know that there are others traveling beside us.

May your meditations be blessed,

Here at Ananda Village, we were talking about this post and how we became meditators. We hope these inspire you to share something, yourself!

“I had a chaotic life when I started taking my practice seriously. I found I could not do without the peace that meditation brought. I now have been meditating daily for 25 years.”

“We had meditation in 1st grade. It came naturally to me at that age. I lost interest as I got older and then in early adulthood wanted to get back to it but struggled.”

“I started with Transcendental Meditation as a teenager. My practices evolved and changed over time, but meditation completely altered the course of my life.”

“I studied Buddhist meditation but had little success on my own. Then I came to Ananda Assisi and learned Yogananda’s techniques.”


  1. The decision to learn to meditate was a simple one. In 1968, I first read Autobiography of a Yogi. I knew immediately that it held the key to all my future happiness. Yogananda emphasized that meditation is essential for any sincere truth-seeker, so I determined to learn to meditate. Of course, actually learning how and then doing it consistently was not easy, but I persisted and vowed NEVER to give up–and I never have. What finally enabled me to steady myself in a lifetime of meditation was to understand that I really needed SATSANG, that is, the company and inspiration of other sincere meditators. With that resolution strongly implanted in my heart, God and Gurus stepped in and carefully guided me to Ananda Village and my spiritual teacher, Swami Kriyananda. He initiated me into discipleship and into the techniques and path of Kriya Yoga. What a blessing! After that, I learned to teach meditation to others, eventually founding and directing Ananda’s Meditation Teacher Training program for many years. It’s been a great life for me. I am eternally grateful!

    1. Savitri is very understated in her description of her meditation life. She is a quiet powerhouse for God and I have witnessed who she really is. In 1986 she was one of our instructors at the first potential member program at the old retreat. In the dome , she elegantly taught us precepts of Raja and Kriya Yoga and the deep truth that she shared was so reachable and palpable because of her raw experience. I will divulge a secret here. One day she said, “When the third eye forms up……” and those words etched into my being for life. What it meant so deeply for me is that she was speaking from true experience and that simple statement meant the world to me and my whole life has been an unfolding of truth and that one statement spurs me forwards knowing that all of the truths of our awakening…… the Om sound , the third eye opening, the bliss flowing, the Amrita trickling down, the wisdom and intuition growing. …. These are all truths that are experienced by many at Ananda and they are all reachable for us. Best to you all in your quest for God and your own highest Self.

  2. I saw the Hong-Sau technique on the Ananda website, and decided to put it to practice. Very soon I started loving it, although I only began with 5 mins a day. Many ask me with wonder, “Wow you have been meditating for so many years! That’s a lot of willpower!” Haven’t we been eating ice cream for so many years, does that take a lot of willpower? The reason I meditate is because there is a real joy that comes from it, otherwise I would have left it long back! It doesn’t take a lot of strength to sit and practice 3-5 mins of meditation. Joy!

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    In early 2003 I “met” Paramhansa Yogananda through reading his Autobiography of a Yogi. I first learned to meditate through the SRF printed lessons. The struggles with reading printed instructions that were subject to my uneducated interpretation, led to asking prayerfully for someone to share with and ask questions of about the experiences I was having in meditation. That prayerful attention led me on a metaphysical journey to a psychic, and through those connections, in a very serendipitous way, back to Paramhansa Yogananda through Swami Kriyananda and Ananda in Dallas Texas.

    What inspires me to keep meditating and to go deeper with my meditations is the actual results I am experiencing in the stillness. These experiences are carrying over into everyday life. There is more peace and joy. The ability to be aware of my attunement with the Masters, and therefore staying tuned in with God, is priceless. The challenges, – lack of focus, fear, etc., still come but moving through them is much faster and easier. Oh, and the biggest inspiration is being here at Ananda Village and having every day opportunities of meditating in the Temple of Light.

  4. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I ordered the SRF lessons. I had immediate results with each technique and had weird supernatural experiences the first time I tried each one. This encouraged me, as well as having mini-samadhis. These were embarrassing when they happened in public and it appeared to my friends and co-workers thought that I was drunk. I was. I was drunk with God bliss. Paramahansaji said that God gives us these experiences and then takes them away. Kind of like giving free samples of what is waiting for you at the end. I have just recently learned from Sri Pranananda (Louix Dor Dempriey) that learning to become greater love never ends, so even after you become enlightened, there will be more to come. After all, God is never ending bliss, so our journey will never end as we become more and more love. This is what drives my meditation practices.

  5. I don’t remember a specific time that I started meditating. I just came across the topic of meditation at so many places, whether it is self-development, spiritual growth, health, increasing intelligence, willpower, sports… I just had to try it once, and porobably didn’t do it much at first, then let it go, then picked it up, then stopped for some time again and on and on. Now I’m meditating very consistently for about 6 months I guess… I wake up every night at 3:30 to meditate. I love the journey. It’s not easy but so worth. I find myself looking forward to it everyday.

  6. I first started meditation with a group of friends monthly in 1980. The group disbanded but I kept going. I pretty much taught myself. I wasn’t a daily consistent meditator at that time , but was guided by my intuition while searching the metaphysical area in those days. I had always prayed deeply to God: “Keep showing me the way!” I was lead to Yoganandas teachings through other spiritual guides, then to Ananda and our practices of Kriya Yoga. I am daily humble and thankful for this path of showing me the way out of delusion and towards self realization.

  7. I have found for decades that sitting quietly alone or with a friend quite easy for me, with seemly I’d say, no chatter in my mind to distract me from waching the golden light with closed eyes looking far into the horizon, from time to time. I deeply love Ananda for leading folks into inner peace, and have spent time
    at Expanding Light, where my love only deeped, and love being near the Seattle temple, and my best friend and dear sister has been teaching mediation at Ananda for awhile….Merry Winter Solstice everyone!

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