I am saying my prayers on the beads of love,
strung with devotion. I hold to no names­—
God, Spirit, Brahma, Christ, Shankara,
Buddha, for they are all Thine. Sometimes
I use all of these names, for I know
Thou lovest to take many names.

In Thy cosmic plays on the stage of centuries,
and in Thy myriad appearances, Thou hast
taken unto Thyself many names, but I know
Thou has one changeless name—
Perennial Joy.

I played with Thee many times. I sang Thy
songs. On Thine ocean-bosom of all life,
Thou didst nurture me as a tiny drop of life.

I remember Thy warm touches of centuries,
whenever I returned home to Thee after
the chill of separation. Again, in this day of time,
I play with Thee and I sing Thy songs.

From Whispers from Eternity, by Paramhansa Yogananda, 1949 edition.<

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