A professor in a university once asked me, “Can you give me a reasonable thought by which I can believe that there is a possibility of the existence of God?” I replied, “Yes. Here is a table in front of you; there is a tree outside; in this room there is air to breathe and there is water.

Science tells us that everything came from vibration and that all things in this universe are nothing but different rates of one vibration. Therefore it is one vibration which has created the solids, liquids, gases, and all substances. Isn’t it so?”

He said, “Yes.” Then I asked, “How is it that one vibration becomes solid, another becomes liquid, and another becomes gases, and how is it that these vibrations are so coordinated that human life becomes possible? Doesn’t it show that there is an Intelligence behind all this?” He said, “Yes, I have found the answer.”

All matter is composed of vibration. The difference between solids, liquids, and gaseous substances consists only in the different rate of their vibration. Heat a piece of iron and it will liquefy; further heat the liquid and it will evaporate into gas. Science does not tell us how this one vibration differentiates itself, but vibration could not differentiate itself into different forms if it did not have intelligence.

In support of human life

Intelligent vibration creates and guides the universe. The human body is simply a combination consisting chiefly of 16 elements that can be found almost anywhere in Nature’s realm. Unless intelligence is in the body, it is only a combination of these elements and nothing more. With intelligence added, it becomes a living and thinking human being.

If vibration were not intelligent, the earth might be a meaningless mass of mud without human beings or a food supply to support human life. Seemingly, the earth and the whole universe have been placed on a routine so that human life is possible.

For instance, there is the sun far away and here we are on this little earth and yet, due to the direction of a living intelligence, there is a cooperation between the sun and our lives. Without that sun we could not exist. Even the stars govern our lives to some extent. We have hunger, and Nature supplies our need for food. Some mysterious power transforms that food into energy and the tissues of our bodies. Why doesn’t one hand become longer than the other? Why is not the head as long as the body?

Everything we see in creation shows thought and design. Even the fibers of the tree show thought and design. The tree breathes and has sap pressure. Why do the seasons come on time? Why is the earth the earth, the ocean the ocean, and the solar system a solar system? Why is there this perceptible beauty and orderly arrangement in the universe?  It is because an intelligent force is guiding all things to a definite destiny. Not only do we see evidence of intelligence in everything around us, but the harmonious arrangement of all things suggests a conscious prearranged plan.

Human beings, the solar and stellar systems, the earth with its physical laws and routine of seasons, all stand in harmonious relation to each other. This shows the universe to be the work of one governing Intelligence or Universal Spirit who creates all things and arranges them in harmonious relationships according to an unseen plan.

The Factory of Cosmic Intelligence

The Infinite is inconceivable, but the finite gives us a starting point. Can the intelligence reflected in Nature come out of nothing? Is it not reasonable to suppose that somewhere there is some sort of “factory” that produces intelligence? We humans are only one of the many products of that Factory of Cosmic Intelligence. God is that invisible Factory of Intelligence from which stars, planets, and all manifest things are created, born and harmonized.

Despite Nature’s many pranks, throughout the universe there is a rhythm. This rhythm, and all things, are products of the Factory of the one All-Ruling Intelligence. In fact, the whole universe works in a coordinated way. It is a universe conducted in perfect order. Different rates of vibration, balanced in the cosmic rhythm, produce before us the majestic cosmos.

Beauty, morality, & nobility

You will observe that this universal Spirit is also trying to manifest beauty and a moral and a noble plan. Not only do we see intelligence at work, but we also see the beauty of Nature, of mountains rising in the ever-changing canvas of the sky. We see the beauty of magnanimous souls, the loftiness of certain minds, the depth of saintly love, the fountains of human mercy. Why is there this perceptible beauty and inspiration all around us? No doubt the universal power sometimes works under adverse circumstances, but it is evident that a secret force is at work trying to bring order out of the chaos of creation through beauty, and a moral and spiritual plan.

Everything in the universe is related. Hidden within us is the germ of an Almighty Power that has linked us all together. We find that our wisdom is a reflection from an infinite light of wisdom. We can say, “God is wisdom, the wisdom behind all wisdom, of which we can see glimpses through the intelligence of human beings and the intelligence expressed in all Nature.

The goodness of God

God is very good to us. If He wanted to punish us, He could give a little push to this earth and we would be gone. The earth is going at a terrific speed around the sun, but think what would happen if it whirled a little faster or a little slower–we would be completely wiped out.

Just like a man with a lot of luggage, so is this earth with its moon going around the sun. Even though many natural forces try to pull it away, the earth goes on its path. We think we are perfectly safe, but if the earth trembled just a little, where would we be? Think of the insecurity of earthly existence; and yet so many people go on forgetting God and His power!

The surest proof of God’s existence

God lies beyond the circle of our imagination and finite understanding. We can not prove God’s existence through the limited powers of the intellect. Intellect gives only a partial and indirect view of things. God is the cause of all things, but He is also beyond cause. Only our superconscious mind or intuition can fully grasp this truth. Intuition carries the conviction of direct experience.

The surest proof of the existence of God can only be found within, by the whole-hearted deep, daily practice of meditation.  When we have stilled the waves of thought within us and are calm, we can perceive the Infinite. Then the God that is templed in all creation manifests within us as the peace and bliss of meditation.

When that bliss comes over you, you will recognize it as a conscious, intelligent, universal Being to whom you may appeal, and not an abstract mental state. The experience of bliss is the surest proof of God’s existence. Finding Him within, you will find Him everywhere.

God gives us many incentives

Many incentives are given us outwardly to inspire us to seek a higher reality. There are Nature’s countless beauties. There is the amazing adaptability and precision evident in the natural order, the signs of a mighty, guiding Intelligence. And there are inspiring qualities in human nature, which sensitive people, as they become aware of them, want to develop in themselves.

It is evident that the harmony in Nature and the mathematics of planetary order reveal an intelligent law and cosmic plan. The unthinking person ascribes the law and order in this world to chance and nature, but the divine man, who consciously perceives God in everything, knows that everything, including all planetary and stellar systems, are linked to that one Infinite Intelligence and governed by His will.

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  1. A timely article. Perfect reply to those who constantly question the existence of God! Thankyou

  2. I find so much solace in Gurujis writings and sayings. This article inspires me to continue on the journey to find and experience God.

  3. Thank you for these inspiring teachings. It makes me realize that the more I know the more I need to know. God’s blessings to you xx

  4. feel sorry for reading it too late as today only I saw it read it.
    realy perfect reply for those who ask this question

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