My path to becoming a daily meditator was a bumpy one. (In fact, it still is! — see How to Meditate with a Newborn Baby.) There are struggles we all have to face, and we all do it our own unique way.

So I have a question for you: How did you start meditating? What have been your successes? What were your bumps in the road and how did you face them?

Or, if you prefer to focus on the present: What inspires your current meditation practice? What are your aspirations? What challenges you?

Whatever you feel to share will be a gift to others — we’re all on a pilgrimage to inner awakening, and it’s nice to know that there are others traveling beside us.

May your meditations be blessed,

Here at Ananda Village, we were talking about this post and how we became meditators. We hope these inspire you to share something, yourself!

“I had a chaotic life when I started taking my practice seriously. I found I could not do without the peace that meditation brought. I now have been meditating daily for 25 years.”

“We had meditation in 1st grade. It came naturally to me at that age. I lost interest as I got older and then in early adulthood wanted to get back to it but struggled.”

“I started with Transcendental Meditation as a teenager. My practices evolved and changed over time, but meditation completely altered the course of my life.”

“I studied Buddhist meditation but had little success on my own. Then I came to Ananda Assisi and learned Yogananda’s techniques.”

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