In The Path Swami Kriyananda writes: “Intensity is everything… Superconsciousness cannot be attained by half-hearted efforts. You must be… intensely aware of everything you are doing.”

Here are some ways you can increase your intensity.

Be enthusiastic

Nothing of value can be achieved without enthusiasm. Many people stumble through life with painful slowness, taking two steps forward and one step backward. Their efforts are blocked by a lack of intensity, almost as if they are embarrassed by accomplishment. Ideas, great or small, are accepted when expressed with enthusiasm, so don’t be afraid to let people see your excitement.

Act enthusiastic even if you don’t feel it, and you’ll be surprised at how easily things go. Being positive not only unleashes your own strength and creativity, but also attracts help from others. Here are three simple things you can do to increase your enthusiasm.

1) Express positive attitudes not just with your thoughts but also with your body language. Stand up straight with shoulders back and take a few deep breaths. This enlists the powerful mind-body connection. It also sends a subtle message of strength to others around you.

2) Throw out doubts or negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind. Mentally affirm, “I am positive, energetic, enthusiastic.”

3) Visualize the task before you. See it in a positive light and imagine yourself completing it easily and joyfully.

Increase your will power

Will power (energy directed toward a specific goal) is one of the strongest forces on earth. Nothing can long resist energy applied with power and persistence. Will power is like a switch — the stronger your will, the more powerful the flow of energy. Weak or blocked energy will produce meager results, but a strong and focused will is like a powerful laser. It can bounce light off the moon or cut through any obstacle. You can keep will power from seeming grim, if you think of it as willingness.

Positive enthusiasm will strengthen your willingness power. Here’s a simple technique: Take on something that is easily within your capabilities and be sure to accomplish it. Gradually take on more and more difficult assignments, making sure you always complete them. Eventually you’ll find that you have tremendous energy, and are even able to draw the power of the universe to support you.

Learn to concentrate

Learn to concentrate completely on the task before you. Your focus should be like a microscope, excluding all other thoughts and penetrating to the heart of the work at hand. Do just one task at a time and stay with it until it is done (a scattered mind accomplishes nothing). Deep concentration activates your inner powers of inspiration. Einstein became so focused on his mathematical theories that he was often unaware of whether or not he had eaten. If you have a lengthy task, refresh your mind by taking a five or ten minute break every two hours, preferably in fresh air.

In your workplace it may be necessary to set aside certain times for concentrated work. Make sure your office communicates a “vibration” of concentration that others feel and respect. Protect your space by socializing in a lunchroom or somewhere away from where you do your focused work. Remember, a focused mind can accomplish miracles.

Work hard

There is no substitute for plain hard work. Lazy people neither succeed nor are they happy because both success and happiness require energy. Edison said that genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. If you train yourself to break through resistance points, the inner temptation to give up, you’ll find new strength flowing into you, a kind of second wind.

Put energy into everything you do, even a small task like answering an e-mail. Directing your energy, like balancing on a beam, is more a matter of focus than of effort. Tension just introduces friction into the system, so if you learn to relax you’ll be more effective. A champion marathoner must learn to stay relaxed even while putting out tremendous, sustained effort.

Excerpted and adapted from 30-Day Essentials for Career by Jyotish Novak, Crystal Clarity Publishers. To order call 800 424-1055. Jyotish and Devi Novak are Spiritual Directors of Ananda Sangha Worldwide. Jyotish is also Acharya for the Ananda Sevaka Order worldwide. Other Clarity articles by Jyotish and Devi Novak are listed under "Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi."

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