Excessive self-involvement separates us from Life. Practicing the yamas and niyamas affirms our unity with Life and makes us more expansive and empathetic. Create a more harmonious atmosphere at work by practicing the following virtue:

Ahisma or Harmlessness

1.    Ask yourself, “Am I giving my full support to everyone at work?” If the answer is no, identify the individuals from whom you’re withholding your energy.

2.    Whatever your reasons for doing so, meditate on the harm you do to yourself, and others, by withholding your love and support.

3.    Visualize these individuals as you imagine God views them. Think of how much God loves you, and that He loves everyone equally.

4.    Throughout your day, see your colleagues as children of God.

From Material Success Course, Lesson 9, by Swami Kriyananda. Related reading: Demystifying Patanjali by Swami Kriyananda

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