There is no difference between inorganic and organic life except that they are separate manifestations of the one Life. Nothing is really dead. The atoms in the flesh of even a corpse are rapidly vibrating and constantly moving with life.

Different forms of life are manifestations of the same Life Force. Just as ice, water, steam, and hydrogen oxygen gases are different forms of the same thing, so also solids, liquids, gases, stones, crystals, plants, animals, and human beings, both living and dead, are manifestations of Life.

The Spirit contained in matter, and matter itself, are the same, just as hydrogen oxygen gases contained in a closed jar, made out of a block of ice, are of the same essential composition as the jar itself. The thing contained is made of the same material as the container. If it were otherwise, matter and Spirit would be the result of two co-existing infinite forces, which is impossible.

As the ocean becomes the waves, so does Spirit become matter. Spirit and matter are the same as the ocean and the waves. The waves are disturbed ocean, and matter is distorted, objectified Spirit. The waves, except in form, contain all the essential qualities of the ocean. Similarly, matter, organic and inorganic, manifestly or latently, contains all the qualities of the Spirit. Thus we can say that Life sleeps in the crude earth, dreams beauty in the flowers, wakes with power in the animals, and in man has the consciousness of infinite possibilities.

When we understand that life continues after death, we begin to make the effort to unite our consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness of God and to find the cord of one life, one law, one rhythm, and one wisdom uniting us all. When we understand that we are all prodigal immortals on earth, marching hand in hand back to the mansion of God, then we will use our soul gifts of wisdom and discrimination to find a true art of common living, so that people everywhere can know that we are all children of the same one God.

Excerpted from, Inner Culture, February, 1936.

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