Mr. Cold is known to be the “Happiness-Nagger.” He may not be dangerous on his first visit, but when he becomes a frequent visitor, he can nag the happiness out of you.

Never neglect a head cold

A person newly caught and choked by Mr. Cold usually bursts out in violent spells of sneezing which bombard the mucous membranes and overexcite the brain. As a result, a person with a cold often feels miserable.

Colds are often caused by a faulty diet or lack of physical exercise. Susceptibility to colds can also be a tendency brought over from past lives. Drinking something cold immediately after a hot drink, such as hot tea or coffee, increases your susceptibility to colds, as also does going from an extremely hot room into a chill atmosphere.

Neglecting a head cold allows the wicked invader to spread its territory into the throat. Neglecting it even further allows it to enter the inner chambers of the bronchial tubes.

How to cure a cold

When you catch cold, try to fast for two days. During a cold,  the extra poisons in your body are being thrown off; adding more food to your system obstructs Nature’s poison- eliminating system. It’s also very good to use a laxative at the beginning of a cold.

If you can’t bear up under a complete fast, then eat apples, pears or grapes. But refrain from eating acid fruits and eat nothing at night.

Drink only two glasses of tepid warm water daily, and no hot or cold water. Drinking large quantities of water during a cold over-saturates the mucous membranes and aggravates a runny nose.

Drink in the sun’s rays

A four-hour sunbath with the rays of the sun falling directly on your skin has been known to cure a cold in one day. When taking the sunbath, concentrate deeply on the sun-bathed surface of your body. Then, through every pore of the body, drink in the sunshine.

Concentrating upon the sun’s rays will give you one hundred times greater results than taking a sunbath absent-mindedly. If your skin is sensitive, you can protect it by smearing olive oil or something similar over your body.

You can also draw healing energy from the sun through the medulla. Cover your entire body with a piece of thick blue silk or a blanket, while keeping the medulla exposed to the sun. Focus your full concentration on the medulla and feel the back of your head becoming warmer. Then feel the energy going into the brain and being distributed throughout the body.

Chemicalizing the sunlight

The “heliotropic” method of healing, which combines the life force and the sun’s rays into a more powerful healing force, is very effective in destroying disease germs of the respiratory organs. The following exercises should be done morning and afternoon for half an hour, on a light stomach.

  • For head colds: Lie on your back on a woolen blanket in sunlight and expose your chest, thighs, and feet. Open your mouth wide and lift your chin, allowing the sunlight to penetrate your mouth and nostrils. At the same time, gently quiver your head, concentrating on the nasal membranes and the throat.
  • Visualize the energy generated by the quivering of your head as absorbing and chemicalizing the sunlight into a hot healing force passing through your nasal membranes and throat, helping to roast disease germs.
  • For chest colds: While in a sitting or lying position, expose your chest to the sun. Rapidly but gently rub your chest, injecting energy into it through your hands. Visualize the life force generated by your hands as absorbing and chemicalizing the sunlight into a hot healing force, penetrating your chest.

Getting rid of “catarrh”

The heliotropic method of healing is especially beneficial for persons suffering with catarrh. In non-medical terms, “catarrh” is used synonymously with “postnasal drip,” a runny nose, or a congested throat. Neglecting colds and overeating at night are the two main causes of catarrh. The following guidelines will help you destroy the roots of this disease.

  • Drink no iced water with your meals and no water before going to bed.
  • Drink milk only in the afternoon.
  • Eat light meals at night, mostly fruit and ground-up nuts.
  • Eat your heaviest meal at noon but very little bread—only a small piece of toasted whole wheat bread.
  • Once a week it is helpful to skip breakfast and lunch and fast on orange juice.
  • Take long walks in the morning and especially at night before going to bed.
  • While walking, inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Sleep well covered, with windows open wide both summer and winter.

Vitality will flood your body

An interested, joyous will draws life force into the body. To prevent colds and other illnesses, always perform both small and important duties with deep attention and cheerfulness. As you do so, vitality will flood your entire body.

From East West and Inner Culture, 1926-1934 and the Praecepta Lessons, 1934-1938


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    I enjoyed reading the article. It was very inspiring all the more because I am suffering from a cold at present. The mode of diet and the heliotropic way of healing were great revelations to me and am very enthusiastic to follow them.

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