Thou light of my life—thou camest
to spread wisdom’s glow
over the path of my soul.

Centuries of darkness dissolved before
the shafts of thy luminous help….

At that meeting, O my Guru, a spark
flew from thee, and the faggots of my
God-cravings, gathered through incarnations,
smoldered and blazed into bliss.

All my questions have been answered
through thy flaming, golden touch….

My Guru, thou voice of God, I found
thee in response to my soul-cries.

If all the gods are displeased, and yet
thou art pleased, I am safe in the fortress
of thy pleasure.

And if all the gods protect me by the
parapets of their blessings, and yet I
receive not thy benedictions, I am an
orphan, left to pine spiritually in the ruins
of thy displeasure.

O Guru, I bow to thee as the divine
door leading to the temple of salvation.

Whispers from Eternity, 1949 edition.

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