All the great masters of India that I have known were childlike. They displayed all the qualities of sincerity, frankness, non-attachment, universality, forgiveness, truthfulness, calmness, sweetness, laughter, and freedom from worry of a child—minus the latter’s ignorance. To love children is to love some of the most beautiful of God’s qualities.

Like the good child who is unaware of his goodness, the devotee who is absorbed in the beauty of God is unaware of his own divine qualities. Just as a child lives happily and confidently secure in the protecting power of parents, so also does the devotee, by becoming a divine child, relinquish all fear and depend completely on the all-protecting power of God.

By contrast, the person who does not cultivate the childlike qualities latent in the souls constantly tortured by self shyness, worries, fear, and attachments, which drown his peace in an ocean of misery.

Before our Heavenly Father we should be like little children.  He likes that.  He doesn’t need from us carefully contrived theological definitions.  And He doesn’t want prayers that are chiseled to perfection lest they give offense to His imperial ears.  He wants us to love Him in all simplicity, just like children.

Excerpted from: Inner Culture 1938-40; Essence of Self-Realization, Crystal Clarity Publishers.

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